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President: I Mikulic zadužen za dio prljavih poslova HDZ-a – Slobodna Dalmacija

Objavljeno 02/03/2014. u 7:27 p.m.

Ivo Josipovic

Predsjednik Republike istaknuo I večeras I kako clan Predsjedništva HDZ-a Andrija Mikulic, “Ocito, zadužen za dio prljavih poslova HDZ-a”, reagirajući time na današnju Mikulićevu izjavu kako bi Josipovic not Mogao postati predsjednik Republike da I prošao sigurnosnu provjeru.

“I Gospodin Mikulic, Ocito, zadužen za dio prljavih poslova HDZ-a. Sve you izmišljene kvazi afere koje lansira HDZ -ovo paraobavještajno podzemlje, prošle su sve moguće kontrole koje postoje u ovoj državi. Kontrole knew obavljane iu doba vlasti HDZ-a, i kasnije, or i jedna nije bilo našla kakvu nezakonitost “I naglasio u priopćenju predsjednik Josipovic.

Dodaje I kako “lov na vještice, podmetanja lažnim informacijama, zazivanje jama traženje neprijatelja, izdajnika, komunista i jugonostalgičara, sve sto sadašnje vodstvo HDZ-a ZNA. Zao mi I zbog SHIV onih poštenih članova i simpatizera HDZ-Sto na CELU stranke kojoj knew vjerovali, imaju ovakvu družinu “I naveo Josipovic, priopćeno I iz Ureda predsjednika Republike.


Frahier: when flowers and new technologies marry … – France 3

She also 10 years of experience florist. After his apprenticeship in a business district, she worked in gardening, then it has been responsible for a shop in mall hyper-market. Today, Emilie returned to what is, in its view, the heart of its business: contact with a local clientele, for which it can provide advice and time. It delivers its products at home after past orders on its website. A first in Haute-Saône and in Franche-Comté.

Frahier: story of a florist

It has nearly 10 years of experience behind her florist. but after learning in a business district, she worked in gardening, before ending up in charge of a store mall hyper-market.

New technologies: a clash of simplification, fast! – Journal du Net

Given the profound and rapid changes in technology but also uses that arise in the face of hyper loading (e-mails …), facing hyper choice, more than ever we need to see it (hyper) clear.

issue # 1 is not it now make life easier for people? for the techno techno has no / little sense. It should provide real added value ie save time, save money, gain comfort, gain relationship, while being simple.
Apple was a pioneer in this field, not offering a higher bid technology per se but rather democratizing use. In other words, not investing in anything can make the machine but in all that man can do with the machine. The success Apple has enjoyed …

Here are some ideas to create the famous “shock simplification”

# 1 Give me one knows relevant content, personalized …

… According to my profile, customer vs. prospect but in my purchase history … Amazon is probably the example to follow.
If went further, imagine that you have a German Shepherd and you visit a site pets, do not you like that one only or almost only offers relevant content and you can mask one that does not interest you. Ditto on a real estate portal where only 1% of the content people are interested. When I’m looking for a property to rent what is the point to be polluting the rest? Sites must be able to transform according to the expectations and needs of the customer to make him save time and simplify his life. The “less but better” here really takes its meaning.

… According to my desires

Just like Gilt, it seems appropriate to send highly customized client newsletters. In this case, Gilt is 2500 different versions of his daily newsletter!

… Depending on where I am

The role of the mobile is paramount here. John Lewis has understood and submit via its mobile app offerings tailored to the area of ​​the store in which you find yourself. Example, if you are next to t-shirts and you have chosen to receive alerts from John Lewis, you may receive offers such as 3rd or offered then 30 other colors to discover on our web site. Likewise, you may receive an email or alert the next day to give you an additional discount or a personal consultation. The mobile is indeed a great tool that drives the transformation of the purchase and increase the average basket particular. And besides, this tool is that your customers so no need to invest in any terminals that should you insure operation and maintenance.

… Depending on the weather

If a cold snap appears in full spring (you never know as long as winter begins that soon), we must be able to push the offer link. This contextualization is made possible by technology, where it is more difficult to apply in “real life.” Imagine repatriate some of the autumn-winter collection in a store while the spring-summer collection was set up to take our last example. Too bad because it would extend sales without necessarily applying unduly destocking sites. Complementary channels is also enjoy agility web to do what is not possible or difficult to store.

# 2 Help me in my choice

The first thing she would not propose sheets with a decryption gives an overview of the pros and cons of the product in question. Too often emerges the impression that the product inserts are glued copied and placed on the web with the completeness of technical information. Difficult to navigate in the accumulation of often unnecessary and often unreadable to the uninitiated information. In the same vein, comparators products have a view (too) detailed. Why not be the sole point of difference as Darty offers its terminals in its latest store Beaugrennelle mall?
In addition, more than the opinion of the sellers that there is a strong stigma from the clients (36% are as confident in their mobile and seller himself), the opinions of my community and “certified” experts will often be useful to make my decision.
Finally, in the perspective to help me in my choice, it seems interesting to provide an enriched content store through possible between the mobile and the information available on the web interactions (product, advices, demonstration videos, …). Today, or scan QR Barcode to create the bridge between physical reality and virtual reality.

# 3 Me save time

The star applications are often those that save time every day. The RATP application that allows to know the exact time of passage of the subway or bus, but its also extremely simple application “my pharmacy” that sends the order to the pharmacy and thus ensure that the order is ready during his next visit. Gone are the endless waiting behind Granny corner.
It is also important today to provide the opportunity for customers to set (or not) alerts according to their preferences. If I wishes to receive all the news about red pants, why not propose? Is not the interests of the web that push content I need when need?
Finally, to Like the Apple Store application, the idea seems relevant to provide an opportunity for customers to pay via their smarpthone in total autonomy. In Apple’s case, you can supply “accessories”. You choose and take the desired product, scan the pay in one click via your iTunes account and go with an electronic invoice archived in your account. This appears to be lethal weapon to boost the rate of conversion of said pulse supply. Indeed, how many times have you not given up buying a product produced after waiting too long on hand?

# 4 Me speak with one voice

the basics for many customers but not implemented by the brands and distribution. Indeed, too often, the discourse, prices, … and brand identity vary from one channel to another. Today, it seems essential for a brand to speak with one voice and to ensure a minimum of coherence. In addition, it is clearly expressed by customers will begin his command on a channel and finish on another. Wholesale propose account basket “persistent” that would allow me to find my current order, my “wishlist” my purchase history, my bills … wherever I am.
Facilitate people’s lives, to save them time, make them more comfort notably a price for companies. It is now urgent to the heart of their investments 3 major issues technology capable of meeting the “shock simplification” big data again and again, customization, and omni In light of these issues as outlined. above, the mobile terminal seems to be THE future. Consider it!
These issues are key to meet customer expectations. techno for techno has no meaning but the technology to facilitate my daily yes. 3, 2, 1 GO!

Israeli initiate blind to new technologies! – Tel Avivre

If we are to believe the figures from the World Health Organization, the world would count 39 million blind. With the visually impaired, it reached 285 million people.


For this segment of the population, the” smartphone “indispensable to our daily lives today remains a mystery.

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In 2012, the Israeli company Project Ray, had embarked on the creation of a smartphone for the visually impaired. Since then, time has passed, and now the company has released a range of applications, specially designed for the visually impaired. Among these applications, a navigation service for transportation and application of audio playback and that a system that allows the visually impaired to navigate through the phone, so easy access to the main functions of the phone.

So how does it work?

When you touch the screen, the menu will automatically snap to any point or the user is in contact, so that it can properly orient its finger on the screen. Each movement of the finger on the screen, is associated a phone function, giving the possibility to the user to make calls, send messages, access the internet, and even identify signs with converters . voice image

The CEO of the Company said: “Many of them do not have financial stability and are dependent on public assistance, a situation that pushes us to create quality products at affordable prices. ” He continues: “The sale of the device is exempt from taxes, and subsidized by the authorities to help the visually impaired.” On the other hand, one of the applications of the phone, allows users to access a huge library of audio magazines, books and newspapers, updated automatically by the phone.

Another application provides a voice guide that gives real-time information needed to guide using public transport. Zilberman wants to go further by creating an application that can read any signals or texts, using the built-in phone camera.

For Zilberman, Ray Project is a way to support the blind in their quest for independence, in order to give them a support team within the RAY project on which they can rely.

by Elsa Benaiche Tel-Avivre –

New technologies: DAB – RTBF

Vancutsem Marie receives every Monday Jean-Claude verse to evoke a novelty electronics, ICT or technology. We’re talking today about the future of radio with DAB, the successor to the FM band.

What is it, how it works and more importantly, what it going to cost us?

Answers to 6:25 in the Morning First 5-7.

International conference on education and new technologies … – Media 24

 Zakoura Education Foundation organizes an international conference on education and new technologies under the theme: “E-learning: the school of tomorrow” to be held on 7 and 8 May at the Foundation of King Abdul Aziz al Saud in Casablanca .

 Many Moroccan and foreign speakers will discuss the importance of ICT in education, pedagogical approaches, the role of the teacher, governance and technical solutions.