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16 illegal streaming sites blocked for 12 months - LaFibreOptique

16 streaming sites including and will be blocked for the next 12 months and the search engines will delist. This is the consequence of a judgment of the Paris Court.


ISPs compensated by rightholders

all began in 2011 with the launch by several right holders organizations cinema and video in a lawsuit against,, and TGI has to decide on the matter, stating that the sites of the galaxy Allostreaming infringed copyright. and, along with “new active sites”,,,,,,, fifostream . com,,,,,, are accused of “illegal activity.”

ISPs are required to put in place adequate procedures to block the judge which leaves the choice of nature. They will be compensated by the beneficiaries. They will intervene 15 days after the judgment and have a shelf life of 12 months. Engines Yahoo, Google and Mirosoft research will proceed on their side to dereference these sites.

Comet ISON has not survived its rendezvous with the sun - BFMTV.COM

Comet ISON is not. She would not have survived its passage near the sun, astronauts concluded by examining the images transmitted by several solar observation satellites. “It seems that the comet Ison probably did not survive his journey,” concluded Karl Battams, a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington at a round table organized by the NASA TV.

“I just watched the latest satellite images and I see nothing out behind the solar disk and it could be the last nail in the coffin,” said he added.

Comet went back to the origins of the solar system

ISON, a large block of ice and rock, was brushing the surface of the sun closer to 1.17 million kilometers around 19:30, suffering temperatures of 2,700 degrees and losing three million tons per second.

Most astronomers had predicted qu’ISON not survive this close flyby of the sun. ISON mobilized the astronomical community since its discovery in September 2012 by Russian astronomers, because it goes back to the origins of the solar system there are 4.5 billion years. It is a breakaway because there a few million years, the Oort cloud, a sort of “parking” of comets in the Solar System located halfway between the sun and the next star.

Fight against streaming the door open to "private censorship" - Actualitté.com

study new patterns of users, who through mobile devices provide dematerialized content shows that users should refer logically to mobility devices, rich idea. Especially as this week, a court decision has been made, forcing internet service providers to block streaming sites. The illusion of a fight that could be won persists so …


These are sixteen sites around Allostreaming that the legal sanction struck precisely, and at the initiative of the film industry. The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris ruled that the streaming was a breach of copyright, and claimed that ISPs, as far as search engines do what is necessary to restrict access or banned. The procedure, which was launched in 2011 by five associations and the federation of film, aimed portals, whose activity is reported as “ dedicated (e) or virtually dedicated ( e) the representation of audiovisual works without the consent of the authors . “

Fundamental Rights against copyright law?

During the next twelve months, the sites in question will be doomed to obscurity: on one side, dereferencing engines, on the other blocking by ISPs. A decision on behalf of the protection of copyright, made “ based on extremely vague provisions of the HADOPI law passed in 2009 “, considers Quadrature du Net.

Tréguer Felix, a founding member of this organization advocacy Users Association, sees a “ very bad news as the blocking appears to be a dangerous extent, especially in the light of inevitable risk of overlocking uses perfectly legal . ”

added: “But encouraging cooperation between Internet players and assigns to censor mirror sites may appear in the future is even more disturbing . After the recent decision in the case between Google Mosley, this judgment has once again endorse the forms of private censorship that grow all over the Internet and undermine fundamental rights. Net players involved must now clearly indicate their refusal to engage in missions justice and private police.

The Pirate Party, insists: “ This drift laws and their application is very bad news considering the inevitable risk of -blocking perfectly legitimate uses. This judgment encourages cooperation between ISPs and lobbies to censor including mirror sites may appear in the future “by any effective means.” These effective means that the judge does not dare name is in this case the “Deep Packet Inspection” works by filtering a priori of all communications and a “scoring” (assessment of the legality of the content in an automated manner). It is neither more nor less than the beginning of a filter and the death of net neutrality .

revving engines, ISPs hover

Whereas a change of copyright is not scheduled for tomorrow, and the government that there attellera is clearly not yet in power, the fight against piracy ( or sharing?) will continue. And we still invoke, and again, the sacred defense of copyright, often smoky pretext to denounce the total lack of control of majors. Which ill conceals the lack of innovation. A-t ever heard, as such, Amazon, complaining that piracy deprive the sales? This is interesting to notice.

side of Google, the decision of TGI was coldly received “ class=”s3″> “It is the firm knows intrinsically that each case is more profitable its own trade, the massive blockage. In addition, we can find the contents are not all illegal YouTube, would be one of the best examples.

Pirate and Mermaid Parade in Morro Bay, CA May 2009

Different generations of pirates

mikebaird, CC BY 2.0

The engine response is also not in question: in 2013, 200 million queries requesting the blocking of a page have been recorded, and in 99% of case, the application results in a change in a few hours. However, if the engine dereference, the site is not so far removed, and therefore the authorities intend to go through the ISP to make it inaccessible. We understand how the issue of such a censorship prejudice to a free internet, since the ISP is able to intervene in this way.

Practical Guide to new uses

At the same time, a document issued by the Hadopi, that on November 29, was the day on new consumer practices: it was conducting “ a qualitative and quantitative study including illegal access strategies developed by users to access music, movies and TV shows on the Internet .” Only movies, series and music were reviewed – the digital book is carefully kept away.

The study indicates that, as we are witnessing the showrooming in the physical world, the Internet operates by visiting a legal site to find ideas for future downloads – they be between 25 and 35% do so once a week.

But if circumvention tools are numerous and increasingly known, the continued growth of smartphones – and tablets – in the daily consumption necessarily implies that users looking for means of access from their new devices. Streaming sites concçus for smartphones, applications for direct listening and others to download: resources do not miss


Access to music is 38% from a mobile, 9 against and 10% for films and series. For tablets, the figures are 17% for music and 12% movies and series.

Cuckoo, is the Owl (q)

The eBook officially represents only 3% of the turnover of the French edition – which actually means that only members of the National Union of publishers publishing are taken into account. For a digital publisher 100% is 100% of the turnover is realized with digital books if their weight is not as important as the big teams NIS, their growth curves do not remain less significant. Demand increases significantly, as some careless conventional houses have an honest pricing policy.

But under Hadopi study, it would have been interesting to see how, through smartphones and tablets, you can buy works under law. After all, offering legal streaming is still quite thin – but remember that a publisher as had put in place several years ago for his own catalog. A thin, but mostly inadequate supply: a subscription that offers full access to a catalog does not reflect usage. We do not use the book as we consume music.


Milan Kundera, here hacked version refuses scanning books …

As such, the experiment conducted by Scribd is very instructive: the idea was not to sell unlimited readers, but a selection – and why not, in the future a editorialisation offer. Today, Scribd offers 20 tracks per month for $ 8.99, and clearly offer a hit. In contrast to current solutions based on a model of “All You Can Eat” is not a glutton player, unless you want the disgusting


Your child facilities – as your download


Hadopi notes that users have a “ printing facility for illegal practices ” and notes two points:

A malicious access to works that respondents consider quick and easy, requiring no special technical knowledge (not reserved for “experts” / “experts” in the field).

So only from the target of frequent illicit consumers, there is a form of trivialization of illegal practices (“everybody does it”), with a form of distancing risk getting caught on the way: there is always “worse than itself.”

However, the digital readout necessarily operates on devices that have a connection – forget ebook readers, not very practical for surfing, but considering a second what a tablet can bring to books in seconds, with a connection, even 3G. And the same price for a smartphone: These reading tools may be basic, but no less essential for digital, homothetic or not books


If for the purposes of the study, books were excluded because corresponding practical and specific populations, we looked forward to the investigation who actually interrogate the digital book, and illegal consumption by said channels, through the mobility devices …

Besides, what becomes Portal Protection Books solution implemented by informing the SNE?

works dematerialized access strategies published by

Sources : Europe 1, Canoe, Essentials, Hadopi

To further


Hadopi: Legalization of non-profit sharing on the Internet


A politician accused of piracy of books For Dummies


Hacking Cartoon: freak ‘very marginal’ for authors

Illegal Streaming: ISPs will have to block 16 ... - ZDNet

Legislation: A judgment of the Paris Court orders blocking for 12 months of 16 sites streaming Galaxy Allostreaming which and and delisting by the search engines . In contrast, the dynamic blocking mirror sites has not been authorized.


If rightholders support the extension of the scope of flexible response, it is because they are aware that P2P is not the only way for users to illegally download content.

For many years, direct downloading and streaming have largely developed. And 2011, several law film and video successors organizations had launched a lawsuit against 4 streaming sites (,, and to obtain their blocking by ISPs.

Some ISPs compensated and free to choose the type of blocking

The file was not closed. Moreover, it has given rise to a new court of TGI Paris. The court upheld the copyright infringement sites Galaxy Allostreaming.

“network sites have well allostreaming illegal activity in that they offer exclusively or almost exclusively dedicated to an activity that is to represent and / or play movies or TV series in the form of streaming content, without permission of the authors “have ruled the judges.

are implicated in this “illegal activity” sites and the, along with “new active sites”,,,, allomegavideo . com,,,,,,,,,

As a result, service providers (Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Numericable, Free and SFR), in their capacity as intermediaries shall take measures to prevent “access to the disputed domain names by subscribers. “

No update without blocking JA

The judge left free ISPs to determine the nature of these measures blocking domain names. These should be in place no later than 15 days after the judgment. And they will also be limited to a period of 12 months from their implementation. Finally, assigns shall indemnify the ISP.


engines Yahoo, Microsoft and Google search, they will make the delisting of the offending sites. This should not pose difficulties for them as pointed out by the complainants, these engines had already implemented such measures in many of these streaming sites, as early as 2011.


the intended beneficiaries do not be satisfied with a static block. Aware of the risk of occurrence of mirror sites bypassing the blockage, and they wanted through a tool to extend the lock without going before a judge. An unmet demand by TGI. If they want to update the block, so they will have to go back to court.

least to agree directly with technical intermediaries. Justice box is not essential to the rightholders. “It has been reported including a possible agreement between the parties under the monitoring of the implementation of the measures ordered [...] and a collaboration discount system [...] possibly leading to a joint request for supplement or amend the list of sites in question or the possible paths “indicates indeed the judgment.

VIDEOS. Comet Ison have survived his appointment with the ... - Le Parisien

Comet Ison would not have burned the wings. While she was announced dead much of the day Friday, “scientists estimate that the comet nucleus is still intact,” says “Sciences et Avenir” associated with the Nouvel Observateur.


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  • SUBSCRIBER - The comet rendezvous with the Sun SUBSCRIBERS – The comet rendezvous with the Sun
  • “Ison” comet brighter than the full Moon
  • The astronomy club takes a picture of the The astronomy club takes a picture of the “comet of the century”

Two hours have approached near to a little over a million miles from the surface of the sun, the comet is not returned within the scope of both Soho and Stereo our planet probes, according to the “Figaro “. Most astronomers had predicted qu’Ison not survive this close flyby of the sun. “I think there may be a 30% chance” that it will survive, said Tuesday Carey Lisse, an expert on comets American Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins.

“This comet is not very strong, it is made of 50% or maybe 30% water ice, “and the kernel size is quite small compared to the average of comets observed so far, explained the scientist, saying that its diameter was estimated at 1.2 km maximum.

But against (almost all expectations), it would have survived, “but it is not clear that the comet is yet in one piece … “after” Science and Life “.

An animation of NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) shows the passage of the comet at ISON closer to the sun:

“A relic of the formation of the solar system”

Ison has mobilized the astronomical community since its discovery in September 2012 by Russian astronomers because it goes back to the origins of the solar system there are 4.5 billion years. It is a breakaway because there a few million years, the Oort cloud, a sort of “parking” of comets to the outer solar system, midway between the sun and the next star. “This is a relic of the formation of the solar system,” said Carey Lisse, stressing that the planets were formed with comets that particular brought water, hence the great importance of these celestial bodies. “This comet has a very great interest to us” because very few comets from as far away in the solar system is discovered, had said James Green, head of planetary science at NASA.
VIDEO. Ison seems to dislocate near the sun (Photo NASA)

Erratic behavior in recent days

Some astronomers had first thought qu’Ison was large, with a core of several kilometers in diameter. But when the comet passed very close to Mars, a Mars orbiter NASA could take pictures indicating a maximum diameter of only 1.2 km, below the average of most comets. Ison was detected far into the solar system, astronomers have had ample time to observe. Their measurements showed that in particular its core was wrapped in a cloud of carbon dioxide (CO2). “It seems that CO2 may have been a key molecule in the early solar rather than carbon monoxide system,” according to Carey Lisse.

So qu’Ison approached the sun, fluctuations in its tail showed the otherwise invisible movements of the solar wind ejected continuously formed by the sun particles. These days, Ison showed erratic behavior, shiny stronger before fall sharply light intensity, leading astronomers to wonder if the comet had not already disintegrated.

If Ison survived the dream of thousands of astronomers who relied turn their eyes towards the sky during the night of Christmas may be able to achieve.

VIDEO. The simulation of the passage near the sun Ison


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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ison comet survived its passage near the Sun - Le Figaro

comet Ison was a big scare astronomers who followed closely its closest approach to the Sun in the evening on Thursday. Two hours after he approached a little over a million kilometers of the surface of our star, a very close distance, since it is less than one solar diameter, Ison has not recurred in the field of two Soho and Stereo probes observing the solar neighborhood. Close this passage is made unprecedented rate, which reached 1.4 million km / h! The initial findings were that big ball of ice and came from outer solar system dust had not survived the thousands of degrees as it passes and had disintegrated. A tragic outcome that some astronomers had predicted, but has withdrawn any chance to observe the comet in the night sky at the beginning of December, to the naked eye in the best case, and if twin.

This morning ISON reappeared as a brilliant job. This morning ISON reappeared as a bright spot Photo credits:.

But this morning, surprise, a bright spot has reappeared on the images of Soho, exactly where the path Ison was expected. “We could not see a very small tail, which seemed to come from the remains of comet dust, and then, little by little, a brilliant condensation reappeared on the images,” says Dominique Bockelée-Morvan, astronomer and director of Research at the CNRS at the Observatoire de Paris. This “brilliant condensation” is a sign of renewed activity of the comet nucleus, or what remains is fragmented if that starts to emit gases and dust being heated by the Sun.

It is still too early to say if the comet is intact or fragmented, and what proportion of its original mass has been preserved, but it is in any case sufficient material to form a ring with a visible activity. It will also explain why Ison remained invisible for a long period after its closest approach to the Sun. One hypothesis is that the temperature was so high that dust were directly burned and vaporized, leaving no any material capable of scattering light and make visible the comet. The kernel itself is invisible because it is very dark and should be a little less than a kilometer in diameter. Away enough, the temperature had come down enough so that dust can survive.

VIDEO. The PS4 has already conquered the players! - The Point

The – Published on 11/29/2013 at 08:27 – Edited on 11/29/2013 at 19:08

PlayStation launches its fourth console with relative tranquility. PS4 nursed her image and expects to make a good start.


Related News

While the PlayStation 4 arrived Friday in France and Europe (the console output for one week in the U.S.), Sony is serene. The PS4 has not suffered a disastrous picture, quite the contrary. If his departure will surely be good, it will then stand facing the economic power of Microsoft, which can bind promotion campaigns costly and the public a faithful Nintendo capable of reversing the terrible start its WiiU Mario and friends.

When launching its fourth console, Sony continues to have a special affection in Europe and now wants to compete with Microsoft home. “Today, there is no leadership or challenger to have. We are a small market with only three competitors. We remain very humble, it’s the players who choose” explains Arnaud Gueydan, Director Console PlayStation business in France.

The price argument holds good

Priced at 600 euros, due to the presence of a Blu-ray player, the PlayStation 3 has long suffered from the exorbitant price. This time, PlayStation has learned its lesson. PS4 costs 399 euros, 100 euros less than the Xbox One. Aggressive positioning that Sony hopes enough when choosing his new machine. A gap which results in a strategic choice taken the side of the Japanese. While the Xbox Kinect One integrates 2 in the basic package, PlayStation sells its PS4 camera separately. “We did not want to raise the price with a camera that does not have any reference game,” the French official.

“We have never changed our communication, our line. Unlike our competitor, from the outset, we wanted to leave the choice to the players about the internet connection and the camera . ” Arnaud Gueydan here refers to quack Microsoft on the obligation to connect the Xbox to play One, under the pressure of the players, the Redmond company is then retracted. The disastrous communication Americans has tarnished the reputation of their console, the PlayStation 4 leaving the image of the perfect console.

A social console

Perfect, the fourth the PlayStation console is probably not, but in any case erased the errors of his grandfather. If the PS3, simply go see the profile of his friends asked for patience on PS4, navigating the interface is smooth and intuitive means. “The strength of this console is its development. For the first time, we have integrated the game developers from the start and we were immediately taken into account their opinions,” said Arnaud Gueydan.

The complex architecture of the PS3 also demanded a lot of investment and time for video game designers. For the PS4, it was redesigned in favor of a much closer PC configuration. Another strategy assumed: the community aspect of gaming is put forward, with social services present in large numbers on the PS4. It is now possible to share his video game exploits with a button on the joystick. Diffusion part live on the Internet is facilitated. Social networks are integrated naturally. The PS4 console is a thought for the player who spends his evenings between Youtube and console.

For now, without having really tried, the only complaint he stand the players lies in the number of exclusive games. They are just two of the introductory period: Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack. However, the console, as its competitor, welcomes all blockbusters traditional publishers. This setback about games apparently did not prevent players rushing on advance bookings, as brands have announced the distribution of stockouts PS4 early October. In the long term, PlayStation is the record of 6 million machines in France, as did his time in the PS2. Meanwhile, those who want to procure for Christmas can not surely the next deliveries are scheduled for 2014.

LOOK PlayStation 4 landed in France

PlayStation 4: 399 euros, 60 euros extra intend to give you the camera. The games will cost between 60 and 70 euros.

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USA: porn habits radical Islamists ... - TF1

Archives: a computer NSA at Fort Meade (Maryland), the seat of the Agency.

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA ) plans to discredit some radical Islamists she put under surveillance by revealing their habits visit pornographic websites, reports Huffington Post Wednesday, citing a document provided by Edward Snowden.

The NSA wants to show the “hypocrisy” of six individuals she spied all Muslim extremists making speeches inflamed pro-jihad, according to an internal document of the powerful intelligence agency revealed by Snowden . This former consultant to the NSA is currently wanted by Washington for providing the press with sensational revelations about the methods of interception of telecommunications by the United States.

“The authority of these radicals individuals seem more vulnerable when their private and public behavior are not compatible,” says the document, referring to a previous evaluation report. “Some of these weaknesses, if proven, undermine the devotion of these radical to jihadist cause people, leading to a reduction or even total loss of their authority,” he continues.

The 6 individuals are not related to conspiracies

One element of potential evidence and show a militant “currently viewing online content sexually explicit, or trying to use an explicitly sexual language with girls without experience. ” The document obtained by the Huffington Post is the latest in a series revealed to headlines of the international press by Edward Snowden currently refugee in Russia.

The six individuals monitored by the NSA, however, are not described in the document as related to conspiracies, notes the Huffington Post, which does not publish their identity or where they are. All six live outside the United States, simply states the website, although one of them is described to have either an American citizen or permanent resident.

The document provided by Snowden also indicates if the NSA had not discredit these six people leaving fuiter information in the press. The NSA did not deny the contents of the article or the validity of the document revealed by Snowden.

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Prostitution: the first retreat of the government's actors ... - Le Figaro


campaign short but extremely effective pressure. In just one week, the National Council of digital (CNN) and the Association of Community Internet Services (ASIC), composed of economic actors of the Web, such as Google and Wikipedia, have succeeded. They have stated that they are against filtering sites pimping by the ISPs, under the legislation debated this week in the National Assembly. This filter should apply to websites hosted abroad, which is the case for the overwhelming majority of them. They include domiciled in Switzerland, where such activities are legal.

pros Web opposed it because they felt that such blocking of a site, solely on the decision of an administrative authority, without a judge is seized represented an infringement on individual freedoms. They also felt that by removing these sites they deprived investigators of many sources of information.

few days after the publication of the notice of CNN, the government backtracked and tabled this amendment in secret, as noted Numérama. The Minister for the Digital Economy, Fleur Pellerin, has finally been promoting this Wednesday lunch on Twitter. Because it is she and her firm are causing the filing of the amendment.

In the explanatory memorandum, the executive submits to the opinion of CNN, going to use similar formulations. The Council says: “In terms of fundamental freedoms, the absence of legal authorization constitutes a disproportionate interference with freedom of expression and communication.” Government responds: “Sharing responsibilities between the judge and the administrative authority in these decisions is a topic that deserves further consideration in respect of fundamental rights in terms of freedom of expression and communication. “

The amendment also gives reason for professionals by implying that the technique proposed is ineffective “. Given the opportunity for pimps to quickly recreate websites, this device will be less effective” Within the firm Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, who has set a goal to “disappear” prostitution, we swear that things “are more like it,” the amendment “clarifies” the situation. Except turnaround, the amendment should be supported by the Socialist Group will begin when examining the text, Wednesday or Friday.

All about cosmic rendezvous with Comet ISON ... -

While turkeys rôtiront in U.S. ovens for Thanksgiving Thursday, Comet ISON has a “date” with the Sun. It will be hot, it will be brutal, so much so that this ball of ice and dust could not survive and burn out until a small cosmic death. But it could also shine brightly.

How to follow the event live?

NASA organizes a Google hangout between 19h and 20.30 (Paris time) on Thursday at that address. Via video chat, astronomers comment on the images in real time during the final approach.

ISON is it “comet of the century”?

Probably not. When it was discovered in September 2012 by two Russian astronomers ISON (an acronym for International Scientific Optical Network ) was quickly dubbed the “comet of the century”. This nickname, it owes mainly to its origins. Given its trajectory, it is a priori the Oort cloud, an icy cocoon along the area of ??gravitational influence of the Sun located at a light year away, against 4.5 for AL Proxima Centauri, our neighboring star . It is, in all likelihood, his first pass, and probably his last, before millions of years, or even forever. For comparison, Halley’s comet, a “short” orbit, returns every 75 years. From the point of view of the show, however, “we had the most brilliant comets qu’ISON well as Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp (1996 and 1997),” says 20 Minutes Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomy blog.

Its trajectory animation

How big is it?

His icy nucleus, composed of water, carbon dioxide and dust, measured in spring, between 5 and 6 kilometers in diameter. This is 10 times less than that of Hale-Bopp. Her hair, fine ionized atmosphere around the nucleus, extends over 5,000 kilometers, and dust tail dragging on nearly 90,000 kilometers, or a little more than seven times the diameter of Earth. Below its passage observed by the STEREO probe:

At what distance from the Sun Will it happen?

close. On a cosmic scale, ISON will shave our mustaches star passing a little over a million kilometers from its surface on Thursday. Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, is 60 million miles, and the Earth, 150 million.

ISON Will it survive its passage near the Sun?

is 50/50, according to scientists. At a press briefing NASA on Tuesday astronomer Carey Lisse said that if he was in Las Vegas, it would encrypt survival of the comet to 40%. “Their behavior is very difficult to predict. So far, ISON has held up pretty well and hopefully it will stay full, “notes Phil Plait. Everything will depend on its composition and density.

The event will he visible to the naked eye?

No, because the comet will be located too close to the Sun. It was, however, visible in recent days with a pair of binoculars from the southern hemisphere.

And the potential fireworks?


ISON remains intact, it should be able to observe with the naked eye from the northern hemisphere between the second week of December and Christmas, circa 5am, low on the horizon, near the Big Dipper. Even if it decays, it is not excluded that residues are not consumed completely and shine in the sky of December.

What can we learn from ISON?

Scientists have pointed all their instruments on Earth and in space, on ISON. It should provide new data illuminating the formation of the solar system. Comets are indeed “frozen first day witnesses. Beyond the scientific interest, it is a fantastic show, “says Plait.

* Philippe Berry

NSA: Microsoft also think encrypting its fiber networks ... - ZDNet

Security: The giant feared a compromise of its inter-server connections globally by the intelligence agency, like the Muscular program used against Google and Yahoo

consider Microsoft for some time to encrypt all of its inter-server traffic, says the Washington Post this morning. Redmond is concerned, the newspaper said, the NSA could compromise its global communications system, like what she did with the networks of Google and Yahoo.

The Washington Post cites “people with direct knowledge of the discussions of the company,” claiming that Microsoft must decide this week should take to encrypt their data, and according to what schedule.

no objective evidence of compromise

giant has doubts for several months, but the revelation of the Muscular program for Yahoo and Google, have been the trigger to push for action. A little late? A little naive? Maybe …

But Microsoft officials have, according to them, no objective evidence that the NSA could target its communication networks. It is not that several documents leaked by Edward Snowden, citing namely Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, or passing Microsoft Passport.


If these documents are true, the Microsoft lawyer Brad Smith, said it would be possible breach of the U.S. Constitution. Meanwhile, the giant intends to finally take responsibility and join Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter by encrypting its inter-server communications.

A major effort to secure the digital giants, still welcome. Even if a representative of the U.S. administration, speaking at the Washington Post on condition of anonymity, said that the data collection could be done in a large number of places, not just on private fiber networks businesses. The game of cat and mouse.

Post experiences the provision of 3D printers - France Info


At the post office of the Town of Boulogne, a brand new 3D printer is ready for operation © Radio France – Dominique Loriou

Two offices

Parisian stations (Good News and La Boétie) and an office in Boulogne-Billancourt (City Hall) offer from Wednesday to come and test 3D printing size. An experiment that has a price: 30 € for a count shell smartphone … 2:20 and patience, the time of printing.

is “ a first in a mainstream network boasts La Poste, proudly announcing that from now three offices host of 3D printers. Still a luxury reserved for Parisians – Only Good News and offices are equipped with La Boétie, and that of the City of Boulogne-Billancourt


Post speaks of an experiment for six months. This suggests that, if success is to go, experimentation could extend …

A catalog of dozens of references

How does it work? The possibilities are endless, almost, when you get with 3D sound file. Otherwise Post ad have a catalog of dozens of references – shells for smartphones, mugs, jewelry. A counselor is there to help.

As the process is still quite complex, expensive, and time consuming. Therefore, to make your custom shell smartphone, it will cost you 30 euros anyway. And the printer will “work” for 2:20. No need to wait in promises Post: SMS alert you that the object is ready


Loriou Dominique was able to test, preview, one of these 3D printers



Regis is one of the postal workers seconded to familiarize the public with the use of 3D printers © Radio France Dominique Loriou

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why the hippocampus is it a good hunter? - Reply to All

researchers were able to identify the hunting technique of the hippocampus, able to feed much faster than his prey. The secret lies in fish … his head.

The hippocampus is a poor swimmer. How is it, then, to catch much faster than him prey. In a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications , researchers describe the technique of hunting sea horse Everything is played in the head.

hippocampus sucks its prey in less than a millisecond

The hippocampus is one of the slowest fish. Yet he manages to feed on copepods, small crustaceans “swimming at incredible speeds for their size,” says Brad Gemmell (University of Texas at Austin), lead author of the study (AFP). To achieve his prey, the hippocampus turns quickly head and sucks crustacean. A gesture made in less than a millisecond. An important advantage since the reaction time is between a copepod 2-3 milliseconds. In calm water, fish catches its prey in 90% of cases. A fine performance.

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The hippocampus, a hunter unrivaled

crustacean’s interest to swim away from the sea horse “Far” here means at least an inch since the aspiration technique can only be achieved at very short distance (a few millimeters). Another question arises: how the hippocampus does he approach to his meal without it will abscond? In an attempt to see more clearly, researchers have captured the action with a very precise system of 3D video. They observed an “area without waves” in front of and above the nostrils of the animal. In addition, the hippocampus puts his head over his prey so that no water movement did arvertisse his presence. The secret of the sea horse and is its impressive discretion. A feature worthy of the greatest hunters.

> Read also: A fish eater testicles, spotted in the Seine


By Cécile David

Yahoo! to offer a figure of American television - Boursorama

After debauched journalists from New York Times website has hired Katie Couric who worked at NBC and CBS and anime since 2012 a talk show on AB.

Katie Couric, well-known to the American public, even ABC Yahoo. Some see it as further evidence of the transformation of the media world. The demand programming on the Internet is booming at the expense of the traditional model of television.

Others, more cynical, also see it as a contract between on the one hand a star who has seen better days and other company web in search of content to capture advertising drained by its growth rivals like Google and Facebook.

Marissa Mayer

, patroness of Yahoo since July 2012, including account information to boost the growth of the Internet pioneer. It has already recruited other respected journalists like David Pogue, former criticized …

Read the article on

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The French do not trust brands to learn about ... - Boursorama

Treatment Centre in orders, leader selling shoes online 5 February 2012 in Grenoble (AFP / File / Jean-Pierre Clatot)

Nearly 60% of French Internet users do not trust brands to inform or advise and on the internet, say they expect before any reductions, according to the / barometer Orange Terrafemina released Tuesday exclusively by the AFP.

the eighteenth wave of this survey on the internet usages of French, this time dedicated to brands and their impact, Vox Polling Institute surveyed online 1,002 people aged 18 years and over by quota method, 6 and 7 November.

“Can you trust a brand you inform or advise you in the same way a newspaper or magazine?” No, meet 59% of respondents (“no, not really” 40% of them, and “no, not at all” 19% “).

as mobile Internet, users expect that the first from their favorite brands are reductions (71%). Far behind practical advice (12%), contests (9%), information such as magazine or games (2%).

These marketing approaches are, however, “useful” and “please” 61% of respondents, they say.

They say 68% prefer the internet support to access this type of marketing content, against 23% in a magazine or newspaper, 18% on an application for smartphone and 11% on a tablet application.

In addition, 59% of respondents say they have a contest sent by a registered via email, and 41% say they have already seen the Facebook page of a brand.

Almost a third (19%) also played a game via the Facebook page of a brand, and 21% have already downloaded the application of a retail brand.

The survey then turned to cases involving specific brands: for example, a site about beauty tips “set up by a brand like L’Oréal” approach is called “sympathetic” to 64% of respondents and “interesting” 62% of them, but also “anecdotal” (48%) or “false” (29%).

Similarly, if a video of extreme sports “is implemented by RedBull” approach is considered “interesting” for 44% of users, but “false” for 33% of them.


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Monday, November 25, 2013

Designer Kinect officially bought by Apple - Digital Zone

November 25, 2013


PrimeSense, the designer of Kinect was bought by Apple $ 360 million. This is an Apple spokesperson who gives this information. Cupertino has disbursed EUR 265.75 million to acquire Israeli company specializing in sensors visions in 3D.

PrimeSense has developed a technology to have a 3D view using sensors. This technology has already been used by Microsoft to develop its Kinect sensor for the Xbox console. PrimeSense is an Israeli company founded in 2005 in Tel Aviv, which is able to develop a 3D chip that provides digital devices the ability to observe a three-dimensional scene. This start-up has raised $ 20.9 million from Gemini Israel Funds Ventures, Genesis Partners, Silver Lake Partners and Canaan Partners. This company specialized in 3D motion recognition company has been bought by Apple to change its products with the ability to integrate this technology at the heart of Apple TV or iWatch because PrimeSense technology has evolved to the point of miniaturization. A spokesman of the brand Apple has confirmed AllThingsD. the acquisition of the specialist sensors.

PrimeSense, the Israeli start-up behind the Kinect

PrimeSense, the Israeli start-up behind the Kinect

This acquisition is the second made by Israel after Apple acquired Anobit in 2012, which is specialized in flash memory. Apple reportedly paid the sum of € 265.75 million or $ 360 million to acquire PrimeSense. The group says buy small technology companies from time to time. Apple has made 15 acquisitions in the year ended in late September had said Tim Cook at the annual presentation of the results in late October 2013. The group does not publicly showing its target and does not discuss its objectives and plans said a spokesman.

The best price for this unit

Apple buys PrimeSense, the inventor of the Xbox Kinect - Le Figaro

Israeli company develops 3D sensors used for motion recognition. The transaction is valued at $ 360 million.

Apple takes the train of motion recognition. Sunday, the U.S. computer group confirmed the acquisition of PrimeSense, an Israeli company that designs sensors for 3D motion recognition. The transaction would amount to $ 360 million, according to the website specializing All Things D.

PrimeSense has a nice pedigree. Software and hardware components are found in the heart of Kinect accessory motion recognition to the Xbox. Kinect allows for example to control characters without handle, mimicking postures. Subsequently, Microsoft has created its own solution for its new console, the Xbox One, including buying a rival PrimeSense, Canesta.

A hypothetical Apple


Apple has not communicated what he intended to do by repatriating PrimeSense in its ranks. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our goals and our plans,” said a spokesman. This was done since the acquisition was discussed and denied by both parties.

One of the most logical markets for PrimeSense technology is the hypothetical Apple TV. Xbox One, navigating the menus a slip of the hand. In the wake of Microsoft, TV manufacturers have built their own systems of motion recognition. Models South Korean Samsung and LG, Haier or Chinese, and can be controlled remotely.

According to 9to5Mac

website, Apple is testing this type of operation for its Apple TV box. This motion recognition could be coupled with a tactile recognition that Apple has already mastered with Siri, as is also the case on the Xbox One. New sensors, smaller, could also be used in mobile devices, further emphasizes All Things D.

a dozen patent applications

Without waiting for the redemption PrimeSense, Apple has already addressed the issue of the recognition of movements, as shown by several patents in the field. Israeli society, in turn, is causing the deposit of ten patent applications covering essentially on motion detection by sensors. She was courted by other buyers, according to Globes.

acquisition PrimeSense is among the most important operations for Apple, which has conducted 15 redemptions on its fiscal year ended at the end of September. The AuthenTec acquisition for $ 356 million in summer 2012, for example, led to the integration of a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S. That of C3 Technologies for $ 267 million in 2011, was used to supply the software plans and views of cities in three dimensions.

Apple bought the startup behind Kinect - Generation NT

After the rumor about the ongoing negotiations is the confirmation. An Apple spokesperson confirmed to AllThingsD redemption PrimeSense.

Israeli business daily Calcalist had already raised the possibility of such redemption this summer before suggesting it a few days ago an agreement had been finalized. AllThingsD had put a caveat stating that the case had not yet been concluded.

Sunday is another Israeli financial daily Globes (competitor Calcalist), who wrote that negotiations between Apple and PrimeSense led Friday on an agreement for an amount between 300 and 350 million.

holder talking about Apple did not allude to the sum at stake It merely confirmed that PrimeSense is indeed fallen into the Apple fold and is not entered in details:

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our objectives or plans.

Based in Israel, PrimeSense owes its fame to its collaboration with Microsoft and the integration of its 3D technology in the Kinect sensor Xbox 360 game console. PrimeSense not against not participate in the development of the new Kinect Xbox One. Microsoft has developed its own solution.

PrimeSense-SoC-Capri Aujourd Today, PrimeSense is mostly presented as a specialist of 3D chips and argues 3D sensing technology used by over 24 million devices worldwide. In particular, integrated in smartphones and tablets sensors.

This suggests that Apple has some ideas in mind for its iOS devices and perhaps the iPhone 6. It will be recalled that redemption Authentec for $ 355 million made following a year later the release of the iPhone 5s with the integration of a fingerprint sensor.

As mentioned in our columns, Apple might be interested in the next generation of SoC PrimeSense with improved techniques including multimodal 3D detection and miniaturization algorithms.

last week during his visit to Israel, President François Hollande accompanied by French patrons attended the opening of the Innovation Day in Israel.

Today, in the field of high technology, you have taken the lead. I am here to share with universities that are yours, laboratories are among the most efficient in the world. You have been able to be a global center of innovation

said François Hollande.

president in particular given a demonstration PrimeSense 3D sensors to interact with objects (beginning of the video):

Globes notes that PrimeSense is the second acquisition by Apple of a Israel-based Anobit after in December 2011 for an amount company that would be around 400 million. Anobit is a manufacturer of microchips and in the field of flash storage.

after Globes, Apple will integrate PrimeSense technology in its Apple TV in 2015 but also refers to possible integration into the iPad technology for buying clothes and shoes by scanning a user.

Shmulik Shelach

Globes, acquired by Apple PrimeSense is nevertheless a disappointment:

end of 2010, PrimeSense was en route to becoming another Nvidia but PrimeSense 2013 is destined to become a sexy feature in the Apple ecosystem. Such a development could be the dream of every startup but PrimeSense had hoped for more.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Video Laurent Michaud - IDATE: Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One ... -

digital entertainment, the duel Christmas Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One .

never had this configuration: two leading manufacturers of gaming consoles launched their next generation platforms at the same time


choice will drive under the console quality and range of games available.

Wars figures also begins: one million PS4 passed the first day of marketing in the United States (November 15), “more than one million copies of” One for the Xbox launched on November 22 in 13 countries (including the United States and France).

According to IDATE , growth in the sector will be driven by new consoles and handheld gaming.

studies the digital life institute evaluates the market to $ 53.2 billion in 2012.

increase to EUR 79.3 billion in 2016 (source: DigiWorld Yearbook 2013)

.At the show

DigiWorld , we met Laurent Michaud , Director of IDATE study and expert are digital home.

It provides insights into the looming battle between Sony and Microsoft in video games. But, what happens with the Nintendo Wii?

Beyond consoles and its hard gamers, digital media game migrates as smartphone and tablets.

With the rise of “social and casual gaming” or the cloud gaming and a string of new publishers like Rovio (Angry Birds) or (Candy Crush), all players will cohabit or get closer …


Quiz: Expert connector



Microsoft: The Xbox One enters the race - Aufait Morocco

Microsoft on Friday launched its latest console, Xbox One, which will compete directly with the Sony Playstation 4, released last week in the United States. Xbox One is sold at 499 euros (4,465 dirhams), that is to say 100 euros more than its competitor.

Xbox 360, the previous console marketed by Microsoft, was the best selling console in the United States.

design side, the Xbox One is not revolutionary. The joystick has it evolved to allow a more enjoyable handling and better vibration returns within triggers, non-skid surface. In addition, the space between the action button and the Start button has been worked, thus avoiding to put the game paused accidentally as happened on the Xbox 360. This new controller has further than that accorded to its predecessors finish.

The advantage of Kinect 2

But the big improvement is the Kinect system, which has been greatly improved. Kinect 2 will now detect up to six players and reacts to finger movements. Something to offer beautiful sessions of fun with family or friends on the dance games for example.

camera motion detection does not need a huge space to work, interesting for players parlor. This instrument responds to spoken commands and even monitor the heartbeat of the players. In addition, the vast majority of new games offered by Microsoft, with this new console, use the new Kinect system. Old games are not compatible them.

side games, Microsoft console is strong, with a catalog of 26 titles available today, against only 15 for the PS4. The aficionados will be served with an excellent Forza Motorsport 5 with a full HD 1080 and 60 frames per second graphics, revealing body so detailed that they seem almost unreal! Tested on Xbox One, Call of Duty: Ghosts , one of the flagship games this season, turns against by quite similar to that available on the Xbox 360 .