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After Tumblr, Yahoo would be interested in the Hulu video service - Le Figaro

After buying the blogging platform Tumblr to $ 1 billion, Yahoo has in turn submitted a bid for Hulu, a subsidiary of News Corp. and Walt Disney video service for an unspecified price, it was learned Friday, sources close to the deal.

Established five years ago, Hulu boasts four million users. The service that specializes in the distribution of television online, like his compatriot Netflix, achieved a turnover of 700 million dollars (540 million euros) last year.

Yahoo, which announced this week the acquisition of the platform microblogging Tumblr for $ 1.1 billion, is found for the acquisition of Hulu in competition with Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, the former president of News Corp. Peter Chernin and Guggenheim Digital Media.

According to some sources, Peter Chernin has 500 million dollars (390 million euros) on the table. But a source close to the offer, it indicates that the price is too low and that Hulu could be worth between one and two billion dollars. A source close to the operation, indicating that the offers presented are indicative.

The private equity firm Silver Lake have also expressed interest in a letter. It is allied to the occasion with William Morris Endeavor, a company in Hollywood.
Exchange, Yahoo ended up 1.2% at $ 26.33.


“Yahoo! setting Tumblr to invest social networks
” Tumblr, sketch the new darling of the Internet

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The only Ecuadorian satellite damaged by debris from a ... - Generation NT

If we

another example of the urgent need to clean up space debris, which is found here: The one and only satellite of the equator was seriously damaged after hitting the remains of a Russian rocket S14 launched in 1985.

pegaso-satelite-ecuador L EXA (the Ecuadorian civilian space agency) has announced that its satellite Pegaso had stopped working for a week after he met on his journey to space debris, but he would remain in orbit.

The incident occurred at about 1500 km east of Madagascar, the satellite only 1.2 kg would hit an old Soviet tank rocket S14.

event is painful to the equator, mainly because it has only one satellite in orbit, and that it is positioned relatively recent since April 25.

The country now finds herself with a $ 80,000 satellite unusable, which although funded by the private sector, will need more than $ 700,000 of public funds for the various tests launches, certification and logistics.

equator expected to launch its next Pegaso same satellite in July from Russia.

Windows 8 is struggling to develop in France -

Microsoft is struggling to get a place on the French market. To date only 28% of companies would be willing to drop Vista or 7 to upgrade to Windows 8 in France. A communication failure, fear of the new OS, too many changes? Whatever the reasons, the launch of Windows 8 is the slowest ever made by Microsoft!Microsoft was windy a revolutionary operating system, and if it was so nobody wants to install his company? It seems that this fact or reality, or at least in France. Our country seems to be particularly cautious about the idea of ??moving to Windows 8 and even on new IT parks to come, more than 60% of companies say they will continue to install Windows 7. Currently, 76% of French IT infrastructure runs on the Windows 7 operating syste m

. Microsoft Windows-8 business France

Only 28% of companies expressed a willingness or ability to deploy Windows 8 in France, which is very little, after several months of launch. Even Windows 7 was already heavily criticized at the time, had better numbers! As evidence, in 2009 only 1% of firms reported that they never use Windows 7, while today they are 10% the same claim about …

These data were reported by the firm Forrester study, but other studies suggest the same conclusion, in individuals who appreciate Metro interface, but are confused by all the rest and clearly prefer “ a good old Windows 7 works perfectly

The only Ecuadorian satellite hit by the remains of a rocket in 1985 - Be Geek

collision is quite problematic since the satellite NEE-01 Pegaso has not survived. It was manufactured by the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency and placed in orbit in April 2013 by a Chinese Long March 2D rocket from the Jiuquan space center. This nanosatellite (1.2 kg) of 10 cm side embarked visible and infrared camera, so he could take pictures and send them in real time. After a few weeks in orbit, the satellite collided with debris. These came from the fuel tank of a Soviet rocket S14 from 1985.

The satellite does not work

collision occurred 1500 km above the Indian Ocean. The debris damaged the Ecuadorian satellite, but it was not destroyed. According to Ronnie Nader, the director of the Space Agency, the collision was not direct, but the damage is significant because the satellite does not work. NEE-01 Pegaso sent its first images of the area a few days ago. It should still remain in orbit and a second satellite will be sent in July. According to the latest information, it would be launched from Russia.

highly publicized


Ecuadorian satellite had cost about 80,000 dollars and it was a private project. However, the launch had been subsidized by the state paid nearly 700,000 dollars for various tests. The amount also took into account the aircraft certification, logistics and insurance. As it was the first satellite of Ecuador, the event was overwhelmingly relayed in the press. A ceremony worthy of the name had been organized to launch and President Rafael Correa had attended.

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Companies do not want Windows 8 - Network-Télé

src=”” alt=”imprimer” send  receive Companies do not want Windows 8
Edition 27/05/2013 – by

According to Forrester, companies will not migrate to Windows 8 massively . Windows 7 will remain privileged for now.

“Most companies do not adopt Windows 8 as primary operating system,” says a recent study by Forrester. Analysts have therefore drawn a line on the latest Microsoft operating system, widely criticized. This rejection is similar to what Windows Vista had suffered.

According to Forrester, CIOs are focused on migration underway to Windows 7, enjoyed popular system, but earlier version of Windows. This migration is intended to replace Windows XP system whose end maintenance was scheduled for April 8, 2014.

The study is based on a survey of 1,200 business leaders in the United States and Europe. According to the survey, 48% of PCs are running Windows 7, 76% of recent renewals being made with this version of Windows. In France, the figures are 68% and 50%. Only 28% of French companies are considering purchasing new PCs with Windows 8.

Windows 8 is not seen as providing any benefit or feature or in operating costs by the companies. Migra tion therefore has no reason to be. The competitors such as iOS or Android operating systems are widely acclaimed for terminals such tablets. The challenge of the unique system with common interface across all screens therefore seems lost, at least for the moment-for Microsoft.

However, in this deluge of blackheads, there is a ray of sunshine Microsoft: end-user employees therefore prefer Windows-8 at 38% against 35% for Windows 7. Windows 8 could therefore enter the business via BYOD according to Forrester. But for their tablets, employees opt to 20% for Windows 8 and 26% for iOS.


Microsoft accused monitoring Skype communications

Skype users may need to reconsider their confidence (…)

SFR presents its 4G coverage in France

SFR launches Thursday a 4G mobile internet network in Lille, the fifth city (…)

Bouygues Telecom installs its 4G tournament at Roland Garros

Bouygues Telecom announced that its customers can take advantage of its 4G network very (…)

Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 million units sold in a month

Direct competitor of the iPhone 5, the S4 has passed the 10 million copies (…)

Test Samsung Galaxy S4: an honest successor to S3

Should be seduced by the Samsung Galaxy S4? This is the question that is (…)

The effect Free Mobile mobile bill lowers according to ARCEP

average of 11.4%, which takes into account the rates of voice traffic (…)

Arctic: a Russian polar station threatens to sink - Futura Sciences

Quentin Mauguit, Futura-Sciences

Installed in Ice used in a very broad term to include any area of ??ice, other than fast ice, whatever its form or how it is disposed. When the concentration is high, it ‘s to say 7/10 or more, the term can be replaced by ice pack.’, ‘Click for more information’) , “ onmouseout =” killlink () “> ice that supports it, probably due to the melting ice. The Russian authorities have established an emergency evacuation plan involving in particular a nuclear icebreaker.

For several years, the successive records in the Arctic, but they are usually announced in September, towards the end of summer, when the ice reached its smallest size. No figures have been published on the current state of the ice extent since the historical record beaten in September 2012 cast, but some clues may already announce The Russians began a real conquest of the Arctic in 1937. Since, they install drifting scientific stations in order to study the Arctic Ocean and watch various weather parameters. The 40 th was inaugurated in October 2012, but it could well disappear faster than expected. Cracks are drawn on the ice supporting Severny Polyus 40 (SP-40), which could lead to a breach of the ice eventually.

Such an event would obviously end the scientific activities on the site, but could be more lethal to 16 staff working on site. Faced with this critical situation, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the
Extent of ice (white) measured 26 August 2012. The yellow line delineates the area it occupied on average during the same period between 1979 and 2010. © The same statement said that the destruction of the ice could be a problem for the environment located in the drift ice, which passes near the Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In addition to the evacuation, Russia also plans to send a nuclear icebreaker on-site Yamal , to dismantle and move the station, for example to Severnaya Zemlya, a The Russian authorities have good reason to intervene as quickly as they have already lost the Severny Polyus 32 (SP-32) polar station in 2004 under similar conditions. She sank after a break in the ice that supported fortunately no injuries or casualties. SP-37 and SP-39, for their part, have been recovered by an icebreaker in 2010 and 2012.

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Telecoms: record investment despite lower prices and ... -

ARCEP has published the preliminary results of its Observatory of electronic communications markets in France. In 2012, investments reached new records. But the price war has trimmed their income.
 ARCEP logo

Times are generally difficult for telecom operators, except Free. Fierce competition in which they engage in fact largely benefits to consumers, according to the provisional results of the observatory electronic communications released Thursday by ARCEP. Record investments and volumes surge

One of the first significant trends in the study of ARCEP is the amount of investments made by operators. In 2012, the authority thus estimated at more than 10 billion euros, a level that has not been seen since 1998. The deployment of 4G course partly explains this trend. It is in 2012 that operators have in fact begun to deploy their networks, and work is still long. They have already spent € 2.6 billion on the year to 800 MHz, “ against 936 million in 2011 to 2.6 GHz ,” says ARCEP.

2012 Investments operators
Evolution investments operators

Excluding purchase frequency, investments also beat all records. The mobile business focuses alone half of investment flows, adds authority.

Must say that the operators were faced with very high volumes over the year, mainly on mobile. ARCEP has measured traffic volume of 231.2 billion minutes on the year (13.3 billion more than in 2011) to 183.1 billion SMS. Regarding the data, the increase in subscriptions (75% of the fleet customer in 2012, against 71% in 2011) with its data offerings called “ unlimited ” allowed an explosion of more than 67% data traffic volume (95,500 terabytes).

But revenues fell with prices

With such volumes, operators would almost have expected ROI faster. Rest meantime, Free Mobile has been there, slashing prices with non-binding offers and leading its competitors in a race to the bottom. So much so that the price in the mobile fell 11.4% on average in a year. The general trend is that it is for large consumers (who benefit from the democratization of abundance tenders) for small, with newer packages designed especially for them. The lowering of the prepaid market does not escape the rule, with a price drop of about 8%.

More bad news for operators, the decline in their income, both the wholesale and retail, of the order of 3.3% year on year. 50.9 billion in 2012. Part of this decline is explained by the lower prices of call termination at the initiative of Europe, says ARCEP. The end customer market shows a loss a little sharper, from 4.1% to € 42 billion. Despite the social plans, the number of employees remained stable in contrast to a year (0.1%) , confirming an uptrend for three years. Operators use to date 129,000 people directly.

 operator revenues in 2012
The decline in revenues is generally

France: the price of mobile services have melted by 11% last year - ZDNet

figures: This was mainly due to the arrival of Free Mobile on the market and the alignment of its competitors. But they are large consumers who benefited most.

The year 2012 was one of the upheaval of the French landscape of mobile with the arrival of Free.

We already knew that this had caused the big splash down more than 14% of the average monthly bill for French.

Unsurprisingly, ARCEP said today in its latest Market Observatory that mobile prices fell overall by 11.4% last year.

The decline even reached 28.4% for single service offerings without a terminal, the famous SIM-only, which now represents 36% of the packages in circulation, Free Mobile in mind, but also B & You, Sosh or Red.

Customers with postpaid contracts (packages, including blocked) benefit from lower prices by 12.6% in 2012. However, the extent of this decline varies profiles.

Data: 67% in one year

price decline is much stronger that consumers intensive use voice services: -15.5% for large consumers, 13.4% for average consumers and -9.0% for small consumers.

“The democratization of abundance offers for voice services has greatly benefited large consumers while the appearance of packages dedicated to small consumers has led to the recovery of lower prices (-8.2%) for this segment customer, who had been a price increase in 2011 (+1.4%), “says ARCEP.

The decline also affects users (less numerous) prepaid card with a price decline of 8%. “This price reduction is explained by the appearance of cards including abundance components for voice and SMS 2012, the price decline is also linked to the development of valid cards, allowing smaller consumers to smooth consumption and reduce their spending, “says the Authority.

Again, this trend is accompanied by a surge in applications. Voice side, the traffic volume reached 231.2 billion minutes in 2012 (13.3 billion minutes compared to 2011). The volume of data consumed at the start of mobile networks is 95,500 terabytes, an increase of 67.1% compared to 2011.

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Key figures: the average bill of mobile users in France

Twitter sets up a double security - metro news

Twitter locks security. The microblogging site announced as expected double-check the connection profile. It is “a double-check to be sure that it is you,” said the social network to its users in a note published on his blog.

“You’ll need an email address and a valid phone number. After a quick test to see if your phone can receive messages from Twitter, you can get started,” said Jim O ‘ Leary in charge of security at Twitter.

a necessary measure against piracy

new security system will send a message on the phone of the subscriber with a verification code to enter to log in addition to the traditional password. “Of course, even with this option enabled security, it is important that customers use a secure password and they follow the rest of our recommendations for their account remains secure,” said Jim O’Leary.

This follows the hacking of accounts of large media groups such as the Financial Times, The Associated Press or any of those of the Agence France-Presse. A fake tweet published in late April on behalf of the AP agency announced an attack on the White House.

had thus provoked a strong reaction to the New York Stock Exchange, even though things were then returned to normal. A group called the Syrian Electronic Army (“Syrian Electronic Army”, SEA), apparently affiliated with Bashar al-Assad, claimed responsibility for hacking the accounts of the AFP, AP and other media.

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Russian polar station. Emergency Evacuation - The Telegram

May 24, 2013 – Comment on this article

L Russia announced yesterday that it would evacuate its emergency polar station Severny Polyus 40 installed on the Arctic ice. This is due to the abnormal melting ice and break their 16 members threatening environmental mission. The year 2012 is one of the ten warmest years on record since records began in 1850.

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  • Russian polar station. Emergency evacuation
    May 24, 2013

    Russia announced yesterday that it would evacuate its emergency polar station Severny Polyus 40, installed on the Arctic sea ice. This, because of the …


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Niger. jihadists strike at the heart of French interests

May 24, 2013

Agadez, cordoned off by the army. AFP Photo

Two suicide attacks against the Nigerian army and the French nuclear group Areva, claimed by Islamists Mujao, killed at least 20 people yesterday in the …

Francois Hollande. In Leipzig he praised the German model

May 24, 2013

In the presence of Angela Merkel, François. Holland is kept of all support to the Social Democratic chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück. Photo Odd Andersen / dpa / Maxppp

Present yesterday at Lepzig the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), French President Francois Hollande is delivered to the Chancellor …

frizzy hair all the rage in Rio

May 24, 2013

Frizzy hair is all the rage in Rio!

Exit the straightener! On the outskirts of Rio, a chain of hair salons triumph with black and mestizo women in magnifying the natural beauty of their …

USA. After the tornado, the rain

May 24, 2013

United States. After the tornado, the rain!

Torrential rains have battered yesterday, the city of Moore, Oklahoma (Southern United States), making it more difficult operations clearing …

Russian polar station. Emergency Evacuation

May 24, 2013

Russia announced yesterday that it would evacuate its emergency polar station Severny Polyus 40, located on the Arctic ice. This, because of the …

UK. The fallen soldier had served in Afghanistan

May 24, 2013

soldier brutally killed on Wednesday by two suspected Islamists, had served in Afghanistan, officials said yesterday. The British authorities have stepped up calls for calm …

Sudan. The people fleeing the fighting

May 24, 2013

Some 300,000 people have fled the fighting in the Darfur region of western Sudan in the throes of civil war, during the first five months of the year …

Horse meat. A trader arrested in the Netherlands

May 23, 2013 at 12:35 pm

Dutch merchant meat Willy Selten was arrested Thursday for selling 300 tonnes of horse meat as beef, announced the Dutch prosecutor who …

Niger. Mujao jihadist group claims the double attack

May 23, 2013 at 9:39

 Niger. Mujao The jihadist group claims double attentat

Double terrorist attack on Thursday morning in Niger. Thirteen Areva have been injured in a car bomb attack on the mine site …

Lebanon. Six killed in fierce fighting in Tripoli

May 23, 2013 at 9:23

At least six people were killed on the night of Wednesday to Thursday during fierce fighting in Tripoli, the main north Lebanon, between supporters and opponents of the …

Twitter offers two-factor authentication, but not yet in France - ZDNet

Security: After several cases of piracy and misappropriation of accounts, social network today introduced a two-factor authentication feature for its users. But some countries seem to have been forgotten, especially France …

As expected, Twitter strengthens its security and that of its users. It must be said that the social network began to be perceived as a colander as business misappropriation of accounts have recently increased.

Last target date, the Associated Press that he saw a deflected in April by the Syrian Electronic Army (Syrian pro-regime) has to announce a so-called bomb at the White House in which the President Barack Obama was reportedly injured. A new false denied a few minutes later but that was enough to plunge the Dow 130 points.

In February, Twitter has also admitted to being a victim of an attack in which 250,000 user accounts were “potentially” compromise.

random secret code via SMS

the decision of the site is then evoked micro blogging to opt for a strong two-factor authentication system. A solution is now launched to users.

Specifically, when attempting to connect to a Twitter account will be from a new location, the service will claim the usual password and a secret code that has been sent to the account holder on mobile by SMS.

Without this code randomly generated, no connection possible. A solution has already been adopted by Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft recently. With two-factor authentication, Twitter as well protect individual accounts as celebrities, major media companies or who have recently been victims of piracy.

To enable two-factor authentication, go to settings, select the command “requires a verification code on connection” and click on “add a phone”.

Still, this device is not currently deployed around the world. According to our colleagues, it is not available in France.

“As soon as the mouse tries to approach the” Ask a verification code when I sign. “displays a prohibitory sign. When you want to fill out the form” You need to add a phone to your Twitter account to enable this feature. “micro blogging portal explains laconically is” Sorry, we do not have a connection with your service “. the list of partners operators Twitter, France s ‘not there, like Belgium or Switzerland, “the specialist.

Samsung said it sold more than 10 million ded Galaxy S4 in a ... - ZDNet

figures: The Korean company has announced that it has sold 10 million Galaxy S4 in just one month. The smartphone will be available in four new colors in the summer.

expected to preliminary figures, here they are. Samsung announced it had sold 10 million Galaxy S4 a month after its launch. TechCrunch says that number of deliveries to operators (sell-in) and not sales to final consumers (sell-out). The Korean firm recalls that it took 50 days for Galaxy S3 reach 10 million units, 5 months and 7 months Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S

Samsung also took the opportunity to announce that the S4 will be available in four new colors in the summer. In addition to black and white, the smartphone will be available in red, blue, brown and purple. It is also known as a mini version of the S4 is in the pipeline and an “Active”, waterproof and dust model. (Eureka Press)

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Key sales figures for mobile and smartphones in the world

Twitter concreted his safety to escape the pirates - Numerama

Twitter deploy strong authentication to counter hacking attempts. Users now have the option of requesting a second audit on connection, in addition to the usual password. The new measure follows several unauthorized access occurred since the beginning of the year.

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Hadopi: employees fear for their future - Le Nouvel Observateur

“We want to remove the Hadopi as soon as possible.” The Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filippetti, does not hide his desire to get it over with the highest authority of the fight against illegal downloading, set up under Nicolas Sarkozy.

Based on the recommendations of Pierre Lescure, the minister hopes to remove the body and its ultimate sanction, suspension of access to the internet, to transfer some powers to the Supreme Council of Audiovisual ( CSA). Changes that do not, however, have reported that 71 employees will become Hadopi.

In a statement, the representatives and the local union CGT-Culture Hadopi alert the government on “the social urgency of this reform whose success can not be achieved at the expense of jobs.” “The government must take responsibility for the fate of these public servants. We therefore call on the Minister of Culture [...] to end social insecurity faced by workers Hadopi for too long. “

Asked by “Obs”, a staff representative of the Hadopi “calls for all personnel to be integrated into the administration will inherit missions Hadopi, the CSA if the case. “

representatives must meet Aurélie Filippetti Monday, May 27 The response of the Minister should not be engaged than expected since the project to remove the Hadopi is, for now, not officially recorded. The Minister of Culture said “hope” that a law was passed in September 2013.

The statement of the CGT Hadopi:

Bouygues Telecom 4G Roland Garros benefit of very high speed - Be Geek

Bouygues Telecom should satisfy fans of tennis and speed. While following your favorite games, you will enjoy the high speed 4G. This availability is ephemeral since it is only valid for the tournament which begins in three days, as some athletes are still at the stage of qualifying. With the 4G network available, you can follow with ease a game on your smartphone while on another ground. The operator thus has a significant advertising while the network will actually be available from 1 st October.

6 cities available in 4G

Bouygues Telecom currently offers 4G in some cities, including Toulouse, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Strasbourg, Vanves Malakoff or Lyon. The operator will soon add other cities to its panel. Douai, Lens, the Basque Coast and Lille will be added to the list in the month of June. All accelerate to Bouygues Telecom from 1 st October 2013 as 4G expected to be operational in a hundred cities of France.

Two packages


benefit of 4G, it is of course a compatible device and Bouygues Telecom offers several in its catalog. Businesses and individuals can also choose one of the packages 4G. Both offers are available, the first is the feeling pass 24/24 (2GB) and the second package sensation Premium 24/24 (5GB). To recap, an album of 50 MB is obtained in 6 seconds with 4G against 16 for the H + and more than two minutes for the 3G + network.

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Xbox One: The Internet ironically on the new console -

a console, but not to play

Xbox One was shown by Microsoft on Tuesday night and the reactions were not long in coming. At Kotaku for example, points to the difference between receiving the mainstream media and “gamers”. These have been forgotten during the presentation of the Xbox One, tip Games Industry. It will take Microsoft makes up at E3. Meanwhile, Internet users have joked about the few games that have been released.

parallel with the Sony conference for the PS4 is cruelly outlined.

most scathing video summarizes the conference 1’41. What remains of the Xbox One? From TV, sports and “Call of Duty.”

A rather austere design

While Sony unveiled Tuesday a video teaser that partially showed the look of the PS4, the look of the Xbox One is mocked for his design hum … “Retro”

We found him affiliations with other machines.

short, she has a real head VCR.

Small problems with Kinect

The Polygon site reveals that during the conference One Xbox users who watched the conference streaming on their Xbox 360 with Kinect plugged had glitches. The motion sensor is also voice recognition. So when the conference presenter gave orders to the new Kinect is in the living room of viewers that Kinect is enabled …

“When the guy at the conference # XboxReveal said” Xbox Love “it has enabled Kinect and canceled my streaming. Well done guys. “

The Kinect 2 will always be connected to use Xbox One. Causing a few concerns over privacy, because the new Kinect will listen constantly.

“The Kinect still connected to Xbox One recognize sexual antics sounds and open a Skype video chat with your parents,”

And finally, a little parody with “2001, A Space Odyssey” and Hal, artificial intelligence that refuses to be disconnected …

All I Could think about falling on the XBOX One Reveal ...


What would the Earth if it had rings like ... -

perfectly fine vertical bright line in Quito, a double parabola with the shadow of the Earth in Polynesia, huge curves that eat up half the sky Washington … Ron Miller had fun imagining what would our sky if the Earth had rings like Saturn.


American illustrator, translator and specialist Jules Verne science fiction and astronomy, was based on the theory that the Moon was created as a result of a gigantic collision between two planets, which our Earth. According to him, the Earth had its “earthy ring” there are more than 4 billion years ago, created by this collision. The gravitational force of the Earth gradually aggregated debris from the collision that became the Moon.

* Benjamin Capon

Microsoft introduced the Xbox One - ZDNet - ZDNet

Technology: successor to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, the price and release date are still unknown, is more than a game console that is connected to a housing multimedia entertainment.

One Xbox is the latest generation console from Microsoft, which will succeed the Xbox 360 was launched eight years ago.

the new console continues on the path traced by the Xbox 360 with a bit more room to have fun other than the game itself as an interactive TV box approaching the last box Internet.

However, the gaming capabilities are there through technical architecture including an AMD octo-heart processor, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and a Blu-ray disc player.

In terms of connectivity, the Xbox One is, of course, with Wi-Fi (802.11n), an HDMI input, an Ethernet port and three USB 3.0 ports (one on the side).

Despite this presentation, several remain unknown and not least as prices and models of Xbox One will be sold, and at a non-disclosed by Microsoft date.

all the news on the Xbox One

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22/05 - Apple's boss tries to explain why billions of ... - Economy Morning

“Think different” is the slogan that sounds obviously fake ears of senators … This is now the U.S. Senate as a parliamentary commission, which would put his nose in the accounts U.S. multinationals that pay so little in taxes despite record profits. Starting with Apple, suspected of having established “broad strategies” to avoid taxes. Its CEO, Tim Cook, has been interviewed yesterday to explain how such a group could garner a whopping $ 30 billion in one of its subsidiaries abroad … without paying taxes in the United States

The head of the Apple brand explained that “Apple uses no tax tricks “ and ” has no bank account in the Cayman Islands “ . Enough to convince the Commission, scalded the idea that billions can escape the IRS, and therefore the Americans themselves? Not yet.

“Apple is probably the biggest contributor of corporation tax in the United States, with nearly $ 6 billion paid Treasury for 2012 “ , or 2.5% of the total collection, explained the group prior to the hearing in a document. It also pays 30% tax on income reported in the United States, not far from the 35% of the official rate of corporation tax. Either! But the real problem, and Apple knows it, it is the huge sums of money earned abroad, including the United States does not see color In total Apple holds a hundred billion in foreign accounts and have avoided paying $ 74 bil lion in tax to the IRS between 2009 and 2012.

In fact, system set up by the giant technology is simple, and perfectly legal: he rushes into the “gaps” in the existing U.S. and foreign courts. For example, group has its European headquarters in Ireland while maintaining the leadership in California. Why? Because Ireland does not pay taxes to run businesses out of the country, and the United States do not pay corporate taxes are not installed on their territory. In short, many subsidiaries Apple have tax residence … anywhere

And so a holding called Apple Operations International has not made tax return for five years, while its revenue totaled $ 30 billion between 2009 and 2012 .

Still, as pointed out by the Republican Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain election, reform comprehensively U.S. and international tax law .. . Not easy

Apple part, to Amazon, Google, Microsoft or even Starbuck’s side, U.S. multinationals increasingly criticized for their tax planning strategies, the time when states need more than ever to get money in their coffers.

Recently, the OECD, which brings together some thirty developed countries, has cracked a report on tax evasion by multinational companies. According to the institution, it poses serious problems. Thus the tax avoidance strategy in the extreme by some successful companies that hire the best experts to domicile some of their activities in tax havens, ” poses real risks to revenue, sovereignty and tax fairness “d u world.

Jean-Claude Ghinozzi (Microsoft France): "More than 70 games ... -

One Xbox console seems more an evolution than a revolution. During the conference, the emphasis has been on the connected TV, rather than on the gaming. Why

We wanted to present the Xbox One as a connected system. It allows both to manage a new generation of consoles in the game and go beyond in television. This is a proposal that allows to show the best of each use of digital entertainment.

You want tablets to smartphones, all is connected to the console

was muti-use scenarios. Application SmartGlass is at the heart of this proposal shows that either a smartphone, Windows or not, or on a shelf or on a connected device, there is the possibility have a very immersive content, fast, fluid and very convincing. Technological application and use is greatly enhanced. But … There is a grip necessary to see the gameplay. We are moving slowly towards a very significant improvement in the gameplay, immersion in games, in the sensations … With improved graphics, which is unique

During the conference, Microsoft introduced special partnerships with content providers for connected TV in the United States, for example with National Football League . In France, you have a historic partnership with Canal +, are there any other planned with other strings

is working with several partners. All what we did on Xbox 360 will continue to live with with Xbox One, there are a lot of things to develop. We are hard at work with a number of media partners to make an offer to users and fans of French Xbox exit and later. It is there for a decade, for many years, so we have a lot of work to enrich this proposal … Clearly, this will be a strong topic.

A name can be

We have not announced anything yet, it’s too early.

accessory Kinect sensor voice and movements, not integrated into the console. But what is its place in relation to it

Kinect has an important place for Xbox One, it is the heart of the enrichment of use. Each Xbox One will be sold with the new sensor generation, even if it is physically separated. At the voice, the sensor has a better ability to handle noise, in a living room, a fireplace.

One of the most significant in relation to the Xbox innovations is its multitasking feature that allows instant switching from TV to game ..

Yes, there is an immediate and rapid appearance that will be permanent. There will be more latency. When you’re with a friend who has an Xbox One, with the power of cloud and with backups, you can resume play, the film immediately without latency.

Xbox One will include a Blu-ray disc player. This is a format that Microsoft still believes. When is the all-paperless

Blu-Ray standard remains a current format and high Quaite.

No launch date or price have been announced for the Xbox One. Will there be at least one global launch

It has not been clearly announced, but many countries have available before the end of the year.

And price range

No, it has not been announced yet.

What is your view on the PlayStation 4, the next generation Sony console, which will be released at about the same time as the Xbox One

I do not have much to comment on the proposal of our competitors, Sony and Nintendo. We do not yet understand what has been announced Sony. I do not have many comments as there is not much matter.

On fifteen games in development at Microsoft Studios, and come out of here a year on Xbox One, eight are new franchises. Why new franchises

wants to bring wealth and content to people who buy this new console and leave with us for several years. It is important to start a new console there is content. Technology has value as content. It has been shown time and time again. It is important to have a rich and innovative content that is renewed. But it does not put to oblivion very large brands like Forza Motosport or at Electronic Arts, the license Fifa for example …

At its launch, in the catalog of Xbox One, how many titles

It will be rather

announced at E3 by third-party publishers, the list is long. There are important strategic partners such as Electronic Arts and Activision. Others will be announced at E3. But currently, there are more than 70 games in development for the Xbox One.

Interview by Joel Métreau

Curiosity has completed its second drilling on Mars - Maxisciences - Maxisciences

Curiosity: the hole for the robot is 1.6 cm in diameter and 6.6 deep. Curiosity robot star of the American mission to Mars Mars Science Laboratory conducted its second well on the red planet by NASA Monday, May 20 The samples obtained are analyzed on board the internal laboratory of the robot.

This is the second well that makes Curiosity Mars during its mission. NASA has announced Monday, May 20 that the robot has made a new hole that measures 1.6 cm in diameter and 6.6 deep. The first drilling date was conducted on February 20 and had collected samples of sedimentary rocks to feed its mission. Rock breakthrough with the robotic arm of Curiosity, called Cumberland is 2.75 meters west of “John Klein”, the previous perforated rock. Samples taken Sunday, May 19 will now be analyzed by instruments on board.

Next step, Mount Sharp

Curiosity’s next goal is to get to the foot of Mount Sharp, a mountain 5,500 meters high, located in the Gale Crater (impact of 155.3 km in diameter) whose foothills are formed in different sedimentary layers reporting the presence of water long ago. It should take several months to reach their destination, traveling at 0.15 km / h. The previous drilling was allowed to account for a potentially favorable environment for life on Mars in the past via the presence of micro organisms, including acid shallow water. The aim is now to dig this track and establish a reliable study on the possibility of living one day the world and to develop life, taking into account the mineralogical data but also geological.

A robot that has it all

Curiosity weighs 900 pounds, four times more than its predecessors Spirit and Opportunity. Developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA (robotic arm) he benefits from the latest technology with its six wheels and ten scientific instruments (cameras, spectrometers, radiation detectors) attended the French. “Chemchem” which determines the elemental composition of rocks is well connected with CNES and laboratory IRAP Toulouse. The robot began its mission in August and is expected to continue for another two years. It has come time for that 700 meters on Mars.

samples collected will soon reveal their secrets on the colonization potential of Martian soil that obsesses both scientists for some time. Prepare for the future by digging the past seems to be the way NASA has chosen via the Mars Science Laboratory mission.