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New technologies studied at St. Pompey – West France

The Director, Anne Le Méner waits sixty students Tuesday, including 26 in the nursery will be supported by Josée David and Anne -Sophie Perruchon on the theme means of locomotion. “We will start with the very large fire engines, then we take the train by the end of the school year,” says Josée David, who will also assist with Emmanuelle Guernion for CP -CE, director taking responsibility for CM.

“We have a new school project for the next 3 years, on the development of new technologies and their use in everyday life” says Anne Le Méner, with roll over sports (swimming, table tennis), the choir school choir, the show season, relaunch the blog of the school, develop contacts with other schools, including St. Joseph in Fleix (Vienna). “The work of the school are being completed for the yard and the new hall traction. It remains to review the closure and rebitumer court “ says the director, who can be reached at 02 96 91 37 27 for all new registrations.


The respect of guarantees have been nearly a thousand … – Le Vif

Compliance with the rules of warranty on products and services have been 961 reports the FPS Economy last year, revealed Thursday 2013 Annual Report Economic Inspectorate. It is mainly the ICT products (new technologies) that were targeted, although reports in the field of furniture and appliances that have increased sharply.

Of the 17,147 reports, complaints and requests for information on various subjects received last year by the Front Office department of FPS Economy, 961 reports (6 pc) were problems with the product warranty and services.

And these are mainly ICT products that were the subject of reports, reports on the rise. There were in fact 341 cases in 2012 to 538 last year. The second area shown, for new cars or used, it continues a reverse trend, from 132 cases in 2012 to 118 in 2013, follows the furniture sector (91 cases in 2011, 9 in 2012, but the 104 year last) and the appliances (67 cases in 2012, 98 in 2013).

The FPS Economy conducted last year an online survey among consumers regarding the very issue guarantees and received 1,351 responses to 2,390 products purchased. Consumers could report its personal experiences warranty and should state whether or not accepted a pay additional warranty provided by the seller. He was also asked if the product (s) purchased (ies) had (are) submitted a defect within two years after purchase.

Of the 2,390 products, 18 pc had submitted a defect. 4 pc already had delivery, 7 pc in the first six months and 7 per cent over six months after delivery. Only 4 per cent of respondents reported taking a pay additional warranty.

Three-quarters of respondents who experienced a problem contacted the seller and 54 pc of them say that it has solved the problem (repair or replacement free of charge), either immediately or in the week in 49 pc of cases. In other cases, the seller preferred to refer to a third or point fingers misuse of the product by the consumer, says the FPS Economy. Beyond the first six months after delivery, some sellers are hiding behind the reversal of burden of proof for not intervening adds SPF.

The survey also showed that consumers are relatively well informed of his right to a statutory warranty of two years, “but much less the reversal of the burden of proof after the first six months,” said SPF’s report.

Similarly, consumers often wrongly automatically entitled to a replacement unit and ignored as often as it is not required to make the original packaging or exclusively to provide its invoice or sales receipt for proof of purchase to qualify for the statutory warranty says SPF.

“This is why the FPS Economy has conducted mediations sector with market players in the electronics industry (which is often a problem for warranty) and reminded them of the statutory duty for informing the seller and the obligation not to infringe the legal rights of the consumer in the offer commercial guarantees. ”


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Transforming Africa with new technologies – New information in Africa

A Dialogue between senior experts on the theme “Science, Technology and Innovation and the transformation agenda of Africa

Making profitable new technologies for the transformation of Africa”, was held in Abuja, Nigeria

africa-new-technologies Hosted by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the objective of the dialogue was to bring together decision makers high-level experts in technology and innovation from academia, the private and public sectors, the international development community, other influential people (inside and outside Africa), and contractors to examine all the directions in which science, technology and innovation can be deployed to support and accelerate the transformation agenda of Africa and contribute to the agreed priorities of society.

The main objectives:

  1. Highlight the main problems that hinder the development, transfer and diffusion of technology in Africa; and identify actions in the short term, medium term and long term to address these issues
  2. Provide a better understanding of the ways in which new technologies and innovation can actually transform African economies, while identifying obstacles to the exploitation of these technologies and innovation for the development of Africa
  3. Facilitate dialogue between African policy makers, researchers and top academic institutions, the private sector and the parties stakeholders working on TSI on the ways and means to accelerate the development and dissemination of technologies in Africa
  4. Build lasting partnerships among participants in order to advance the development of policies STI in Africa in general and promote the application of the real technology to meet the multiple challenges of Africa
  5. Propose a set of measures / recommendations to guide and inform the future work program ECA

were present, senior politicians, senior technology and innovation from academia, the private and public sector experts, the international development community and other influential personalities from Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Ethiopia, Ireland, Uganda, Gambia, Somalia, Switzerland, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Thierry Barbaut


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New technologies subject to complaints –

It is mainly the ICT products (new technologies) that were covered even if the alert in the furniture sector and the appliances have increased sharply.

Among the 17,147 records, complaints and requests for information on various subjects received last year by the Front Office department of FPS Economy, 961 reports (6%) were problems related to product warranty and services. And it is mainly the ICT items that have been the subject of reports, reports on the rise. There were in fact 341 cases in 2012 to 538 last year. The second area shown, for new cars or used, it continues a reverse trend, from 132 cases in 2012 to 118 in 2013 followed the furniture sector (91 cases in 2011, 9 in 2012, but the 104 year last) and the appliances (67 cases in 2012, 98 in 2013).


Sony introduces two new technologies –

While Sony has started investing heavily in virtual reality with its Project Morpheus, he does not forget the technology of augmented reality


The Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku 2014 will be held this Saturday, August 30 Sony Computer, being one of the most important event of Osaka in Japan sponsors, will armful. Indeed, on this occasion they will present the new technology of augmented reality has been called “ PS4 Dynamic Lighting .”

Simply put, this new technology handles light sources real on the 3D models that appear in your living room (on the screen). And this in order to correct one of the recurring defects Augmented Reality already available on the console, namely the “detachment” between real and virtual images. This will make the almost perfect effect.

The Japanese console manufacturer to sell 10 million PS4 in 9 months, sony, will also come with a technical demo for PS Vita. The “VitaHoloPop” would create holographic images in a transparent box.

Do not forget that the second Hatsune Miku game on PS Vita will be presented at this event and it will be part of presentations Sony. Also a limited edition console will come out for the occasion.


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The most pioneering companies in the development of … – Strategic Affairs

As every year, the World Economic Forum released its list of the 24 most pioneering companies in the development of new technologies that are likely to disrupt our lives. If more than 600 companies have been named by the World Economic Forum since the program began in the 2000s, it is interesting to note that the selected companies have consistently proven to be a good indicator of future trends.

For example, imagine that instead of seeing a nurse poking our children with a huge syringe, just have them put a patch of only 1cm2 directly to the skin . This could soon be a reality thanks to the Vaxxas company that developed a Nanopatch consists of thousands of microcapsules directly supplying the necessary dose of vaccine in the outer layer of the skin. Now this patch gets the same immune response as the traditional vaccination (based on syringe) using only 1% of doses usually injected. In addition, these patches have the major advantage of not needing to be transported in a refrigerated environment, greatly simplifying their potential use in remote areas.

Nanotechnology and the heart of a vast array of new technologies that will soon revolutionize medical care. Scientific breakthroughs in recent years in sequencing DNA strands and biological data have enabled the company guardant Health to develop a method of cancer detection based on a simple blood test and therefore requires more biopsies. The company Organovo has in turn relied on the technology of 3D printing to develop the impression of functional human tissues (that is to say-living) and to improve and facilitate toxicity testing and effectiveness of future drugs. For its part, the company Avegant, has meanwhile developed a headset to broadcast images directly onto the retina of the user, and the hope is to develop new applications for the visually impaired.

Finally, as we live in a world increasingly connected, it was obvious that the companies working on the Internet of Things (“the Internet of Things”) were to be honored. The SmartThings application has been rewarded: it allows its users to control a variety of devices and systems for home (locks, electrical switches, thermostat) from a mobile interface. Have a “connected home” is no longer a pipe dream.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum


Sony will unveil new augmented reality technology the … – Gameblog

While investing heavily in virtual reality with Project Morpheus, Sony does not mean forgetting the reality increases. . Proof with these two new technologies that prsentera this weekend

see also: Innovations in reality increases dvoiles PS4 by Sony

The 30th August, so this Saturday will be held in Osaka, Japan on “Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku 2014 ‘. Sony Computer Entertainment as a sponsor of the event (the output of the SECOND game Hatsune Miku on the Vita is an event there), it will not come empty handed and will make a demonstration of his new technology reality increases, christened “PS4 Dynamic Lighting” and announced it a few months ago in video (follow the “see also” at the top of the article).

rsumer principle, it is therefore of the grate ral light sources on 3D models that appear in your living room, live, and this in order to correct one of the recurring defects RA , namely ” detachment “ral between image and virtual image, and thus renders the almost perfect illusion. I invite you to view the video above, with the little dinosaur (and Hatsune Miku), the images will speak louder …

Sony also come with another technique dmo on PS Vita this time and therefore prsentera “VitaHoloPop” which allows the laptop create holographic images in a transparent bote …

The following 3D images of Aura Sony booth the event

. [Source: DualSHOCKERS]

 Sony will d & # XE9; veil new technology r & # XE9; alit & # XE9; augment & # XE9 e on August 30 & # xfb, t

Paint, new technologies … the nine schools in three … – La Voix du Nord

Preschool Jacques-Prévert.- “ Two niceties ,” as Pierre Laigle said. The front, side street Conceptionists, was repainted last year, this summer it was the turn of the walls of the courtyard 40 m2 of wall painting for about 7000 euros of equipment, which includes the leasing of aerial device the paint but not the labor. A new fence for the garden was installed in the courtyard for an amount of € 2,000. All the work was done by the city engineer.

Preschool Paul Bert.- “ To further modernize schools ,” explains François Decoster, two projectors were emerged in two classes of EC1 and EC2. These VPI (Interactive Projectors Ultra Short Throw) allow teachers to project an image from a computer on the table. A projection that transforms whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. This projector system is significantly less expensive than the interactive whiteboard. Each tool costs 1,800 euros, also installed here by municipal employees.

Preschool Charles Perrault.- “ Work in line with what has been done there a few years , “said Pierre Laigle about the change of boilers. Two new condensing boilers replace more aging. They will be in service by September 15, a young heating engineer was recruited specifically to deal with.

They were designed for the comfort of persons running the canteen “indiquePierre Laigle before the new cupboards, cabinets, sink and faucet sensing system replacing the old pedal. The work is almost complete; service employees occupying that room starting today. This part of the work was 3 000, again without counting labor technical service.

Over the summer, six schools in total have benefited from work. Schools Ferdinand Buisson and Condorcet benefited from new stores and Michelet, we took advantage of the break to undertake remediation.


HitchBot know, the robot hitchhiker? Peanuts yes-News – The Digital World

HitchBot: This is the photo of the day on the blog www.peanuts held by Mary, just as recent collaborator on The Digital World. Robot hitchhiker whose mission was across Canada, HitchBot has he fulfilled his goal?

The new blog Peanuts-News invites you to discover the latest high-tech innovations, new industry players, events and the latest news Geek.
Daily, new posts help you to dissect the news about technology and allows you to understand a changing environment. The categories of articles are quite varied and cater to a wide audience: news, astronomy, high-tech / geek events, innovations, video games, actor and picture of the day which includes HitchBot strategy. Concerning him, Mary teaches us that it’s finally arrived safely. He has managed to cross Canada from east to west moving exclusively by hitchhiking and through thoughtful motorists since they have not damaged … (read more)

Follow the news and Astronomical Geek on and more on Twitter Mary,MarieChevillard.



Professional fees related to new technologies: How … – Les Echos

The reimbursement of expenses related to the use by employees, tools derived from new technologies of information and communication (ICT) such as mobile phones, computers or internet obeys rules fixed by a special decree of December 20, 2002

Recall. business expenses reimbursed to the employee under the conditions imposed by the Order are exempt from social security contributions

<. p> So the costs are to be reimbursed to NICT
– on the basis of actual expenses incurred by the employee;
– or, failing that, according to the statement made by the latter rated the hours in professional use, within the limit of 50% of the total usage.

No refund lump

For the sake of simplicity, an employer can he however, provide a lump sum reimbursement of expenses incurred by employees in connection with the use of ICT

The Supreme Court answered in the negative, this method of reimbursement is not provided for in 2002 decree.

In this case, the employer, a company conducting satisfaction surveys, had set up “allowances web” to reimburse the costs associated with the use by employees including their printer and their Internet connection. The amount of such compensation was 2 € for each job done by the employee.

The company justified the use of this method of reimbursement by the need to recruit a large number of employees by CSD very short duration and the very low amount of their spending, all making it difficult to produce proof of actual costs incurred.

This argument did not convince the Court of Cassation held that Urssaf was correct in deciding that the lump-sum reimbursements should be subject to social security contributions.

2nd Civil Cassation, May 28, 2014 No. 13-18212


New technologies for RGPH 2014 – release

id=”sep_para_1″ class=”sep_para access”

All Moroccans are invited from 1st to September 20th, to participate in the implementation of the General Census of Population and habitat (GPHS). Compared with 2004, the sixth Census knows the introduction, timely, by the High Commission for Planning (HCP) several new highly commendable. Indeed, in ten years, the situation has had plenty of time to change and helped to acquire a great deal of know-how and synchronization.
So, realizing cartographic work ; characterized by the use, nevertheless, satellite images of very high resolution acquired from the Royal Centre for Remote Sensing; HCP could cut the country in over 48,000 areas. The latter each constitute an enumeration district whose size will make easy the task enumerator. In stride and again in order to achieve this major operation, the HCP has deployed all the logistics right thing in terms of premises, means of communication, designing questionnaires … all without leaving the stage training of investigators and auditors. Indeed, more than 53,000 enumerators, supervised by about 20,000 controllers and supervisors have received specific training to enable them to fulfill their mission in the rules of art. The HCP also promises that this census will be on time like the previous operation 2004 “This is the second census that Morocco will perform with total population coverage and the results will be delivered in record time.
Thanks to the technique of automatic reading of the documents, we will have an exact idea about the legal population after a month and a half. This time, as the fifth census, we will conduct a comprehensive operating across all territorial units base. That is to say, in neighborhoods, Douars, municipalities, provinces … “, explained the High Commissioner for Planning Ahmed Lahlimi.
And in addition to the importance of the census for Morocco, the head of HCP stresses we introduce new themes that will be on the merit of the welfare of the Moroccans, the various aspects environmental and wider issues relating to the quality of human resources.
In the list of new features is thus the technological process consisting of the use of satellite images covering the whole of Morocco, which has enabled a comprehensive sweep of population, households and dwellings by enumerators. In terms of enrollment, the HCP was used for the first time in the history of censuses in Morocco, the modern communication technologies through the establishment of a call for applications via the corporate web HCP website ( and the new website dedicated specifically to the census ( All without the demise of the traditional method of filing application in paper format. The issue of training for participants in the census was not, in fact, remains. Thus, for the first time in census-taking, training sessions participants see the use of audiovisual teaching aids to facilitate understanding of the concepts and definitions used and the method of filling the various census questionnaires.
In the pipe, the HCP account in the phase of collecting census data during the 20 days, establish an integrated regularly monitors RGPH using modern communication technology system, namely making provision of GSM and SMS.
These innovations speak volumes as the major concern of the HCP, which is to carry out this initiative. And after hours of work, exchange ideas and experiences, various observations and conclusions can be made available by the participants. What ultimately will clearly identify issues and challenges that understanding and resolution determine the future of peoples and future generations.
It is indeed interesting to note that globally RGPH is an opportunity to collect many demographic and socioeconomic statistics across the UK.


Tourism and new technologies: how to form? –

id=”sep_para_1″ class=”sep_para access”

According to Mopa (Mission OT and Aquitaine Country), tourism is the most active area on the internet.

In fact, the sites of online bookings are increasing. In 2012, 44% of French parties reserved their holiday online, and 66% planned their stay on the web.

But web presence requires work.

To meet this demand, new jobs are created over the years.

The needs of tourism professionals are very concrete. “Today, companies need to collect and analyze their data, but they have no methodology or skills” says Pascal Chevalier, director of ENSAI school.

59% of Internet users buy products related to tourism on the canvas. To meet growing customer demand, travel agencies and tour operators need to adapt to new technologies.

“[They] need this technology to react quickly and not be overtaken by the competition ” continues Pascal Chevalier.

Include these new methods demand for tourism stakeholders to hire competent people in this area.

A survey by France 2 showed that in 2013, 30,000 positions were to be filled in the general field of computing.


New educational branches

To meet the demand, new training lessons and develop. BTS Tourism has been redesigned to match a little more to the new requirements, particularly in the multimedia and IT dimension.

Marc Simoncini, founder of Meetic, founded with Jacques-Antoine Granjon (founder of sales-private) and Xavier Niel (founder of Free), the EEMI the first European trade school of the internet.

This explains the interest of this new school: “There is very little chance that we find the new Mark Zuckerberg, but young people full of new ideas, disruptive, that we are unable to have “.

EEMI is not the only school to have appeared following the development of the Internet.

In 2002 was created the Business School of Tourism in La Rochelle. It has acquired its accreditation TedQual. This facilitates continuous improvement of programs offered by the institution.

Receiving this recognition demonstrates the suitability of the teaching program and the needs of the tourism sector.

Large schools also follow the movement of digital related to entrepreneurship. The HEC, ESSEC and ESCP have in recent years developed curricula to encourage young students in this way.

Alban de Belloy, creator of includes the choice of these great schools, “ Go to finance it” has been “, choose entrepreneurship is trendy . ”


E training and e-learning

Train young people as they leave high school is a good initiative, but they will not be in the market for some years.

However, the tourism sector needs, now, competent employees. That is why many online courses appear: e-training.

The ID-rezo website specializes in training for e-tourism.

A group of experts provides comprehensive training, focused on issues of economic development and tourism via internet. All institutional tourism and tourism businesses are invited.

In the field of e-learning, tour operators have taken the lead. For them it is a way to take root in the minds of travel agents with simple and short formats.

The e-learning is similar to MOOC (Online Courses, open and solid). This new way of learning is becoming popular and is becoming increasingly used by students today.

It is the abundance in the classrooms who took the creation of this digitized learning.

Or Selectour Afat has made available to its dealers, on 3 June 2014, a training platform in the form of role play, “Mango Game”.


Becoming a leader marketing project travel agency

Camille Palud, travel agency Carol’Voyages-Selectour

After seeing is a business school, Camille Palud interned 2 years in a marketing agency. For 1 year and a half, she is head of marketing project in sections leisure, business and group travel for 6 agencies Carol’Voyages Selectour.

It should send an e-mailing once a month to all customers, which takes him three days to prepare to gather all the necessary information.

It manages the statistics of websites and social networks Carol’Voyages. In addition, it was she who also handles contests (print or web) organized. It must first send a press release to promote the game.

“The goal is to find ways to make themselves known cheaply” , she says.

For the agency, SEO site is checked daily and the web is then continued.

In addition, Camille admits: “We do not do direct online bookings. It keeps a steady number of customer visits in physical agencies. The counselor face to face is our heart business “.

An example that shows that the technology is an indispensable support but does not replace the human expertise.


Qu ‘ does a digital animator Territory (ANT)

Elisabeth Gouzien, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Saint Malo / Ferns

This is at the end of his studies of international trade, Elizabeth Gouzien went to London interned for three years in the rental agency, Apartment Service.

In 2007, after his return to France, she is contacted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint Malo (ICC) to become Territory Digital Animator.

Today, she works for the coach of the region, the TO and organizes conferences and workshops for tourism professionals. These workshops divided into several sessions are held once a month.

They follow a specific theme: the management of social networking, SEO, digital customer relationship …

In addition to these meetings, Elisabeth Gouzien provides individual support to professionals when they challenge their positioning on the internet. “I have a diagnosis of their website, and via communication tools, I adapt it according to their marketing strategy” , she says.

Tourism stakeholders meet to present this digital supports provided by the CCI of Saint Malo / Fougeres.

“A lot of players returning to the workshops, even if they have already attended. Digital advance so quickly. The lectures there a year are nothing like those of today “, she says.

“We are thinking about creating a web marketing platform for all those who can not be present at the workshop and they followed more personal” , concludes -she.


Interview Victor Gervasoni, director of La Rochelle Business School of Tourism.

i-tourism: Tell us about your school.

Victor Gervasoni: “La Rochelle Business School of Tourism is a business school that all our courses are based on tourism We prepare our students for the management sector through various subsidiaries..

We have a Bachelor course in three years, and another five years. The school addresses the areas of hospitality, leisure and events. It offers many specialties and a multitude of exchanges abroad. More than 700 students are currently enrolled in the school.

Since its inception in 2002, requests for admissions is increasing. The first four years have seen good growth. ”

i-tourism: What differentiates you from a school of conventional tourism ?

VG: “For us, working in tourism is not just to know by heart brochures It is an innovative and dynamic business..

This is why we have partnered with over 400 companies and schools around the world to facilitate the exchange of students.

We have incorporated an English course in our curriculum because the more we expand our range of possibilities, the more our students have the chance to succeed.

In addition, a control region or country allows students to have value once the labor market. ”

i-tourism: Once training is complete, your students find they work quickly ?

VG: “Yes, 96% found a job within six less after leaving the banks of La Rochelle Business School of Tourism.

In addition, a third of the students from the three-year course starting to work abroad. This is twice that at the beginning of school. The tourism sector is in demand!

I remember talking with one of our partners on hiring new professions related to the e-tourism.

At first they hired as technicians, but they were not trained to speak to customers. That is why we insisted on two key areas of the school. Management and Tourism ”

i-tourism: Among management, web marketing Is one of your contents ?

VG: “Absolutely, this is a must Today we have a web marketing specialist, but this subject is taught in all sectors.”.

i-tourism: How are the courses organized web marketing ?

VG. “The courses are organized into four time First, we prepare our students to this area then we teach them the theoretical foundations Then comes the time to.. intake. Teachers are highly specialized in this field.

Most of them illustrate their courses involving professionals (web managers). The last part of the course consists of practical cases.

The teachers ask their students to make sites, for a real agency, or else as a simple exercise. ”

i-Tourism: What can we wish at the Business School of Tourism ?

VG: “We do not have quantitative targets Our goal is not to have a large number of students, but more diverse and comprehensive offerings..

The school keeps a close contact with the companies because the world is changing and we want to stay in line with market demand.

The only goal is that our students have a short employability, while being trained to respond to digital developments.

In fact, the jobs of tomorrow are a real challenge for us. “


Monday, August 25, 2014

“Europe must do more to encourage the emergence of new … – Le Vif

James Dyson © Jean-Paul Guilloteau – Le Vif / L’Express

Le Vif / L’Express: Several multinationals, including American, their hands on European companies. Such as General Electric, which comes to crunch Alstom. Our industry is in danger?

James Dyson: American companies can earn huge amounts of money outside their borders, and this poses serious problems. I find it unfair and they enjoy a competitive advantage by paying few taxes and amassing a war chest that they use today to make large acquisitions on the Old Continent.

Dyson is it prey?

I will never give my company, regardless of the amount on the table. We are a privately held company. I am an engineer. What I want is to invent, develop, create products. That’s what I love to do.

These multinationals can seize key technologies at our expense …

You mean like Google? Certainly, they can spend their money as they see fit, but nothing prevents us to develop technologies ourselves.

In 2010, British Prime Minister David Cameron has given you a report on innovation to boost the industry. Europe does it adequately protects this area?

The authorities are aware of the tax liability of European companies. But Europe must also do more to encourage the emergence of new technologies. For companies like ours, we should be able to double or triple efforts in research and development every two or three years through support devices. We are too few engineers compared to China, India, South Korea and Singapore, and yet it is the only way to stand up to these countries. Innovation is neither thought nor determined by Brussels but by industry lobby groups whose proposals are selected and transformed into legislation. It is a mistake to think that Europe is at the origin. Our industry remains so dominated by German companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Miele, whose interest is to continue to produce vacuum cleaners with bags. However, for greater energy efficiency and less pollution, we should develop smaller, more fuel-efficient engines. That’s what we preach, but we only deliver this fight.

The UK turns increasingly to the European Union. Is it a risk?

not. Switzerland and Norway live well outside the Union. We are a net importer, and trade can persist even in the case of an exit from Europe. I am not for or against such a scenario. But look what happens in our field, we have not been listened to for a group monopolizes the discussion. So why stay in Europe? If German law favors the old technologies to dominate the market, why the hell continue on this path? What did we gain? Tell me!

A form of protection for grants …

I’m against protectionism: I want to sell in China. And I pay more taxes because of Europe that I perceive aid. I am also a farmer (Editor’s note: James Dyson has acquired 6,900 acres in Lincolnshire, in 2013), and this area does receive subsidies. But this support is bad because consumers should be able to pay a fair price for food, based on supply and demand.

Protect European industry, is not it mostly a way to preserve jobs in times of crisis?

The UK has already lost much of its industry and is doing pretty well. We have two production plants in Singapore and Malaysia. Settling in Singapore is very expensive, much more than in our country. But our suppliers are on site. However, our innovations are at home, where we have 3,000 engineers. All intellectual property, our taxes and profits are repatriated to England, which benefits from the creation of skilled jobs and financial resources.

Should we not just relocate production? The American government has asked Apple, for example.
No. I do not understand the reasons for such an approach. Anyway, the British government would never do that, it is much more modern and in tune with the times. One day, perhaps, production will return to the UK, but it should be a political will to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in factories. It has never been the case the last sixty years, and I see no such looming on the near term. Malaysia, Singapore, China, themselves, contributed to the development of this type of activity through tax cuts, a cheap labor market and flexibility. In the UK, if you want to rent a factory, you have to engage with a lease of twenty-one, even though you can not predict your sales year time horizon.

In France, the Minister of Economy, Arnaud Montebourg, advocates for the “Made in France”. Is this a solution?

It’s a stupid idea. Value added in the production process is very low, the true wealth lies in the intellectual property and know-how. These are the most important elements. No matter where the place of manufacture. This alternative model works well. It carries skilled jobs for a population that no longer wants to work with the chain in factories. Even if we wanted to make our products locally, it would anyway import components from abroad to assemble everything in the country. What’s the point?

But technologies like 3D printing could be a way to repatriate production in Europe …

3D printers are indeed promising, but TODAY ay, they mostly used to create prototypes and are not suitable for mass production. In the future, this could change, but other routes are already emerging as the manufacturing process by laser. These innovations could change things, but I do not like to make predictions, they often prove false. Anyway, governments need to change their attitude towards the engineering world, science and technology. And if that is not the case, the warranty. Take the patents is a good indicator. Their deposits in Germany, the United Kingdom and France remain stable, while in China or South Korea they explode. Europe should be very concerned about such signals.

Do not you regret that American Internet giants attract media attention when your industries create more jobs and wealth, but remain in the shadows?

No, that’s not exactly what I said. What they do is very interesting, but they overshadow the development of other innovations. Dyson, we develop software to improve the performance of our devices. The potential is huge, and this path is followed by Apple, and also, in vain, for Google. For children and students today, there are more interesting things develop as software, applications for mobile phones or video games.

put on connected Internet Europe – watches, weight scales … – to regain control over the United States. Do you think these innovations are a track for the future

The trend is already there. Now I do not know if everyone will want one day control everything remotely using the connected objects. Now, it is already possible to control the temperature of a room or to monitor what is happening at home with a smartphone. What I do know is that our future products will include these features to improve our services to users. Such developments also raise questions about the collection of data and respect for privacy.

Long before Google, Dyson has developed glasses connected. Why did you not follow

We worked on this project since 2001, with a screen the size of a fingernail placed in glass glasses to allow reading e-mails, for example. But at the time, there was not access to wireless internet, Wi-Fi, and we had to connect the glasses to a small computer in your pocket. However, I would not call it an invention, rather it was a combination of various known technologies. We develop a lot of things we do not give away. Besides, I have no predetermined plans. No logic connecting the devices we have designed, we do not market research or marketing plans. I admit that this is hardly a commercial approach.

These innovations are in line with a human being up new skills. Is this the future?

Yes, for sure. Today, it requires the touch of a smartphone screen, but tomorrow many other vectors will allow people to communicate. Already, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, paralyzed in a chair, wrote his e-mails through the movement of his face. We’re switching to a new world, a much more complex world. For example, we have a long history on the vision of robots, so they locate in space and move there, with help, for six years, the robotics laboratory at Imperial College London. Last February, we even decided to invest 5 million pounds. We believe that the future is here.

From what you say, we are entering the era of engineers.

The time is great for us. Freedom given by the algorithms, software, connectivity, combined with new materials, opens a fabulous outlook. When it became necessary to develop a new engine for my bagless vacuum, I also had to integrate software and artificial intelligence through algorithms. We do not see, unlike an iPhone. And soon, graphite, nanotubes, all this can transform products and revolutionize the world. At the same time, we need to save water, energy … To preserve the planet’s resources, engineers must work harder, but their task will be all the more interesting. We can solve all problems. In reality, we have to solve all the problems.

Prepare your estate?

I have a daughter who works in fashion, a musician and son in a label, Sat My other son is more like me, and he loves technology. I think he will succeed (smiles). I mean he will succeed in taking my estate.

By Emmanuel Paquette


New Technologies: What impact of the Internet on children? – Web NTIC

The Internet has not only advantages on children, possible dangers lurking this category of the population, including the licentious sites if adults do not arm themselves to greater vigilance, the advice from experts in information technology and communication and health professionals. Experts warn against the negative impact of “harmful content” on the Internet, on society in general, but especially on the child, in the absence of filters, the child is the weakest link, the most ingenuous and purest of society.

The consultant in information technology, Younes Grar says that the Internet represents for children as for adults, both advantages and disadvantages and it imperative to use to “wisely”. Some Internet data may have “adverse” impact on the psychological and educational development of the child, he has warned, citing the influence of “immoral” sites on the emotional and relational balance of child. He also referred to the emergence of electronic sites for children, seemingly playful, and are in fact sites diversion and child kidnapping. To minimize the risks associated with the Internet, ICT consultant proposed technical solutions towards the licentious eContent providers, encouraging them to indicate on their websites notification “adult”. For more vigilant, the specialist recommends solutions more ‘radical’, consisting of installing software in browsers to block access to websites “corrupt” and “immoral.”

Means of “more sophisticated” filtering can also be seen as blocking, for example, access to “harmful” information for the child, at the source, ie said, from suppliers “Internet”. In the same vein, Mr. Grar recalled the launch of a project to protect children from the dangers of the Internet, the Ministry of Post and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Ministry of education and partnership with Algeria Post and Associations child protection. This project involves the establishment of a charter for the protection of children “violent” net exposures and each administration will handle the part assigned to him.

The head of department of paediatrics Lamine-Debaghine hospital, Prof. Abdennour Laraba warns, for its part, against the anti-educational impact of the bans on child education and advocates the use of communication between parents and their children. Some sites “carry a picture of the wrong gender relationships which affects the emotional and emotional development of the child,” said he warned. Parents and educators must deal with children and adolescents topics related to sexuality, pedophilia and kidnapping and explain their conduct and behavior to do in case of attempted moral or physical abuse, according to the professor. For its part, the clinical psychologist, Nafisa Benbouzid stressed that the internet could become adductive in children who can no longer concentrate on his studies. To overcome the inconvenience of the net, the clinician suggested limiting connection times for children and monitor them during computer use

. Source: Maghreb 24-08 -2014


The accident report adapts to new technology – Les Echos

The accident report has revolutionized auto insurance.
Its digital version is about to be available in France.

Everyone in a car accident. It is a blue print that often behind in the glove box. The accident report, invented in 1964, was a milestone.

The idea of ​​the situation is quite simple. When an accident occurs, key stakeholders agree on an account of the incident, tick boxes and even draw sketches explanatory. Insurance indemnifying their insured in stride in relation to the finding. Disputes between conductors (insurance against insurance) are set thereafter. How is this happening before? “It was archaic,” meets Vandier Jacques, former president of Macif and one of the main architects of the accident report. After each car accident, a bailiff was an initial assessment, and then proceeded to each insurance expertise, and competed against in-expertise …

Disputes between insurance often ended in trial “sometimes for 200 francs,” remembers the insurer. And meanwhile, the insured received no compensation.

Include photos

The concept of direct compensation to policyholders dated 1965 but it took until 1969 it enters into force. Whose fault is it? “In the big bosses,” says Jacques Vandier. “It was under the threat of nationalization of auto insurance in 1968 they eventually folded. “ The idea was so appealing that the accident report was adopted by many European countries.

The digital version of the blue paper will be inaugurated by the end of 2014 in France. The Hexagon will be the second country after the Netherlands to offer this kind of services. Specifically, it will allow two people to complete on a smartphone the front of the statement partially pre-filled with the data of the insured, to incorporate photos and send directly to the finding insurance. What further reduce processing time records.

E. Gz, Les Echos

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Sands at the time of new technologies – West France

“How it works ? “ The question arises from the threshold of the convention center Atlantean invested since July 21 by a battalion of strange machines. Printers and 3D scanners, laser cutouts or vinyl, rapid prototyping cards … These useful new tools for “explore his creativity” , advance Truttmann Gregory, COO of zBis the laboratory Yonnais digital manufacturing, crossing Sables this summer.

From Saturday to Wednesday, his team ensures “machine demonstrations (free) workshops and thematic introduction (paying) to learn how to model and manufacture his own furniture, games, jewelry … “ Fan model railroad, Bernard discovered there such innovative techniques to ” design parts and expand [its] collection “ : a rewarding process and “not that complicated” . Proof: Man has since downloaded the free software tested on site for practice at home. And he hopes to develop in the future.

‘coding-snacks’ for 8-15 years

Democratization is one of our spearheads “, adds Gregory, singer of” micro-industrialization. ” A concept that promotes an inclusive technology: “Through these activities, our goal is to show the creative now accessible to individuals of industrial tools potential. “

And the formula works! Informed audience or just curious: more and more visitors of all ages, push open the door of the Atlanteans. Who to watch. Who to handle. 8-15 years even have the opportunity to participate in “coding-snacks”. On the menu: an introduction to animation, served with a slice of spoils Vendée and local fruit juices. Yum

Until August 27 , Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 17 am to 23 pm and Monday from 13 am to 19 pm at the Atlantis, 1 Promenade du Marechal Joffre, on the embankment. Free admission. Workshops on reservation: 09 80 81 95 97 Price: 22 € children € 28 adults. Online program: www.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Etréaupont: parents and teens with new technologies – Aisne Nouvelle

As part of its business for parenting support, the association organized by Rural Families for parents and youth enrolled in home entertainment, and in partnership with the National Association for the Prevention of Alcoholism and addiction (ANPAA), an information session and discussion on the risks associated with Internet and new technologies.

When the intervention of Annaëlle Lecot, host to ANPAA of Aisne, 27 adults present, and 7 teenagers were able to discover or deepen their knowledge of the game world in which often bathe young, and were warned of potential hazards in some games in vogue.

In response to the concern of parents to the time spent by their children

behind the console, the host was deliberately reassuring informing specialists saw in these games a good way to develop memory and strategy, when used in moderation.

The participants also discussed the topic of social networking and dating sites, where parental control is essential, and the evening concluded around a cocktail reception and a dance presented by young people.


Premier League, the reverse of the new technologies … – MarketingDigital-Football

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Premier League, the reverse of technology
So that new Premier League season resumed last Saturday with Manchester United – Swansea City (1: 2), the Premier League is warning his supporters against the fraudulent use of videos on . platforms such as Vine

and more & nbsp; & raquo;


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cloud computing: a bonanza for those involved in new … – Boursorama

Discover Turbos Barclays Infinite

These products pose a risk of capital loss and are intended for investors savvy with aggressive risk profile.

Cloud computing, or cloud computing, is a rapidly growing market which is expected to account for an expenditure of 235 companies, $ 1 billion by 2017, according to IHS Technology (The Cloud: Redefining the Information, Communication and Technology Industry, 2013). A market that mobilizes leaders in the IT and networks, aware of its strategic interest in the future of business.

Mobilization big names in the global IT

cloud technology revolution in the coming years? The investments made by different actors seem to confirm. Including IBM announced in early 2014 that it would invest $ 1.2 billion and create 15 data centers worldwide. And on July 9, the American company unveiled its “Big Blue”, which consists of a $ 3 billion over the next five years to develop new technologies related to cloud computing. But IBM is not alone. In an article in Le Monde in July 2014, a class SAP observer world number two software applications in the cloud.

HP, Oracle, Google, Amazon, Microsoft … will also see a strong relay growth. Not to mention the pure players such as Salesforce, which has become the world leader in customer relationship management online (Software as a Service, Saas, one of the three segments of the cloud computing). Revenue side, the rise of the cloud is tangible: IBM has seen his progress in the cloud by 69% to $ 4.4 billion in 2013 For Amazon, this figure rose in 2013 3.93 billion, up 56% (source: Journal of the net, February 2014.)

its data storage

The fact to outsource its IT data concerning de facto all companies, from the very small to multinational. In France in 2013, a third of companies or public institutions interviewed by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC Sitsi Market Figures, cloud computing, March 2014), said use of cloud services. The French market thus continues to grow and is estimated at € 4.1 billion in 2014 by the research firm Markess (2014 Barometer Markess providers of cloud computing, May 2014), when he weighed 2.6 billion euros in 2013.

Integrity and Security

Cloud computing still raises the question of the integrity and security of data. Including the United States, where the Patriot Act gives a right of government agencies to engage with all American companies wherever they are based in the United States and in France, Germany, etc. A situation that actually benefits local players in other countries. Particularly in France, Cap Gemini, Atos or Orange, which have made cloud computing a strong strategic focus, should enjoy. Moreover, Orange provides a turnover of € 500 million in 2015 in this one area. Atos, he envisages a turnover of EUR 400 million due to the acquisition of Bull made this summer. Cloud computing is also one of the 34 industrial projects promoted by the government in 2013 to develop projects that ensure data storage in France.

Barclays offers to people who want invest in the area of ​​cloud computing, Turbos backed Infinis IBM, Oracle, SAP, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Cap Gemini, Orange …

Turbos Infinis *

No deadline, Turbos Infinis Barclays allow you to develop, depending on your expectations, a bullish scenario with Call or bearish with Put while accessing a wide range of leverage and spreads among the narrowest market.

These products incorporate leverage amplifies the movement of the underlying upwards or downwards. Indeed this phenomenon works both ways: it amplifies both the movements of the underlying that are favorable to the investor than to his detriment. Thus, the more earnings potential, the greater the risks increase.

For IPOs, Barclays issues initially Turbos Infinite Call and the following days, Turbos Infinis Put. For other underlying already listed, Barclays emits immediately Turbos Infinite Call and Put.

How to invest

• Listed on Euronext Paris, Turbos Infinis Barclays trades like a stock from your financial intermediary (your bank or online broker). To buy or sell a Turbo Infinity Barclays, you need to communicate the code of the product you want.

• Turbos Infinis Barclays Cotent of 9:05 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..

* Investing these products, the carrier does not receive dividends or equivalent underlying media

. Warning: the attention of potential investors is drawn to the fact that the products presented are specialized financial instruments that should not be bought and traded by investors with relevant experience. Due to their nature, the products mentioned are financial instruments which may include risks of price fluctuations and market risks; the value of these products can reduce or even become zero. Barclays Bank PLC draws public attention to the Risk Factors contained in the base prospectus. The base prospectus relating to the products mentioned were the subject of approval certificates issued by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (the Luxembourg financial regulator) and the final conditions are communicated to the AMF under the Directive European 2003/71 / EC. The base prospectus and the final terms are available on the site. Barclays Bank PLC is registered in England and no1026167 its headquarters at 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP. This document is prepared under the responsibility of Barclays Bank PLC.

Find more information on the website
 Feel free to contact the team Bmarkets available from 9am to 18pm at (price of a local call from a landline) or by mail to

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tom Hanks released their app, what they all have with the … – Staragora

Tom Hanks did the promo on his Twitter account a few days ago: the new app is available on iPad Hanxwriter. Certainly, the new technology market is attracting more and more Hollywood stars

Tom Hanks launches new app, the & quot; Hanx Writer & quot;
Tom Hanks launches new app, the “Hanx Writer”
Twitter ©TomHanks

Hanxwriter, an app that mimics a typewriter

Tom Hanks may well have 58 years it is always in the loop! The actor manages his own Facebook and Twitter accounts, which he also used for the promotion of its new iPad app, Hanxwriter. This is a word processing app … but not only. Hanxwriter has the peculiarity of perfectly imitate the sounds and sensations … a typewriter! The app has the merit of having against present-day touches like the “delete” button, which lacks the typewriter. Tom Hanks did not choose this app by accident, he collects typewriters and possess more than two cents, according to the website Page Six ! The application is free but can be improved through paid downloads. Profit is never far away.

When celebrities play Developer

Tom Hanks is not the first to try out the market for digital applications. Kim Kardashian has also launched its app, much less intellectual than that of the actor. This is a game to embody the starlet in her life everyday. Shopping, trendy parties and photo shoots, that proposed by Kim K. And the worst program is that this game is a big hit! Forced to open their wallets to advance in the game, fans could bring him over 200,000 million dollars in profit! We can better understand this sudden interest in new technologies.
Paris Hilton, former BFF Kim Kardashian, was pioneering the concept in 2011 by launching a paid app to discover tips to experience the real Paris celebrity news. Certainly, the thirst for money drives out the most trivial applications! Hopefully that Tom Hanks is more worthwhile

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Animations. New technology, a breeze – West France

Explore creativity through new technologies is the invitation zBis the Yonnais digital fabrication laboratory, passing Sables this summer. Since July 21, his strange machines (3D printers and scanners, laser cutouts or vinyl, etc.) have entered the hall of the convention center of the Atlanteans. Saturday to Wednesday, his team will dispense demonstrations and initiations. The goal. Learn how to model and build his own furniture, games (video), jewelry, etc.

Themes, various workshops aimed at “show now accessible creative potential of industrial tools to individuals “, slides Truttmann Gregory, director of operations. And the formula works! Fan of model railroading, for example Bernard are discovered new tools to feed his collection, while Aladin, 13, gives free rein to his passion for robotics. Public warned or neophytes: more and more visitors of all ages, pushing the door of Atlantis

Until August 27, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 17 am to 23 pm. and Monday from 13 am to 19 pm at the Atlantis, 1 Promenade du Marechal Joffre, on the embankment. Free admission. Workshops on reservation: 09 80 81 95 97 Price: 22 € children € 28 adults. Online Program: