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Tom Hanks released their app, what they all have with the … – Staragora

Tom Hanks did the promo on his Twitter account a few days ago: the new app is available on iPad Hanxwriter. Certainly, the new technology market is attracting more and more Hollywood stars

Tom Hanks launches new app, the & quot; Hanx Writer & quot;
Tom Hanks launches new app, the “Hanx Writer”
Twitter ©TomHanks

Hanxwriter, an app that mimics a typewriter

Tom Hanks may well have 58 years it is always in the loop! The actor manages his own Facebook and Twitter accounts, which he also used for the promotion of its new iPad app, Hanxwriter. This is a word processing app … but not only. Hanxwriter has the peculiarity of perfectly imitate the sounds and sensations … a typewriter! The app has the merit of having against present-day touches like the “delete” button, which lacks the typewriter. Tom Hanks did not choose this app by accident, he collects typewriters and possess more than two cents, according to the website Page Six ! The application is free but can be improved through paid downloads. Profit is never far away.

When celebrities play Developer

Tom Hanks is not the first to try out the market for digital applications. Kim Kardashian has also launched its app, much less intellectual than that of the actor. This is a game to embody the starlet in her life everyday. Shopping, trendy parties and photo shoots, that proposed by Kim K. And the worst program is that this game is a big hit! Forced to open their wallets to advance in the game, fans could bring him over 200,000 million dollars in profit! We can better understand this sudden interest in new technologies.
Paris Hilton, former BFF Kim Kardashian, was pioneering the concept in 2011 by launching a paid app to discover tips to experience the real Paris celebrity news. Certainly, the thirst for money drives out the most trivial applications! Hopefully that Tom Hanks is more worthwhile

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