Thursday, August 21, 2014

Etréaupont: parents and teens with new technologies – Aisne Nouvelle

As part of its business for parenting support, the association organized by Rural Families for parents and youth enrolled in home entertainment, and in partnership with the National Association for the Prevention of Alcoholism and addiction (ANPAA), an information session and discussion on the risks associated with Internet and new technologies.

When the intervention of Annaëlle Lecot, host to ANPAA of Aisne, 27 adults present, and 7 teenagers were able to discover or deepen their knowledge of the game world in which often bathe young, and were warned of potential hazards in some games in vogue.

In response to the concern of parents to the time spent by their children

behind the console, the host was deliberately reassuring informing specialists saw in these games a good way to develop memory and strategy, when used in moderation.

The participants also discussed the topic of social networking and dating sites, where parental control is essential, and the evening concluded around a cocktail reception and a dance presented by young people.


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