Sunday, August 10, 2014

New technologies gurus have released their crystal ball – RTBF

To support his predictions, a company (Thomson Reuters) was correlated two types of data. On the one hand the number of times that a technology is mentioned in the literature. And secondly the amount of patents filed since 2012 on new technologies. By combining these two parameters, investigators believe they can say with a good chance that will change our lives in 2025 This is called data mining. Or the art of interpreting the data.

Not surprisingly, the report we certify that in 10 years everything is connected, from the smallest of accessories (toaster, watch, belt ) to the most enormous appliances (dishwasher and car). And thanks to a new generation of semiconductor nanotube graphene carbon.

The report also promises that within 10 years the sun will become the main source of electricity in the planet. The use of photocatalysts for solar energy capture of the will of the Egyptian god (two letters), the main source of energy for the population.

Teleportation and green software

In a more original book, the man is about to be tested (test, not use) technology teleportation. We immediately think of Star Trek and the legendary phrase: “ Beam me up Scotty “. The literature speaks 400 times and patents have been filed on the Higgs boson (one of our Nobel Prize François Englert). That would be the end of traffic jams at the intersection Leonard … but probably also the beginning of collisions in space-time.

as Evolution software whose future is in ecological sustainability. We already knew the Green IT which applies to the manufacture and consumption of the hardware including the Blue Angel standard. What is less known is that a poorly designed application consumes more electricity than a program developed with rigor and method. A company (CAST) said achieving calculate the carbon footprint of a software with a new index “ Green IT “. So there will soon be green software.

watch piggy bank

If technical appear, others sing their swan song. This would be the case of the ATM as we know it today. Another study, this time published by Juniper, 2019, the PC and the tablet to be used to exchange larger amounts to make purchases or payments. But the younger generation of online banking will go through the “wearables ” these small connected devices such as watches and digital watches. Banks think that if their banking application is assessed, young customers will stay loyal in a business world where loyalty has practically disappeared. If time is money, it’s almost our watch that will serve as a piggy bank.

What the dream man

Compared to these studies, the man “ normal ” living on another planet. A study (yet) conducted by Coleman Parkes shows that 60% of employees believe that within 20 years, we can send virtual assistants or holograms attend meetings for us. The most audacious even imagine the communication of thought and Bluetooth headsets can transmit audio / video data directly to the brain in the form of electronic signals. This had also announced in Hergé “Flight 714 to Sydney”

Who knows, by 2050, this may be our avatars that will make our work … Chase slavery it springs back.

Jean-Claude Verse


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