Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sony will unveil new augmented reality technology the … – Gameblog

While investing heavily in virtual reality with Project Morpheus, Sony does not mean forgetting the reality increases. . Proof with these two new technologies that prsentera this weekend

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The 30th August, so this Saturday will be held in Osaka, Japan on “Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku 2014 ‘. Sony Computer Entertainment as a sponsor of the event (the output of the SECOND game Hatsune Miku on the Vita is an event there), it will not come empty handed and will make a demonstration of his new technology reality increases, christened “PS4 Dynamic Lighting” and announced it a few months ago in video (follow the “see also” at the top of the article).

rsumer principle, it is therefore of the grate ral light sources on 3D models that appear in your living room, live, and this in order to correct one of the recurring defects RA , namely ” detachment “ral between image and virtual image, and thus renders the almost perfect illusion. I invite you to view the video above, with the little dinosaur (and Hatsune Miku), the images will speak louder …

Sony also come with another technique dmo on PS Vita this time and therefore prsentera “VitaHoloPop” which allows the laptop create holographic images in a transparent bote …

The following 3D images of Aura Sony booth the event

. [Source: DualSHOCKERS]

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