Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cameras : new technology tested in Toulouse –

images of  the cameras in the PC which has the city police  since march. /Photo DDM Thierry  Bordas

The images of the cameras in the PC which has the city police since march. /Photo DDM Thierry Bordas

The vidéoverbalisation which will be introduced in January 2017, as announced by the mayor yesterday, is a first step, prior to the arrival of new technologies on the network cameras toulousaines.

Toulouse will have to do : park in double file, on a sidewalk, a bike lane, a bus lane or in the new pedestrian streets in the historic centre can automatically, and more quickly than today, become synonymous with fine. Yesterday, Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor, and Olivier Arsac, the elected official in charge of prevention and security, have formalized the adoption of video surveillance, which will be voted on in the municipal council of the 21 October (our edition of Thursday). Since the PC video of the city police, an officer sworn to be able to see, by the cameras for parking offences. If the vehicle has not moved at the end of 3 minutes, according to the tolerance period, or 20 minutes on an area of delivery (they are not reserved to professionals), the operator is the registration and shall draw up a minutes which shall be sent by mail to the holder of the grey card.

The new system will be put in place in early 2017, only in the downtown, boulevards included, and the Saint-Cyprien old, with the inside of the aisles Charles-de-Fitte. It will work 24 hours on 24, seven days a week. Notice to night owls who park rue Saint-Rome, for example. This novelty is not the non-payment of timestamps. “We are targeting practices, make it difficult to Toulouse in order to highlight the framework of life,” said the mayor.

With this new feature, 204 cameras now in service on the 350 planned by the end of 2017, will be used solely to the fight against crime. And gradually, the network video surveillance toulouse will become, with new tools, one of the most developed of France.

Toulouse is testing software artificial intelligence that will enable cameras to detect only a range of situations : a gathering, a crowd movement, a vehicle stationary in front of a sensitive site, etc new tools for other uses, in connection with the security, in order also to anticipate a possible problem. The tests were conducted and “it works”, observes Olivier Arsac. The budget trade-offs remain to be done but, if the Capitol decides to do, these programs can become a reality “in six months”. “The system on which we work do not yet exist in France”, advance the elect. Other cities, such as Nice, Lyon and Paris are working on it.

The number : 204

cameras >The network from toulouse. To this day, according to the last balance sheet of the state Capitol, 204 video surveillance cameras have been implanted in the streets of Toulouse, mainly in the cbd as well. The goal is 350 by the end of 2017.


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