Monday, October 17, 2016

The Frankfurt book Fair, at the time of new technologies, etc. – The Express

To the organizers of the Fair, which takes place from 19 to 23 October, the aim is to explore the links between the arts and technology to allow any 275.000 visitors expected to dive into worlds that are accessible up to now only by reading.

And the artist book taiwan-Jimmy Liao “All my world is you” (My world is you) must take life when his own player wearing virtual reality goggles. These will allow him to interact with the heroine of the book, a mysterious young girl that will make you smile.

Explorer –

The guests of honor of this edition of 2016 Flanders and the netherlands, have created their own experiences of this type. One of them will allow the visitor to live in the skin of a girl or his father after the death of a member of their family.

The literature does not exist on the pages” a book, ” says Suzanne Meeuwissen from the Dutch Foundation for literature, taking as an example the Nobel prize in the field rewarding the singer Bob Dylan.

virtual reality is a new form of expression “for writers and artists who hunger to explore this new terrain, unfamiliar,” notes Ms. Meeuwissen.

The publishers specialized in education bet also on the new technologies, whether it’s the applications that make textbooks interactive, or 3D printing, for example, to reproduce the organs in biology class.

visitors will also be able to observe a “future classroom,” where students and teachers experiment with different innovations for the educational purpose.

The question of whether these new ideas will be generating revenue for the publishing world will also be at the heart of professional meetings during the Fair.

But already, these innovative ideas can arouse both curiosity and hope that the space that is devoted to them is this year, “a fair within the fair” called “Arts“.

The vice-president of the salon, Holger Volland, notes that the Frankfurt Fair has always been based on the “the content regardless of the format” and “Arts” aims to focus on the “new business models and synergies between the arts and technology“.

- Rembrandt 3.0 –

Artists, architects, and museum representatives from around the world will discuss so of the challenges and opportunities of digital. And some of the concrete experiences will be presented.

One of the flagship projects that will be unveiled at Frankfurt is that of a Dutch team. With the help of artificial intelligence and a 3D printer, they have created a “new, a work by Rembrandt, based on an algorithm which calculated the features of the subjects of the great works of the great master of the Seventeenth century.

of course, the editing in the classical sense of the term will not be in rest during the fair with nearly 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries will showcase thousands of new books covering a multitude of genre.

Among the big names expected this year, the contemporary artist, British David Hockney will present a book giant series limited tracing on 500 pages of his work. It will sell for 2,000 euros and there will be as well as his famous the swimming pools of the 1960′s that its graphics work, latest on tablet.

The book fair, old 500 years and who has seen the light of day shortly after the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg, will also pass into its corridors of the king of the netherlands, Willem-Alexander, as well as the royal couple of Belgium, Philippe and Mathilde.

These crowned heads will inaugurate on Tuesday, on the eve of the official opening, the flag of the flemish and Dutch.


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