Thursday, October 13, 2016

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The Aviation Training Center of Tunisia (ATCT) has entered into a service contract with the Lithuanian company of new technologies MOMook.

According to the terms of this agreement covering a period of two years, MOMook will provide the tunisian Center of training pilots for line of solutions for the management planning of the teaching, the syllabus, exams, assessment reports and follow-up of learners, and maintenance of warehouses and simulators of the ATCT.

on the occasion of the signature of this convention, Mohamed Mzah, general director of the ATCT, said: “We are entering a new stage of development of our centre, where the flexibility, connectivity, automation and real-time information will play a role of great importance. The attitude of the customers has also changed significantly in this digital era. We have already found that our students are expressing the desire to be able to plan their own training sessions, they want to have direct access to our training programs, at any time and in any place, and they want to obtain tailor-made solutions and adapted. There are so many things that have changed and that we must take into account.”

Egle Vaitkeviciute, Ceo of the MOMook, based in Vilnius, has added that”given that the pilot training has reached a level of unprecedented complexity, a training center such that the ATCT is in the requirement to use management tools more and more sophisticated. It became clear, for example, that applications, such as Microsoft Excel are less efficient and less reliable. Obviously, for companies who wish to have means enabling them to better manage their daily operations, to meet the specific needs of their customers with the speed required or to have the ability to ensure the continuity of the flow of work of their employees, new software solutions are needed.”

Marwan Chahla

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