Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The new technologies represent a chance for … – release

newly elected to the Board
of administration of the UPU at the 26èmeCongrès universal postal
in Istanbul

“The advent of modern technologies of information and communication has seen the emergence of new consumers, who are no longer satisfied only on home delivery, but also want to have services delivered when and where they need it,” said the director general of the universal postal Union (UPU), Bishar A. Hussein.
For the latter, “this new environment represents an opportunity for positions to become even more relevant in the future, as trusted intermediaries and carriers to connect the governments, citizens, businesses and territories”,-he said.
But, to stay relevant to its customers, the post office has to continually reform itself and find new opportunities to go beyond the simple delivery to the home customers, said the boss of this un institution.
In a message issued on the occasion of the world Day of the post, celebrated on 9 October each year, Bishar A. Hussein has called to ” work towards the creation of a postal network where the innovation is shared, promoted and implemented; where the postal networks are integrated into the scales of international, regional and national; and where the post is seen as an accelerator of inclusive development by governments, partners for development and international organizations “.
According to the united Nations (UN), ” in 2012, some 5.1 million employees processed and distributed 350 billion of undeliverable letters, of which 3.7 billion of international shipments, and over 6 billion parcels. “
She says that with around only 640,000 establishments of postal, the postal network is the most extensive physical distribution network in the world.
it should be noted that Morocco has been elected as a member of the Board of directors of the UPU on the occasion of the 26th universal postal Congress in Istanbul, which was held four days earlier, in Istanbul.
On the margins of this event, a ministerial conference was attended by over fifty ministers in charge of the postal sector on the theme ” implementation of sustainable development – Connecting the people, businesses and territories “. The opportunity for leaders in postal around the world to discuss the contribution of postal services to the achievement of the sustainable development Goals of the united nations.
in Addition to the ability of the positions to stimulate financial inclusion and social, these events have also reaffirmed the role of the positions as an engine for global development and stressed ” the role of posts in the facilitation of world trade, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES), who often find it difficult to export their products “, one can read on the website of the agency.
But to improve the post office network and to connect a greater number of companies with their customers, many stakeholders were of the view that there was still a way to go and that it was necessary to facilitate the operations on the supply chain and reduce paperwork. During their interventions, they have also highlighted “the important role that can play the postal network-physical in the connection of customers with the digital world and in the facilitation of the transition to a new segment of the market, more young,” says the same source.
Note that in his message, Bishar A. Hussein has assured us : “We are committed to remain the supplier of communication services trustworthy, reliable and affordable for governments, companies and the inhabitants of the planet “,.


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