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Airtel Madagascar and Huawei: new technologies at the service … – Ecofin Agency

(Airtel Madagascar) – Airtel, the leading operator in the mobile telephony sector in Madagascar and Huawei, first global provider of digital solutions in terminals, networks and cloud for operators, enterprises and consumers have given the hand to contribute to education, basic element for development.

028 airtel mada2

On this occasion, a ceremony was organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, enhanced by the presence RABARY Mr. Paul, Minister of National Education, Mr. BEKANGBA Maixent CEO of Airtel Madagascar and Mr. XU Zhibing Huawei CEO of Madagascar, was held at CEG Nanisana, that on June 29

This appointment was an opportunity for Airtel Madagascar and Huawei officially offer more than 4,800 college students from the CEG and Nanisana Antanimena, hardware internet connection and terminals. Airtel Madagascar provides routers with free connection 50GB monthly for each facility while Huawei offers digital tablets.

According Maixent Bekangba, CEO of Airtel Madagascar, “ this is to enable young people to be open to opportunities offered by the world and to provide them with a solid intellectual baggage … “. He added: “This partnership once again confirms the desire of Airtel to prioritize education and to be closer to Madagascar. “

XU Zhibing, Huawei CEO in Madagascar adds “as an investor in the long term to Madagascar, Huawei wants to participate in a meaningful way to the development of the country. Education is an important component for the development of young people. For this, Huawei wants to facilitate access to the Internet through those at the cutting edge of technology communication tools to bridge the digital divide between the Malagasy youth and those around the world . “

Through this initiative, Airtel Madagascar and its partner Huawei, come in any case, taken an important step to reduce the digital divide. The two entities have also expressed their willingness to perpetuate this action in favor of education and education at the national level.



Monday, June 29, 2015

Engineers, new technologies and working methods – InformatiqueNews


Two out of three engineers work part of their time outside of a traditional office or as the site and 14% devote a quarter of their time.

This is what reveals the 2015 edition of the survey IESF (Engineers and Scientists of France) that shows how work patterns have changed in recent years with the availability of new technologies

Two populations can be distinguished:.
– those who work well over 75% of their working time outside making it an outsourced function, the working time is then in line with the average of engineers
– those who devote 33% of their working time in addition to their “traditional” activity. In this case, remote working is no longer an alternative method but a means to extend the hours of work in less restrictive conditions. The time spent at work well beyond the average. This population occupies significantly higher hierarchical positions.

Paradox, remote working to bring engineers additional freedom partially (48%) and partly a control (51%). For those who have a definite opinion, freedom outweighs the control (40% against 8%). It is mainly engineers belonging to the middle management that position more often bondage before freedom. High and low ends of the hierarchy, freedom outweighs clearly.

The feeling of freedom is not apprehended in the same way as the position occupied. The higher up the hierarchy, the greater the efficiency factors are highlighted: stress-free travel, better management of working time. Less was more management responsibilities and it favors the balance between work and private life, as well as fatigue avoided in transport.

Little unemployment among engineers

The job market is favorable to the engineers, college graduates are hired quickly and the level of unemployment is two to three times less than the average in France. Overall 100,000 engineers were recruited in 2014. If their pay is more than satisfactory, it is nevertheless a question undervaluation of technical expertise in France.

Familiar new technologies, they show that the transformation of work patterns they create freedom is experienced as a factor in balancing an intense professional life and personal life to which they are attached. Feminization is running. They are 28% in the last promotion when they were only 6% in 1973. A woman under 30 today 13 times more likely to be an engineer in 2014 that in the 80

Currently Representing 4% of the population, with a million engineers and scientists and 200 000 researchers, combining specialized expertise, rich and excellent, the engineer is able to succeed in an original way and lasting the profound changes coming by uniting our talents.

Only 4% of engineers are self-employed. Younger are more willing than their elders to create or acquire a business. 96% of employed autoentrepreneurs have prior experience. The experience of entrepreneurship is satisfactory for 85% of engineers.

Among the 37,000 engineers out of last promotion, the proportion declaring engineers seeking employment (18%) reflects a rapid integration of young people into working life.

A few months after graduation, 80% of these new engineers are employed. Unemployment remains around 2% for the exits promotions between 1995 and 2010. By contrast, that of seniors, relatively high, reaching a maximum of 7% between 55 and 60.

The starting salaries are relatively concentrated. Wage differentials increase with age, both in absolute terms and in proportion.

The median salary triple during working life, from € 35,000 in the 20-24 age 60 € 000 between 35 and 39 years, reaching € 100,000 per year at retirement.

In 2015, 120,000 engineers (nearly 16% of engineers) working abroad. More than half of these jobs overseas are based in Europe (57%). The leading trio of countries in Europe is the same as last year: Switzerland (13.3%), Germany (10.6%) and Great Britain (10.2%). Outside Europe, the United States (10.4%) remain a popular destination as well as Asia (13.9%) which retains great potential attractiveness. The starting motivations changed little: a little less than a third of the engineers go abroad at the request of their business (31% in 2015 vs. 30% in 2006)

. Survey Methodology

The 26th IESF National Survey on the situation of engineers was conducted in March and April 2015. 175
associations of engineering graduates have invited their members to respond to the detailed questionnaire that was offered to them through the Internet. In addition to the traditional sections on training, employment, innovation, compensation and motivation, engineers have responded in great numbers to optional specific issues.

Nearly 55,000 responses collected this year. The representativeness of the survey is unparalleled, she made a broad overview of the situation of engineers in business and provides reference information in France on this subject.


New technologies. The GreenGT drove at Le Castellet – Ouest-France

It looks like a LMP2. A different LMP2 other since, in addition to having a big wing on the back of the body, it has a wing in front. Which gives him a strange look of hammerhead … First feature. The most visible, the most spectacular … but the least interesting. For the true feature of this car, real rolling laboratory, is to issue a slight hiss, as if it were called upon to take off!

Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, so devoid of any battery, this car has made its first laps Saturday noon, on the Castellet circuit. After two years of research engineer Jean-François Weber and his team of ten people.

“The stage is set”

“After two years of research, this car is near a GT racing. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell 340 kilowatts, which corresponds to 465 horsepower. Its range is 50 minutes, “ was first stated JFW. Before recalling “as it’s been over 50 years as aerospace became interested in hydrogen fuel cells. It is logical that the automotive world also interested. Would that for environmental, safety, reliability, power to weight ratio, resistance to vibration and acceleration … “

The result is there. After 35 days of rolling, 4,500 kilometers, this car which refuels in three minutes is ready to face other challenges. “The stage is set,” as likes to say Jean-François Weber. Before specifying “This laboratory car is not for the competition. It is especially the proof and demonstration that there are other alternatives that the combustion engine and electricity to power a car. But until there is no hydrogen stations … “

The opinion of Olivier Panis? “I enjoy driving this amazing car, really surprising. There are no speed to pass. She is silent. She is not yet ready to be aligned in competition. But the result is already conclusive. “

Will we see one day this prototype at Le Mans, as desired by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest? Not sure. “My goal is to demonstrate that hydrogen is an alternative. Not to compete, provides JFW. For now, I know that the big manufacturers do not. And yet … “

In the world of motorsport, we already knew the” Yellow tea pot “(the first Renault F1 turbocharger which regularly broke his engine in its infancy). He now has it the “GreenGT tea pot”, the car that rejects water as a vapor! “And there, it’s only water. This is not a head gasket problem! “ likes to say Jean-François Weber.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Agriculture. New technologies are implanted on farms – Western France Businesses

Thursday, June 25, the sector were invited farmers on the land of Jean-Marc Guérif of Gaec Valley at a place called the Besniauds to Sixt-Sur-Aff. The objective is to introduce methods and innovative ways along the lines of the technical, economic, social and environmental farms.

All day, industry farmers discovered these technologies. In the morning, a panel of nearly thirty farmers listened attentively to the presentations of the various stakeholders.

A drone for aerial image taken

These new technologies, the use of a drone is the most recent. The presentation, conducted by David Leclerc consultant in agronomy at the Chamber of Agriculture of Loire-Atlantique, allowed farmers to discover the various benefits associated with its use. Precision, speed, quality, autonomy and security

The drone allows direct diagnosis of the condition of the plant, taking account of potential mineralization plots and determines the protein option to increase the chances to meet the quality criterion “ says David Leclerc.

The general idea is to fertilize the most productive plots to better use them and to ensure not leaving too much nitrogen in the soil. Farmers, obviously very interested, then attended a demonstration performed over a parcel of Jean-Marc Bruno Guérif Couilleau, drone pilot and responsible crop at the Experimental Farm of Derval (44).

Read also. Science Fiction arrives on farms

Precision Agriculture

Another innovative technology, “Yara N-Sensor “on-board sensors that measure reflectance nitrogen nutrition culture. Cléo network has launched since 2013 in nitrogen modulation with this new tool.

Pierre-Yves Hamon, entrepreneur in agricultural work and in Guer Iffendic, presented the benefits of Yara. This saves fertilizer” he concluded.

Lionel Quéré, agricultural advisor to the antenna the Chamber of Agriculture of Bain-de-Bretagne, was rather pleased with the day.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Diesel vehicles: new technologies – Auto News

With 63% of new registrations in 2014, diesel vehicles are still in the majority. While their supremacy gently tends to disappear in favor of gasoline and hybrid vehicles, the fleet continues, he, his dieselisation, with an average fleet age of 8 years and a half. In addition, the diesel vehicle users making more kilometers, it seems logical that the workshops entries continue to be predominantly diesel.

However, given the constraints of the environment, diesel engines had change significantly to meet, among others, the new emission standards. In 2017, a gasoline vehicle and a diesel vehicle will have substantially the same thresholds for emissions. This regulation has accelerated the emergence of new technologies like:

• Particulate filters. All new diesel vehicles are equipped since 2011 (Euro5 standard).

• low pressure EGR systems, SCR, NSR (Euro 6).

The treatment requires certain failures very specific knowledge. The large number of vehicles requires mastering to achieve quickly and effectively manage the flow of vehicles entering. For the proper functioning of a workshop, it is essential that service technicians are trained as well:

 - For the maintenance of engines and diesel emissions control systems

- In the control and replacement of components of injection systems and pollution control.

 -. In the diagnostic systems

This is to allow this comprehensive knowledge of the activity that the GNFA offers a training course covering all aspects of the diesel. A 14-day training for two days a month for 7 months.


New technologies for food distribution menu – Aquitaine Objective

When you know that 46% of French practice online purchase food, food distribution can only bow to the new technologies that capture the everyday life of each. Optimiam, Wynd and costs here have understood this and have been winning thanks to their innovative concepts.

Focus on the winners

Limit waste was the major concern of Raodath Amiou, founder of Optimiam and winner of the digital service. This is a mobile application that connects via geolocation local shops that sell fresh and perishable products to consumers around them to sell their surplus food on time. Optimiam should eventually encompass a keyword search engine, a system of smart rating and sponsorship, data management, and a behavioral analysis of consumers. A native of Ile-de-France, the creator of Optimiam count 3,000 traders hope by 2017 to 210,000 consumers in the application.

For commercial management platform Wynd (Ile-de- France), winner of the connected object, saving time between order and delivery to the customer is what motivated the creation of the Wynd Terminal, a connected object by directly connecting restaurants and their customers in real time. Professionals can view and edit the same time commands the client consults the process the order. The founders of the Wynd Terminal hope digitize tens of thousands of outlets worldwide in the coming years.

Selling fresh local products price “fair” is the objective costs of Here, winner of Concept store prices. Located in Portet-sur-Garonne (31), food retail brand allows consumers to purchase more than 2,500 products from 70% of the Midi-Pyrenees region. The brand hopes to capture 4 to 5 million in revenue on each store and open 5-6 new stores in France by 2016.

Towards an explosion of food sales

“46% of French practice food online purchase”, is what emerges from the report of the Obsoco following a survey conducted online by Respondi (from 13 to 23 March 2015) among a sample of 971 people, aged 18 to 70, taking into account their socio-economic group and region. Seduced by e-commerce in general, the French could become many experimenting buying food online even if the share of e-commerce in this sector remains very marginal, representing only 3% of the market share.

Among the users of e-commerce-food, the 24-34 years are over-represented, suggesting that the report “daily” of this “generation Y” to new technology has an influence in the adoption of this logic of purchase. Intermediate occupations are also the majority among shoppers in the food sector. The ease with new technologies and the financial comfort incite them to practice food sales.

From mass market segmentation?

In contrast to the mass market war boom, the trend is segmentation according to the various and diverse needs of consumers. Time saving, environmental responsibility, quality products and good deals are causing this segmentation of food sales made through the drives, the producer directly, group purchases, subscriptions and private sales.

Conquering the Great West?

Among the different regions to conquer, the great West seems to be the first region on the list with 54% of large western population already practice and already food online purchase in the last 12 months, 9 points higher than people in the rest of France. A little surprising finding when we know that the online marketplace associated with the drive achieves his greatest success in this region. In addition to the drives that have earned notoriety with 40% of large Western users, private sales (20%) and the producer directly (14%) do not let down.

Although 95 % of French are fans of e-commerce pure players like Amazon and Cdiscount are not expected on the market in the food sector in France. Nearly 25% of non-buyers prefer the direct experience of the circuit producer in the coming months as the segment penetration rate in France is only 13%. This rate is 33% for the inhabitants of the great West.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Innov’action. New technologies for farmers – Ouest-France

In the framework of the 3rd edition of the Innov’action organized by the Chamber of Agriculture, eight farms Ille et-Vilaine were opened from June 23 to 26 This Thursday, June 25, the sector were invited farmers on the land of Jean-Marc Guérif of Gaec Valley at a place called the Besniauds to Sixt-Sur-Aff.

The aim is to discover methods and innovative ways along the lines of the technical, economic, social and environmental farms. All day the sector farmers discovered these technologies. In the morning, a panel of nearly thirty farmers listened attentively to the presentations of the various stakeholders.

Fertilize plots

“The drone allows direct diagnosis of the condition of the plant, taking account of potential mineralization plots and determines the protein option to increase the chances to meet the quality criterion”, precise David Leclerc. The general idea is to fertilize the most productive land for better use of them and ensure not to leave too much nitrogen in the soil. Farmers, obviously very interested, then attended a demonstration performed over a parcel of Jean-Marc Bruno Guérif Couilleau, drone pilot and responsible crop at the Experimental Farm of Derval (44).


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HNWIs adopt new technologies – Boursorama

Even the rich want now manage their fortunes on the Net, and require private banks and wealth managers, far more traditionalist, a radical technological shift. This is one of the conclusions of the latest report on wealth in the world published by Capgemini.

“We see that the population of younger millionaires, and that less than 45 years, more and more Many do not have the same attitude as their responsibilities vis-à-vis new technologies elders “observes Jean Lassignardie, director at Capgemini. Some appointments each year in the beautiful rooms of their private banker no longer enough for them.

automated management solutions proposed by robots

They want a permanent personalized monitoring where that they are in the world, and across all channels, including digital, as well as tools to follow their own business, they often fall -and more than the generations précédentes- their assets among several asset managers.

This appetite for technology explains the emergence of new competitors for private bankers. Younger generations of millionaires are not hostile to such automated management solutions, generated by bots (robots advisors), which begin to develop in the United States. But if wealth managers have fallen behind technologically, new players can help them fill it.

More fickle

Thus, the United States, where in Silicon Valley, Hearsay Social, offers them a customizable tool they can use to “push” information at the right time to their customers, and how to use social networks to recruit young prospects under 35 years.

A revolution to take even more seriously than rich under 45 years are more likely than other older leave their wealth manager if they are not satisfied.

Read the article on lefigaro.fr


Estonia, a journey to the realm of new technologies – RFI

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  • Energy Total yields to Gazprom its stake in the Shtokman gas project located in the Russian Arctic (Group AFP)
  • Syria: Syrian soldiers killed ten in Hasaka of suicide bombings organized by the group Islamic State (OSDH)
  • America Listens: France can not tolerate “no jeopardizes involving its security” (Elysee)
  • France: for Michel Sapin , better margins should allow companies “to invest and hire”
  • Listens French presidents by the Americans “unacceptable among allies” (Le Foll)
  • Yemen: Important air raids of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (residents)
  • America Listens: Hollande brings together parliamentarians at midday “for an update” (Elysee )

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Fraud Adjustments up with new … – The Alsace.fr

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The Alsace.fr

Fraud Adjustments up through new The Alsace.fr The French government has recovered about 20 billion euros through adjustments in 2014, in an appeal to the new technologies to track down fraudsters, the government said Tuesday. “The year 2014 showed a & nbsp; … and more & nbsp; & raquo;


A business incubator for new technologies in Matane – CBC

         The Development Centre and Digital Imaging Research (CDRIN) Cégep de Matane created a business incubator.

         Thus, people who want to develop a company of new technologies, including access to premises, specialized equipment and help to find funding.

         The director general of CDRIN, Pierre Bédard, hopes to attract up to a dozen new companies.

         “It means the ability to take our knowledge internally and transferred to contractors so they can exploit the market. ”
          – The Chief of CDRIN, Pierre Bédard

         The CDRIN does business with companies from Montreal and Quebec City, but the idea behind the business incubator is that people in the region and the Matanie to enjoy too. “It is not for us to exploit our ideas is to contractors,” says Bédard.

          A preferred hand to start

         The business incubator has allowed Pierre Aubert, head of technology IDNUM to have a hand to start his company offers, among others, management of documentary and scanning documents. He had access to everything related communications and telecommunications as well as local (in part) free. Then he established a business partnership or a lease.

         “This is what it takes to help us give the kick in the ass and say” OK, it darkens and it starts! “”
          – Pierre Aubert, head of technology IDNUM

         The CDRIN has a budget of $ 217,500 for the next three years.

          With reporting by Jean-François Deschênes


Sunday, June 21, 2015

New technologies for the visually impaired – Paris Match

On the occasion of the second edition of the Extra-Ordinary Month organized by the city of Paris, exhibitions and Events to raise awareness vis-à-vis public persons with disabilities. Audio-tactile walks museum shows in audio description, doors open at a school in Braille: many events to raise awareness and exchange with the public

How do you write a SMS when you are visually impaired? “With iPhone of course! This is tip-top when one is visually impaired” answer in chorus formative trainees Braille professional FORJA the rehabilitation center.

Located in the 14 th in Paris, the center is responsible for the integration of people visually impaired in the workplace, including providing training in Braille. This code, as we all met on a box of medicine or panel in a spot, consists of eight raised dots. Each combination represents a letter, number or special character like @. According to Eric Obyn, trainer Braille FORJA would require 20 hours to master the alphabet, and about a year of practice to be completely braille

Pourtant, according to the association Valentin Haüy, only 10 to 15% of blind people read Braille fluently. To raise awareness of the learning of Braille, the center opened its doors on June 10 with free courses of initiation in Braille.

Ibrailler Notes © http: //www.ibrailler.com/

In addition to Braille (this keyboard to read and write in Braille computer and whose cost is still high – 4,000 euros on average) and Perkins machinery (such Braille typewriters in a little vintage look), technologies evolve and allow for example to dictate SMS accurately. The paid app for iPhone, iBrailler Notes, allows for its writing Braille on a tablet or smartphone with a keyboard that fits the size of your hands.

An immersive game seers and blind

A Blind Legend © http : //www.ablindlegend.com/

Technological advances also improve the experience of visually impaired people in the video game industry . Presented at the festival buffs Futur en Seine new technologies, which began this weekend in Paris, A Blind Legend is an adventure game while his. Combining video game engine Unity3D construction and the new sound 3Dception manufacturer, the team realizes an immersive game that will surprise more than a gamer, seeing or not.

From the first minutes, we plunged into the hero’s universe, Edward Blake knight. This goes in search of his beloved Lady Caroline, kidnapped by Thork, the sworn enemy of our hero. The blind moves in a medieval knight soundscape, guided by the voice of his daughter Louise. The game is not just an auditory walk: the menu also, battle modes where you have the sword for example pinching the screen of his smartphone to protect themselves with a shield. DOWiNO created by a French team of creation of video games, A Blind Legend released in September 2015 and will also be available in English. A demo is already available on their website.

This game is an invitation to close your eyes and explore a world moving with the smartphone screen , guided only by his hearing. And even without images, it takes the game by discovering a world with only his ears. The occasion also to perceive the world, even virtual, from another perspective.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

The work of Van Gogh reborn thanks to new technology – Télérama.fr

Auvers-sur-Oise, experience the creative effervescence of the Dutch painter, with today’s techniques.

What? As part of the cultural season In the Footsteps of Van Gogh , the castle of Auvers proposes a poetic and emotional immersion in the last seventy days of Vincent Van Gogh’s life whose paintings and correspondence with his brother Theo reflect the keen sensitivity. “My art, I risk my life and my reason. “

How Videos, anamorphic, bright tags, sound sculptures: using the techniques of today, the viewer is plunged into the world of the painter . Just off the train, guided by his senses and sounds familiar, it follows in the footsteps of the artist. The past and present are formed and dissolved incessantly over the route, until the “second death” of the painter, enshrined indecent auctions of his works.

Where ? The castle of Auvers-sur-Oise is built, around 1635, by Zanobi Lioni, an Italian banker close to Marie de Medici. Thirty years later became the property of an advisor to King Louis XIII, the Italian castle is transformed into a castle in the French, immortalized at sunset in a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Today it is a dynamic interpretation center of art, home multimedia course.

Who? Arnaud Rabier-Nowart, artistic director of The Van Gogh Experience , brought together a tray of contemporary artists: Eric Angels videomaker, digital artist Kiland, light Konte Rast painter, photographer Steve Wells and electronics tinkerers King’s Queer

. Why? Marie-Cécile Tomasina, director of the castle, this is to give creative fever live the last days of a man, “that left us infinite power sharing” .