Sunday, June 21, 2015

New technologies for the visually impaired – Paris Match

On the occasion of the second edition of the Extra-Ordinary Month organized by the city of Paris, exhibitions and Events to raise awareness vis-à-vis public persons with disabilities. Audio-tactile walks museum shows in audio description, doors open at a school in Braille: many events to raise awareness and exchange with the public

How do you write a SMS when you are visually impaired? “With iPhone of course! This is tip-top when one is visually impaired” answer in chorus formative trainees Braille professional FORJA the rehabilitation center.

Located in the 14 th in Paris, the center is responsible for the integration of people visually impaired in the workplace, including providing training in Braille. This code, as we all met on a box of medicine or panel in a spot, consists of eight raised dots. Each combination represents a letter, number or special character like @. According to Eric Obyn, trainer Braille FORJA would require 20 hours to master the alphabet, and about a year of practice to be completely braille

Pourtant, according to the association Valentin Haüy, only 10 to 15% of blind people read Braille fluently. To raise awareness of the learning of Braille, the center opened its doors on June 10 with free courses of initiation in Braille.

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In addition to Braille (this keyboard to read and write in Braille computer and whose cost is still high – 4,000 euros on average) and Perkins machinery (such Braille typewriters in a little vintage look), technologies evolve and allow for example to dictate SMS accurately. The paid app for iPhone, iBrailler Notes, allows for its writing Braille on a tablet or smartphone with a keyboard that fits the size of your hands.

An immersive game seers and blind

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Technological advances also improve the experience of visually impaired people in the video game industry . Presented at the festival buffs Futur en Seine new technologies, which began this weekend in Paris, A Blind Legend is an adventure game while his. Combining video game engine Unity3D construction and the new sound 3Dception manufacturer, the team realizes an immersive game that will surprise more than a gamer, seeing or not.

From the first minutes, we plunged into the hero’s universe, Edward Blake knight. This goes in search of his beloved Lady Caroline, kidnapped by Thork, the sworn enemy of our hero. The blind moves in a medieval knight soundscape, guided by the voice of his daughter Louise. The game is not just an auditory walk: the menu also, battle modes where you have the sword for example pinching the screen of his smartphone to protect themselves with a shield. DOWiNO created by a French team of creation of video games, A Blind Legend released in September 2015 and will also be available in English. A demo is already available on their website.

This game is an invitation to close your eyes and explore a world moving with the smartphone screen , guided only by his hearing. And even without images, it takes the game by discovering a world with only his ears. The occasion also to perceive the world, even virtual, from another perspective.


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