Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The new Russian military technologies in action – Sputnik France

The registration and identification of users on websites Sputnik through one of its accounts on social networks indicates acceptance of these rules.

The User is obliged not to violate, by his actions, national and international legislation.

The user agrees to address with respect to the other participants of the discussion, readers and individuals mentioned in articles.

The administration reserves the right to remove comments published in languages ​​other than that of the main content of the article.

Of all language versions website, the comments posted by the user can be edited.

The comment of the user will be deleted if it:

  • does not match the subject of the article commented
  • promotes hatred, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social and infringes the rights of minorities;
  • violates the rights of minors, their causes harm in any form, including morality;
  • contains ideas of extremist and terrorist nature, calls for any kind of illegal actions;
  • contains insults, threats to other users, individuals or specific organizations;
  • undermines the honor, dignity and professional reputation;
  • contains insults or defamatory messages against Sputnik
  • violates privacy, disclose the personal data of third parties without their consent, reveals the secret of correspondence;
  • A description or links to scenes of violence and cruelty to animals;
  • contains information about methods of suicide or incites suicide;
  • pursuing commercial objectives, contains abusive advertising, unlawful political advertisements or links to other resources line containing such information;
  • promote third party products or services without necessary permits;
  • contains insulting expressions, coarse language and their derivatives, as well as allusions to the use of lexical items falling within that definition;
  • contains spam content, promotes the distribution of spam, direct mail services and resources to make money on the Internet
  • promotes the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, contains information about their production and use
  • contains links to viruses and malware;
  • fact part of an action when a lot of comments in the same or similar content are posted (“flash mob”);
  • Author abuses a lot of meaningless messages or although the meaning of the text is difficult to understand (“flood”);
  • Author violates online label, showing different forms of aggressive behavior, demeaning and defamatory (“trolling”);
  • the author shows a lack of respect for the language; for example, all text, or its much is typed in capital letters and is not divided into sentences.

The administration reserves the right to block the access of the User page or delete his account without prior notice in the event of breach by User of the rules of writing comments or detection in user actions evidence of such a breach.

The user can initiate the procedure for recovery of his account / unblocking of access, writing a letter to the following address: The letter must contain:

  • The subject – the recovery of the account / unlock access
  • The user name
  • The explanations of the reasons the actions that constituted a violation of the mentioned rules above and led to the crash.

If the moderators deem it possible to restore the account / unblock access to it will be so.

In the case of repeated violation of rules and a repeated locking, user access can not be restored. Blocking in this case is final

To contact the team of moderators, use the following address:.


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