Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Airtel Madagascar and Huawei: new technologies at the service … – Ecofin Agency

(Airtel Madagascar) – Airtel, the leading operator in the mobile telephony sector in Madagascar and Huawei, first global provider of digital solutions in terminals, networks and cloud for operators, enterprises and consumers have given the hand to contribute to education, basic element for development.

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On this occasion, a ceremony was organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, enhanced by the presence RABARY Mr. Paul, Minister of National Education, Mr. BEKANGBA Maixent CEO of Airtel Madagascar and Mr. XU Zhibing Huawei CEO of Madagascar, was held at CEG Nanisana, that on June 29

This appointment was an opportunity for Airtel Madagascar and Huawei officially offer more than 4,800 college students from the CEG and Nanisana Antanimena, hardware internet connection and terminals. Airtel Madagascar provides routers with free connection 50GB monthly for each facility while Huawei offers digital tablets.

According Maixent Bekangba, CEO of Airtel Madagascar, “ this is to enable young people to be open to opportunities offered by the world and to provide them with a solid intellectual baggage … “. He added: “This partnership once again confirms the desire of Airtel to prioritize education and to be closer to Madagascar. “

XU Zhibing, Huawei CEO in Madagascar adds “as an investor in the long term to Madagascar, Huawei wants to participate in a meaningful way to the development of the country. Education is an important component for the development of young people. For this, Huawei wants to facilitate access to the Internet through those at the cutting edge of technology communication tools to bridge the digital divide between the Malagasy youth and those around the world . “

Through this initiative, Airtel Madagascar and its partner Huawei, come in any case, taken an important step to reduce the digital divide. The two entities have also expressed their willingness to perpetuate this action in favor of education and education at the national level.



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