Friday, June 26, 2015

Diesel vehicles: new technologies – Auto News

With 63% of new registrations in 2014, diesel vehicles are still in the majority. While their supremacy gently tends to disappear in favor of gasoline and hybrid vehicles, the fleet continues, he, his dieselisation, with an average fleet age of 8 years and a half. In addition, the diesel vehicle users making more kilometers, it seems logical that the workshops entries continue to be predominantly diesel.

However, given the constraints of the environment, diesel engines had change significantly to meet, among others, the new emission standards. In 2017, a gasoline vehicle and a diesel vehicle will have substantially the same thresholds for emissions. This regulation has accelerated the emergence of new technologies like:

• Particulate filters. All new diesel vehicles are equipped since 2011 (Euro5 standard).

• low pressure EGR systems, SCR, NSR (Euro 6).

The treatment requires certain failures very specific knowledge. The large number of vehicles requires mastering to achieve quickly and effectively manage the flow of vehicles entering. For the proper functioning of a workshop, it is essential that service technicians are trained as well:

 - For the maintenance of engines and diesel emissions control systems

- In the control and replacement of components of injection systems and pollution control.

 -. In the diagnostic systems

This is to allow this comprehensive knowledge of the activity that the GNFA offers a training course covering all aspects of the diesel. A 14-day training for two days a month for 7 months.


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