Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Concern about overexposure to teenagers … – RTL.fr

Teenagers worried by their consumption of new technologies Credit Image: Thinkstock
with Yasmina Kattou

The concern is not new but the systematic use that teens do new technologies available to them is alarming . On average, there are more than four hours a day that kids spend in front of screens of their computers, their mobile or their tablets sometimes to the detriment of their health.

Between their laptops and computers adolescents have an average of four screens at their disposal, making them unable to focus on one task and tend to dissipate . “I have a tablet, I have a laptop, a computer, I have a Mac, I console … I really just anything. It distracts me because I use it all the time s’ it is next to me “, so says one of them RTL . “It’s hard to concentrate on my homework, I look all the time my messages and I’ll often on the internet ” continues a teenager.

Wearing glasses neglected

Result, Pierre, a young 15 years, manages to come off his smartphone that if we have to. “As soon as I hear a message I feel somewhat compelled to watch it. My parents are sometimes forced to take to me that I work well “, he told the microphone RTL . But the concentration necessary for the smooth running of the school is not the only problem. Wearing glasses he puts not yet at his computer despite its problems of view. “When I do not wear them, I’m a little closer to the screen, I’m not very careful in all this done,” he admits.

Like Peter, 37% of teenagers do not wear glasses in front of their screens when they need it.

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