Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A business incubator for new technologies in Matane – CBC

         The Development Centre and Digital Imaging Research (CDRIN) Cégep de Matane created a business incubator.

         Thus, people who want to develop a company of new technologies, including access to premises, specialized equipment and help to find funding.

         The director general of CDRIN, Pierre Bédard, hopes to attract up to a dozen new companies.

         “It means the ability to take our knowledge internally and transferred to contractors so they can exploit the market. ”
          – The Chief of CDRIN, Pierre Bédard

         The CDRIN does business with companies from Montreal and Quebec City, but the idea behind the business incubator is that people in the region and the Matanie to enjoy too. “It is not for us to exploit our ideas is to contractors,” says Bédard.

          A preferred hand to start

         The business incubator has allowed Pierre Aubert, head of technology IDNUM to have a hand to start his company offers, among others, management of documentary and scanning documents. He had access to everything related communications and telecommunications as well as local (in part) free. Then he established a business partnership or a lease.

         “This is what it takes to help us give the kick in the ass and say” OK, it darkens and it starts! “”
          – Pierre Aubert, head of technology IDNUM

         The CDRIN has a budget of $ 217,500 for the next three years.

          With reporting by Jean-François Deschênes


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