Monday, February 29, 2016

New technologies have invaded the university – the New Republic

A image of engineering students at INSA, students pay up increasingly important to new technologies. For what purpose?

In the hall of INSA, in Blois, ten students strum on their laptop. Others have their eyes on their smartphone. While some certainly give pause to any game – perhaps the famous Candy Crush, who knows! – Most work

laptop.? “You have to have one at home” says Damien immediately Faulquier student in 5 th year adept “Skype sessions” – videoconferences. – with peers “when some go home on weekends” “the computer is an important tool, particularly for file sharing or during a presentation” complete Antoine Genies, which recognizes that “to work at home is a luxury” . He still says that computers Insa “are available up to 23 hours’ .

Saving time

Sometimes the computer just makes life easier. “At the beginning of each year, creates a folder containing all the people of the promotion, said Nicolas Rubio, 21, student of 3 th year and president the student Office (BDE). And when there is a change of course, simply that, with one click, a student points out that everyone is informed. “

Teachers? “More tolerant than before”

schedules that students consult more often on their smartphone, phone last cry that tends also to democratize (see below) . Aymeric Bard says he “synchronizes your computer with your smartphone to get the schedule” . Now he will have no excuse if he arrives late for class!
And by the way, what is the reaction of the teachers when they use their smartphone in class? “They are not serious , they are much more tolerant than before, demonstrates Nicolas Rubioqui remembers the ” you give me your mobile! ‘ “

ecological Argument

however, teachers do not yet seem ready to send courses, written entirely by student email. The threat of lack of concentration during the course is probably too large. So they found a solution reports the president of the BDE, Nicolas Rubio: “Most of the time, they give us the texts he must complete it during the course” , a short kind of “cloze” . And often, these “white” must be completed by “the most important formulas. They passed the word, and now all do! “
Real environmentalist or will be sent additional argument for their courses, Rémi Barriol, another student, advance an argument for the less original … ” We often ask the teacher we send the digital medium, it’s better for the environment And it is less bulky! “


CamScanner, you know?

Without being critical, the new generation phone can allow valuable time. Explanation with Nicolas Rubio, follower of CamScanner app: “With this, you can scan a document and convert the PDF to insert in a report … The time saving is enormous, especially during construction (works practices) that last four hours, “says Aymeric her boyfriend. “And that’s a little cleaner than when you have to print, cut and paste,” says Nicolas.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

New technologies at the service of medicine – the New Republic

The project is called E-Health . Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration between liberal and hospital healthcare professionals by allowing them to exchange patient health data through digital tools.
E-Health includes connecting the hospital to the optical fiber; the establishment of secure messaging for the exchange of medical data; the creation of a telemedicine platform within the hospital; participation in the project Pooling of medical imaging in the Centre region (Mirc project delivery) to constitute a kind of imaging record for each patient at the regional level, searchable by doctors whatever the place of consultation.
Filed via the trade union committee of the Country of Issoudun and Berry Champagne from the region, this project E-Health has been validated and matching grants of € 150,000 (or 50% of total costs).


Friday, February 26, 2016

Learning a foreign language: new technologies … – RTBF

To practice his English, why not use an application? We already spend a lot of time on our screens so why not pass it to learn a language? Today there are some fun and effective applications to learn English, Russian or Italian.

The Belgian is it more gifted in learning languages ​​than its French neighbors ? In Belgium, the three national languages ​​and many foreign languages ​​present in the capital, we should be motivated to learn. But, according to European statistics, 42% of Belgians do not speak a second language.

A discussion site

The possibilities for learning a new language do not miss. For example, there are free discussion sessions on Internet like Speaky. This Belgian site allows you to practice a foreign language with a partner also registered. It was opened there a little over a year, it’s free and it offers no less than 113 languages.


There are also applications such as Duolingo . She was elected “2013 Best Application” by Apple. Its slogan: “Learn as many languages ​​to as many people free.” She already has millions of users worldwide. Simply register with a gmail account and then, like a video game, you will have to reach levels, points to win. It helps to learn many languages ​​through holes in text, audio clips, MCQ, pronunciation exercises, translation, etc.

Unfortunately, the grammatical logic is rarely explained on such applications. The goal here is to give you the basics to get you by fast. Beginner, intermediate or professional: whatever your level, the application will teach you things. As for the method, it is to make you repeat things and exercises are constantly adapted to the results you obtained in previous years. Plus, it is fun: you have the impression of being in a video game where you earn points, you lose lives, you receive trophies, etc.

There is also of. other applications such as Babbel or HelloTalk but they are priced. What is interesting with Duolingo is that it is free! When you translate passages, you volunteer without you realizing it. To be financially independent today, Duolingo offers users to apply their learning by translating documents and articles. At the end of the lesson, she asks if you want to train translating a real document. It will be then paid by partner companies. And this service would enable the application to earn millions of dollars each year. To get by without advertising, so it makes us work as translators.

An interesting complement to enrich their vocabulary, it is the BBC Learning English. The BBC offers courses in audio dialogues with a transcript to help improve listening comprehension.

The dictionary, too, is available today on our screens. Free Reverso Dictionary provides translations in context. Each word is explained and put in situation. This is useful to understand a foreign language.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rougegoutte A3IFC to tame new technologies – Est Républicain

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Rougegoutte A3IFC to tame technology Est Républicain After forty years at PSA Peugeot Citroën where he served as head of the technical unit “standards and approvals … Subscribe to the Est Républicain to read this article. subscribe. ? Already a subscriber log .


New technologies: Thelis combines with Casanet – Today’s Morocco

New technologies: Thelis s & # x2019; combines & # xE0; Casanet

T helis, design office in electronics and IT consolidates its international positioning. The choice fell on Morocco that will be well for the Belgian company the first export market for Kiwix solution.

To do this, a partnership has been concluded with Casanet “With Kiwix, Casanet found a high-tech solution presented in different versions: “Key accounts” and “SMEs / SMIs ‘,’ the partners in this regard. Entirely designed by Thelis, Kiwi has been marketed for over 4 years.

This is a simple and ergonomic solution for the management of the IT infrastructure and their telecoms. It meets the needs of companies in terms of call center, remote access, and backup data servers outsourced email interface as well as increased flexibility.


Cameroon – Digital Economy: Experts work together to … – CAMERPOST

Cameroon – Digital Economy: Experts work together to promote new technologies in intra-regional trade

 experts are working together to promote new technologies in intra r & # xe9; Regional | Illustration / DR

experts work together to promote new technologies in intra-regional trade | Illustration / DR

Douala home since Monday, February 22, 2016 under a regional high-level meeting on the promotion of intra-regional trade to the means of information and communication technologies (ICT ) in Central Africa. Experts in conclave have two days to think about solutions to the sluggishness of intra regional trade.

The sub-regional office for Central Africa of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the representative Cameroonian trade Minister stressed the role of ICTs in promoting intra-regional trade.

the interlocutors complain that regional trade accounts for 12% of global trade in the continent. Compositions by subregion indicate, for example, did you learn 11% in the East Africa region, 9% in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), 2% in the economic and monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) and 1% in the United Nations economic Commission for Africa (Cea). In other words, countries do not trade enough among themselves. Consequently, we speak of a lost opportunity in terms of growth and job creation

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with this, Tic would be a way to change that. Especially as the intensive use of information and communication technologies may reduce export costs and logistics of intra-African trade, particularly for developing countries and can also reduce corruption. All parties involved in the African value chain (governments, agencies, exporters, customs agencies, logistics companies, banks …) will be able to enjoy the benefits of ICT applied to intra-regional trade.

Moreover, the Sub-Regional Office for Central Africa of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Cea / Bsr-Ac) covers the following Member States: Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & amp; Principe and Chad. Given its mission to support the Regional Economic Communities, namely CEMAC, the CEEAC and its specialized agencies, the Cea / Bsr-Ac also collaborating with Angola, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Office also works with non-governmental organizations, civil society, universities, research institutions and the private sector. Its activities in the context of the mission of the Cea to ensure the economic and social transformation of Africa

© CAMERPOST by Linda Mbiapa

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New technologies: “The Moroccan consumer is not in … – Al Huffington Post

INTERVIEW – The advent of 3G in Morocco in 2007 and 4G in June 2015 pushed Moroccans consumption patterns on the front of new technologies, including smartphones. Democratized access to the Web that prompted high-tech industries to reconsider the prices of their devices.

This is explained Youssef Mamou, marketing director of Samsung Electronics Morocco, the HuffPost Morocco met in the MENA Samsung Forum (Middle East and North Africa), held in Lisbon Saturday, February 20th.


Morocco HuffPost: How are the Moroccans consumer habits new technologies

Youssef Mamou: So far, no specific studies have been conducted to measure changes in the consumption patterns of Moroccans on new technologies. That said, there are a couple of points: we see among others a real rush on the part of a significant portion of the population over the last recently commercialized technologies. In reality, the Moroccan consumer is not at odds with its European neighbors and regional (North Africa and Middle East, ed.)

In the air of social networks and access to instant information, we see real enthusiasm towards high-end phones, which are distinguished in particular by the materials with which they are produced. Moroccan consumer is a savvy and sophisticated connoisseur. Democratization of 3G and 4G broadband connectivity in Morocco allowed the smartphone market to grow rapidly, which is why he now turns to every budget, and only to affluent clients.

Finally, another habit emerges, even among us; that the consumption of two screens at the same time. A recent regional and global study showed that between seven and eight out of ten users about using another device while watching television. With the advent of smart TV (Smart TV, ed), there is a real synergy that has been created between the mobile and TV. This is a trend that has not spared the kingdom.

These changes are they confined to urban consumers or turn they also to rural populations, most remote consumer spaces?

contrary to what one might think, the smartphone is no longer confined to urban centers. Its development is in the process of Morocco connectivity. Once the operators cover a region in 3G or 4G, there is therefore a need that is created there. City dwellers no longer have a monopoly multimedia applications. In remote areas, not maybe we will not buy the latest smartphone cry, but everyone wants to have the pie, even if it means reducing the budget of the washing machine, for example, and buy a semi-automatic that will cost cheaper.

what looks like the typical profile of Moroccan consumers in relation to new technologies?

There is certainly the consumer says “premium” who rather look for a high-end product the customer a little more modest, which will turn to a little cheaper and the one who seeks the first prize but, above all, there is no typical profile of the Moroccan consumer terms of new technologies. This is a sector that is scattered across all social strata with prices to suit everyone.

What strategies adopted supermarkets to encourage the purchase of these devices, and especially the fight against the informal sector of new technologies in Morocco, including unlicensed vendors offering prices generally ? more affordable

the informal is a scourge on the economy: loss of taxation, lack of social protection, pension and health fund allocation … the examples are numerous. The idea is to re-educate the consumer through a clear and concise strategy. Supermarkets are not competitors, but partners. This is to accompany them to make them more attractive store, offer the right products that meet the expectations of the buyer, avoid stock-outs, form partnerships with distributors to facilitate supplies.

“shop in shop” (store in a store, note) are a good example of the strategy we want to adopt with Moroccan malls: space, nicer, is entirely dedicated to sale of specialized products in a sector. Sellers have received special training and are able to target the desired expectations and criteria by customers from all scholarships

READ MORE:. Samsung pays Apple during the presentation of the Galaxy S6


International conference on new technologies and … – El Moudjahid

 The speakers at the International Symposium on new technologies and translation were unanimous in stressing that despite the advances in technology and machine translation, human capacities are still irreplaceable, and this amounts to the richness of the human brain which the interpretation is defined as a transposition operation of a source language to a target language.
 This second edition of the conference, held at the University Algiers-2-Aboulkacem Saâdallah, which was attended by Algerian and foreign professors and students come in large numbers, distinguished by opening workshops for young researchers and students in particular, and that in order to initiate a debate on various topics related to the specialties of the translation and interpretation. The fact remains that the evolution of electronic technology remains, according to the teachers’ support for the translator in his research. “
 In his speech, entitled “Modern technologies for specialized translation: vision of a terminologist,” Professor Yasmine Bersoum returned on the comparison between human translation and machine translation that will never be aligned in many specialties, despite the advances in technology and computers compared to the preceding years.
 She explained that the terminology in human translation and machine translation are different in many cases, because reading the language-departure deals a study, theories and measures, including the dialect and the environment considered an important equation in translation and interpretation.
 Furthermore, the use of technology in the operation of transposition from language A to language B is essential for facilitating research, particularly as the possibilities of the internet are endless for the researcher during its work, allowing it saves time, which is essential for translation and interpretation.
 Hichem H.


New technologies: Intel is already preparing the 5G – Today’s Morocco

New technologies: Intel pr & # xe9; d & # xe9 visor; j & # xE0; 5G

Intel Corporation today announced new partnerships and products that set the stage for wireless networks 5G smart, fast and efficient.

connected sports equipment, anti-collision UAVs, autonomous vehicles, smart cities … The objects are connected together, the and cloud users are placing unprecedented demands on wireless networks.

“the billions of connected devices, personalized services and cloud applications require the emergence of more powerful and responsive networks “says Aicha Evans, vice president of Intel and general manager of the Intel Communications and Devices Group.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Doro, the leader in new technologies simplified! – Golf Zone (Press release) (Blog)

On the occasion of the 2016 edition of the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), the major event of the mobile phone, Doro has its share of strong advertising. The Swedish company, the leader in new technologies simplified, take this first day to unveil the details of its newest 4G smartphone, the Doro 8031. This new arrival, elegant and powerful, has a completely innovative user interface that prefers icons, sometimes too abstract, clear verbs representing specific actions.

This new interface and several preinstalled applications allow users to make the most their smartphone and therefore live their life! Indeed, senior citizens are not accompanied by step for the tasks they wish to achieve.

No need to have advanced technical knowledge as each action is associated with a verb. For example, “ call ‘,’ see ” or “ send ” followed by an additional information “ that “or” what . ” The objective of this new smartphone: think like a user! Doro 8031 ​​offers the opportunity to use his phone in the most simple and flexible as possible, and that, according to its desires, without compromise and freedom!

The users of Doro 8031 ​​start by configure their smartphone via a customized questionnaire to a simplified handling. The product also has a built-coaching tool designed to give confidence and reassurance throughout their learning.

Replace the icons by actions, accompany the elderly, always better understand … but why? The latest research conducted by the company Doro show that demand for smartphone for people over 65 continues to progress steadily (+ 11% per year).


About 40% of senior citizens now own a smartphone and the number continues to grow. Finally, 60% of 65 + intend to move to smart phone at their next renewal.

Jérôme Arnaud, Doro CEO, returns to this ad:

this new product meets our standards both in terms of design, often winning, and an innovative way of using his smartphone. This new interface provides a rich and in a safe environment experience, helping people to realize their projects or desires. We want everyone, regardless of his age or his desire to learn, to fully enjoy life

Doro 8031 ​​is the second 4G smartphone brand . Available in 3 colors. White, silver, champagne

Smartphone available from early April. RRP. € 189 TTC

Doro is a Swedish telecoms manufacturer, the market leader in telecommunications for seniors. With over 37 years experience in the telecom sector, the company focuses on the development and sale of products, software and TeleCare and mHealth solutions specifically tailored to seniors. The approach of Doro on the mobile usability is unique and outstanding craftsmanship of the company was crowned on several occasions by international awards in design. Doro’s products are sold in over 30 countries on five continents. For more information about Doro.


Monday, February 22, 2016

New technologies: electro – RFI

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New technologies: the Corsican Icarus project launches web series – francetv info

Two young newly qualified Corsicans have recently launched their project “Icarus”, inventing an object that would replace many of our everyday items (keys, credit card …): a ring. Winners of several technology innovation awards, now they are launching their web series on Youtube.

  • Celia Mascré
  • Published 02/22/2016 | 12:42, updated the 02/22/2016 | 12:42
Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola at the award-PEPITE springboard for student entrepreneurship © DR

© DR Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola at the award-PEPITE springboard for student entrepreneurship

This ring could be more valuable than Tolkien. And because it can replace your car keys and your credit card. It is a nugget technology invented by two young Corsicans, Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola.

The Icarus Project is a ring that replaces car keys and payment with a system combining RFID and NFC technologies. It works by magnetic induction.

In their first video, Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola tell their epic self-entrepreneurs with humor …

the idea came to the beach, a friend had lost his keys in the sand

> the web series will consist of fifteen videos and that will be published every 2 weeks. “Several components are covered in these videos, they contain didactics, story-telling, the feedback, then obviously comment on the progress of the project. This is part of communicative innovation because when we contractor, we constantly moving in the dark. the advice and feedback from people having been there are very meager … “explains Jeremy Neyrou , co-founder of the project.

We want to pass all this experience that has stored during the last 4 years


They had already come on board our March 26, 2015 at Prima Inseme

Jeremy Neyrou is 23 and is studying engineering at the Polytechnic of Nice. It is also to master the lifeboat lifeguard. Fabien Raiola, he is 24 years old and graduated from the Unviersity of Glasgow Logistics and Suply Chain. They recently received the PEPITE-Springboard award for student entrepreneurship.

Find the link to their YouTube channel.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

New technologies as Umberto Eco, this fake troll –

In reviewing the comments, sometimes controversial, his comments on the new technologies, we see Umberto Eco embodied the figure of the anti-troll.

Umberto Eco died of cancer on February 19 at the age of 84. If he was best known to the general public for his novel published in 1980 Pink Name , it was not just a fiction writer. Philosopher and essayist, he spoke repeatedly about technological changes in our society, including in a column he stood on the Italian weekly L’Espresso website. And if he made comments critical about new technologies, sometimes at the limit of what a troll (or an embittered old man) could have asserted a condescending tone and reactionary, it has often proved to be a supposed analysis and humorous of the world around him. Because, as he said in an interview with L’Observateur in 1991 (in three parts), even if it could be “feel uncomfortable in [his] time. Trying to understand what is happening [was] the only way to [him] out of this malaise “.

Umberto Eco therefore not without expressing his discomfort. And sudden shock formulas. It is he who, in 2015, spoke of “invasion of fools” to describe social networks:


“They gave the right to speak to legions of idiots who, before, spoke at the bar, after a glass of wine and not causing harm to the community. We immediately had them shut while today they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize. “


It does not hide his dislike for mobile phones and mass exhibitionism as their use allowed. In his book For backwards like a crayfish , collection of texts written between 2000 and 2005, he spoke in terms of raw and sharp: “The fool who, beside us in train, settles aloud financial transactions, in fact struts with a crown of feathers and a multicolored ring to the penis. “

” I’m not nostalgic “

yet behind these remarks highly critical of new trends, Umberto Eco wrote in Libération in 2009: “I’m not nostalgic.” in a 1965 article titled “music and the machine “he even criticized the ” moralistic culture “, which he defined as ” the man who, endowed with a certain intelligence, mark the appearance of ethical, sociological phenomena aesthetic, but [...] prefers to devote his sharp intelligence to the [...] relegate among the negative elements of a society plagued by overcrowding and science fiction “. Is that his polemical often concealed more subtle reflections, far from Manichaeism.

For example, when Le Midi Libre asked in May 2015 if he says “Internet distorts spirits “, he replies that ” just be equipped to use it. It’s like a supercar should know driving. Otherwise, it goes straight into the wall “. All in all, this company countertop reflections is not only made up of fools: “There is the computer like idiots there are idiots Walkman seen wiggle and scream in rock concerts, he told L’Observateur in 1991. [...] in the company of babbling of ours, there is the fool, but he is also the mutant. Whoever is able to live so interesting that plurality of contemporary languages. I do not have to pass judgment on that, I am just observing. “ But not always in silence and sometimes truculent remarks and removed, did you want to add.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

School of business: innovation and new technologies –



the practice of drone afternoon.

                                 The practice of drone afternoon.


the school building trades and topography of Beaumont-de-Lomagne has once again opened its doors Thursday, February 11. This time, it is technology and new surveying methods. Indeed, the Managing Director of technological and vocational education, Mr. Gleyzes, invited the Leica company, known worldwide for both photography as topography, to introduce students to professional bachelor engineer topographer surveyor, the BTS students and teachers, which was best for topographical measurements: fixed 3D scanner, multi-station robotic, drone, dynamic scanner (mobile mapping). After having a theoretical presentation in the morning, students were able to manipulate these technological jewels afternoon. The star, of course, was the drone and its onboard camera for representing the 3D environment. This rich day trading has helped boost the topography pole high school, including its recent section of BTS surveyor topographer school status, opened in September 2016 and who joined the existing section by learning. No doubt this kind of operation will be repeated regularly within the business school.