Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Doro, the leader in new technologies simplified! – Golf Zone (Press release) (Blog)

On the occasion of the 2016 edition of the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), the major event of the mobile phone, Doro has its share of strong advertising. The Swedish company, the leader in new technologies simplified, take this first day to unveil the details of its newest 4G smartphone, the Doro 8031. This new arrival, elegant and powerful, has a completely innovative user interface that prefers icons, sometimes too abstract, clear verbs representing specific actions.

This new interface and several preinstalled applications allow users to make the most their smartphone and therefore live their life! Indeed, senior citizens are not accompanied by step for the tasks they wish to achieve.

No need to have advanced technical knowledge as each action is associated with a verb. For example, “ call ‘,’ see ” or “ send ” followed by an additional information “ that “or” what . ” The objective of this new smartphone: think like a user! Doro 8031 ​​offers the opportunity to use his phone in the most simple and flexible as possible, and that, according to its desires, without compromise and freedom!

The users of Doro 8031 ​​start by configure their smartphone via a customized questionnaire to a simplified handling. The product also has a built-coaching tool designed to give confidence and reassurance throughout their learning.

Replace the icons by actions, accompany the elderly, always better understand … but why? The latest research conducted by the company Doro show that demand for smartphone for people over 65 continues to progress steadily (+ 11% per year).


About 40% of senior citizens now own a smartphone and the number continues to grow. Finally, 60% of 65 + intend to move to smart phone at their next renewal.

Jérôme Arnaud, Doro CEO, returns to this ad:

this new product meets our standards both in terms of design, often winning, and an innovative way of using his smartphone. This new interface provides a rich and in a safe environment experience, helping people to realize their projects or desires. We want everyone, regardless of his age or his desire to learn, to fully enjoy life

Doro 8031 ​​is the second 4G smartphone brand . Available in 3 colors. White, silver, champagne

Smartphone available from early April. RRP. € 189 TTC

Doro is a Swedish telecoms manufacturer, the market leader in telecommunications for seniors. With over 37 years experience in the telecom sector, the company focuses on the development and sale of products, software and TeleCare and mHealth solutions specifically tailored to seniors. The approach of Doro on the mobile usability is unique and outstanding craftsmanship of the company was crowned on several occasions by international awards in design. Doro’s products are sold in over 30 countries on five continents. For more information about Doro. Www.doro.com


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