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New technologies: “The Moroccan consumer is not in … – Al Huffington Post

INTERVIEW – The advent of 3G in Morocco in 2007 and 4G in June 2015 pushed Moroccans consumption patterns on the front of new technologies, including smartphones. Democratized access to the Web that prompted high-tech industries to reconsider the prices of their devices.

This is explained Youssef Mamou, marketing director of Samsung Electronics Morocco, the HuffPost Morocco met in the MENA Samsung Forum (Middle East and North Africa), held in Lisbon Saturday, February 20th.


Morocco HuffPost: How are the Moroccans consumer habits new technologies

Youssef Mamou: So far, no specific studies have been conducted to measure changes in the consumption patterns of Moroccans on new technologies. That said, there are a couple of points: we see among others a real rush on the part of a significant portion of the population over the last recently commercialized technologies. In reality, the Moroccan consumer is not at odds with its European neighbors and regional (North Africa and Middle East, ed.)

In the air of social networks and access to instant information, we see real enthusiasm towards high-end phones, which are distinguished in particular by the materials with which they are produced. Moroccan consumer is a savvy and sophisticated connoisseur. Democratization of 3G and 4G broadband connectivity in Morocco allowed the smartphone market to grow rapidly, which is why he now turns to every budget, and only to affluent clients.

Finally, another habit emerges, even among us; that the consumption of two screens at the same time. A recent regional and global study showed that between seven and eight out of ten users about using another device while watching television. With the advent of smart TV (Smart TV, ed), there is a real synergy that has been created between the mobile and TV. This is a trend that has not spared the kingdom.

These changes are they confined to urban consumers or turn they also to rural populations, most remote consumer spaces?

contrary to what one might think, the smartphone is no longer confined to urban centers. Its development is in the process of Morocco connectivity. Once the operators cover a region in 3G or 4G, there is therefore a need that is created there. City dwellers no longer have a monopoly multimedia applications. In remote areas, not maybe we will not buy the latest smartphone cry, but everyone wants to have the pie, even if it means reducing the budget of the washing machine, for example, and buy a semi-automatic that will cost cheaper.

what looks like the typical profile of Moroccan consumers in relation to new technologies?

There is certainly the consumer says “premium” who rather look for a high-end product the customer a little more modest, which will turn to a little cheaper and the one who seeks the first prize but, above all, there is no typical profile of the Moroccan consumer terms of new technologies. This is a sector that is scattered across all social strata with prices to suit everyone.

What strategies adopted supermarkets to encourage the purchase of these devices, and especially the fight against the informal sector of new technologies in Morocco, including unlicensed vendors offering prices generally ? more affordable

the informal is a scourge on the economy: loss of taxation, lack of social protection, pension and health fund allocation … the examples are numerous. The idea is to re-educate the consumer through a clear and concise strategy. Supermarkets are not competitors, but partners. This is to accompany them to make them more attractive store, offer the right products that meet the expectations of the buyer, avoid stock-outs, form partnerships with distributors to facilitate supplies.

“shop in shop” (store in a store, note) are a good example of the strategy we want to adopt with Moroccan malls: space, nicer, is entirely dedicated to sale of specialized products in a sector. Sellers have received special training and are able to target the desired expectations and criteria by customers from all scholarships

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