Monday, February 29, 2016

New technologies have invaded the university – the New Republic

A image of engineering students at INSA, students pay up increasingly important to new technologies. For what purpose?

In the hall of INSA, in Blois, ten students strum on their laptop. Others have their eyes on their smartphone. While some certainly give pause to any game – perhaps the famous Candy Crush, who knows! – Most work

laptop.? “You have to have one at home” says Damien immediately Faulquier student in 5 th year adept “Skype sessions” – videoconferences. – with peers “when some go home on weekends” “the computer is an important tool, particularly for file sharing or during a presentation” complete Antoine Genies, which recognizes that “to work at home is a luxury” . He still says that computers Insa “are available up to 23 hours’ .

Saving time

Sometimes the computer just makes life easier. “At the beginning of each year, creates a folder containing all the people of the promotion, said Nicolas Rubio, 21, student of 3 th year and president the student Office (BDE). And when there is a change of course, simply that, with one click, a student points out that everyone is informed. “

Teachers? “More tolerant than before”

schedules that students consult more often on their smartphone, phone last cry that tends also to democratize (see below) . Aymeric Bard says he “synchronizes your computer with your smartphone to get the schedule” . Now he will have no excuse if he arrives late for class!
And by the way, what is the reaction of the teachers when they use their smartphone in class? “They are not serious , they are much more tolerant than before, demonstrates Nicolas Rubioqui remembers the ” you give me your mobile! ‘ “

ecological Argument

however, teachers do not yet seem ready to send courses, written entirely by student email. The threat of lack of concentration during the course is probably too large. So they found a solution reports the president of the BDE, Nicolas Rubio: “Most of the time, they give us the texts he must complete it during the course” , a short kind of “cloze” . And often, these “white” must be completed by “the most important formulas. They passed the word, and now all do! “
Real environmentalist or will be sent additional argument for their courses, Rémi Barriol, another student, advance an argument for the less original … ” We often ask the teacher we send the digital medium, it’s better for the environment And it is less bulky! “


CamScanner, you know?

Without being critical, the new generation phone can allow valuable time. Explanation with Nicolas Rubio, follower of CamScanner app: “With this, you can scan a document and convert the PDF to insert in a report … The time saving is enormous, especially during construction (works practices) that last four hours, “says Aymeric her boyfriend. “And that’s a little cleaner than when you have to print, cut and paste,” says Nicolas.


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