Wednesday, February 24, 2016

International conference on new technologies and … – El Moudjahid

 The speakers at the International Symposium on new technologies and translation were unanimous in stressing that despite the advances in technology and machine translation, human capacities are still irreplaceable, and this amounts to the richness of the human brain which the interpretation is defined as a transposition operation of a source language to a target language.
 This second edition of the conference, held at the University Algiers-2-Aboulkacem Saâdallah, which was attended by Algerian and foreign professors and students come in large numbers, distinguished by opening workshops for young researchers and students in particular, and that in order to initiate a debate on various topics related to the specialties of the translation and interpretation. The fact remains that the evolution of electronic technology remains, according to the teachers’ support for the translator in his research. “
 In his speech, entitled “Modern technologies for specialized translation: vision of a terminologist,” Professor Yasmine Bersoum returned on the comparison between human translation and machine translation that will never be aligned in many specialties, despite the advances in technology and computers compared to the preceding years.
 She explained that the terminology in human translation and machine translation are different in many cases, because reading the language-departure deals a study, theories and measures, including the dialect and the environment considered an important equation in translation and interpretation.
 Furthermore, the use of technology in the operation of transposition from language A to language B is essential for facilitating research, particularly as the possibilities of the internet are endless for the researcher during its work, allowing it saves time, which is essential for translation and interpretation.
 Hichem H.


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