Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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The club president of Ardiac companies, Jean-Odon Cenac, presented his wishes to the museum. / Photo DDM, EG

                                 Club president Ardiac of companies, Jean-Odon Cenac, presented his wishes to the museum. / Photo DDM, E. G.


Social networking pros, robotics, connected objects, scanning, internet applications and smartphones, … So many new technologies that have revolutionized the world of work and enterprise in recent years.

“The year 2016 will be under the sign of these new technologies, to assist companies to better enter the twenty-first century” announced the president of the business club Ardiac Jean -Odon Cenac at the presentation of the vows, in the premises of the museum and Wood marquetry.

The latest demonstrations against taxi drivers CTI or “UberPop” showed the importance and worry entrepreneurs face what is now commonly called the “ubérisation of society”.

“This year we plan to organize an event a month and many of them will be devoted to this theme, “confided the president of the Ardiac before listing some of these appointments. “We spend an afternoon on the site of” Organic Valley “with a business club Toulouse. About Bio Valley, we will again associated with this structure for organizing the third meetings around the circular economy. At our general meeting we will make a presentation of the new large area. We will also present to the Tour de France, Tuesday, July 12 “.

Furthermore, in the same way as traders, business club Revelois is associated with the great revitalization of the site city ​​center. “This is an important issue for the attractiveness of the city is good for the company, whether to bring in our territory or our employees come to work because some Revel but prefer to reside in the suburbs of Toulouse” . In this regard, Senator Mayor recalled the example of the city of Nevers. “We saw a television report that shows that this city has lost 21% of its proximity to shops. At Revel was lucky to have the same number of stores for years but with closures of openings equal to “confided Alain Chatillon before listing some proposals to revive the activity and the fight against unemployment. “Everywhere it down except in France. Employment can not be decreed. We created by taking the right measures such as anti-offshoring VAT. Increase VAT by 1% would generate 8, 5 billion euros for training for example. Employment should also impose alternating for all of more than 50 employees. One should also make efforts on doubling the minimum wage, for example, to boost consumption. “


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