Thursday, February 18, 2016

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the practice of drone afternoon.

                                 The practice of drone afternoon.


the school building trades and topography of Beaumont-de-Lomagne has once again opened its doors Thursday, February 11. This time, it is technology and new surveying methods. Indeed, the Managing Director of technological and vocational education, Mr. Gleyzes, invited the Leica company, known worldwide for both photography as topography, to introduce students to professional bachelor engineer topographer surveyor, the BTS students and teachers, which was best for topographical measurements: fixed 3D scanner, multi-station robotic, drone, dynamic scanner (mobile mapping). After having a theoretical presentation in the morning, students were able to manipulate these technological jewels afternoon. The star, of course, was the drone and its onboard camera for representing the 3D environment. This rich day trading has helped boost the topography pole high school, including its recent section of BTS surveyor topographer school status, opened in September 2016 and who joined the existing section by learning. No doubt this kind of operation will be repeated regularly within the business school.



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