Thursday, February 4, 2016

When new technologies are invite to winter sports – francetv info

Web sites

In recent years, all ski resorts have their website.
It includes practical information such as the activities offered by the resort, rates and Plans tracks. But above all, one can follow the snow conditions of each station and the list of open trails.
Some stations have even installed webcams allow you to better enjoy the weather. This is the case of Les Rousses for example.

mobile applications

All websites do not work on our mobile phones that is why many resorts offer their mobile app. The Métabief station for example, offers an application that summarizes the key information you might need on site as weather, piste map, but also direct access to online packages.

s & amp; # 039; mobile application of the Métabief station is free on iOS and Android © Métabief

© Métabief mobile station of Métabief is free on iOS and Android

Some applications you track your achievements on the slopes memorizing your trips, your altitude, speed and distance you have traveled.
This is the case of Ski Tracks that costs less than a euro and works without 3G.
If you ski outside, remember to turn off the connection to your mobile data

online packages

Some stations you offer to purchase your package by internet to avoid the queues at the checkout. You queue the first time to buy your card and you then reload the Internet. This allows you to ski on your arrival to the slopes.

The connected gadgets

A French manufacturer has just released a cap to listen to music. It integrates Bluetooth headphones. And you do not have to ski to use. Allow 30 €.

Music Beany, cap connected to listen to music © archos

© archos music Beany, cap connected for listening to music

More surprisingly, a startup has developed gloves that let you control your smartphone wouthit it out of your pocket. These also function bluetooth. And you can program it to manage your music playlist or take a picture for example.
GoGlove come with a remote control and even when cost € 129.

The GoGlove, bluetooth gloves to control your mobile phone © GoGlove

© GoGlove the GoGlove, bluetooth gloves to control your mobile phone

An augmented reality mask for skiing

C is one of the crowdfunding project that lets you see the future.
this ski mask uses augmented reality, ie it is transparent, allowing you to see the reality (the track skiing), but it displays information above, transparent, like a fighter pilot helmet! And in the demo video, the possibilities are numerous. It displays the weather, altitude, wind …
But it can also guide you on the slopes by displaying arrows on the ground.

An overview of the opportunities the RideOn

go back down to earth, you have a 3G connection to use it properly and it costs a whopping $ 629 for pre-order!


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