Thursday, February 11, 2016

New technologies: the heritage of the city with valued Internet –



the virtual tour in 360 monuments here the church of St. Augustine, is accompanied by a description of its main attractions ../ Photo DDM figcaption "legend" readability = "5">

                                 The virtual tour in 360 monuments here the Church of St. Augustine, is accompanied by a description of its main attractions ../ Photo DDM


Thanks to a partnership between the municipality and the regional council, the city’s heritage can be visited on all digital media. With bonus documented explanations.

As if you were at the heart of the college or the chapel of the Black Penitents. Same can -be better. Sitting in your sofa, you can visit the monuments of the city and an explanation documented on their outstanding points of interest. Thank you new technologies and the Internet.

This is virtual tours of heritage, fruit of a partnership between the Midi Pyrenees and Languedoc Roussillon now and the town. The starting point is the inventory of public property of the city directed by Luc Tournemire, service manager, helped since November least by Esther Sahnes, committed as part of a civic service. The regional council then spoke with Arnaud Villefranque, charge the device and author views 360 degrees. “The result is remarkable. It is the combination of heritage and technological advances “welcomes the mayor. Serge Roques recalled that his city was a candidate because “in Villefranche heritage is exceptional and important subject.” Today, virtual tours focus on an overview of the city from the oppidum of Calvary and a selection five monuments: the chapel of St. John the Baptist (annex to college), the Notre Dame chapel Thirteen Stones with frescoes by Nicolai Greschny, the chapel of the Black Penitents and the church of St. Augustine. These buildings are all geo-referenced and covered by QR codes. In the course of the year, the Charterhouse Saint-Sauveur will also open the virtual tour. And next year, we can discover the place Notre Dame with a description of the surrounding houses from the college with panoramic views. The heritage of Villefranche takes away a youthful

These virtual tours can be made from all digital media. Computers, tablets, smartphones. They are available free of charge on the gates of the Ministry of Culture and the regional council and the town hall soon and certainly tourist office.


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