Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Idyll between poetry and new technologies in the House of Elsewhere … –

The exhibition is a dialogue that comes in two axis: one about how some contemporary artists use new technologies – such as augmented reality – to create interactive poetic experiences. On the other hand, how the arts known as “noble” – such as dance or opera – and “less noble” – as the puppet theater or fashion shows – are reflected by and in science fiction .

Various artists

As part of this exhibition, exchange developed between a part of the heritage of Yverdon institution and three groups of artists: Aurélien Jeanney, and Apelab the French company Adrien M / Claire B.

“XYZT, abstract landscapes”, it offers a magical work which wants to place people at the center of technological challenges. The human body interacts with digital facilities. The visitor can put his fingers in the digital sand touching a light table

& gt;. & Gt; Explanations of the visual artist Claire Bardainne in Tuesday’s 12:45 pm:

12:45 – Posted yesterday at 12:45

The production studio specializing Apelab, composed of Swiss artists, has in turn created a gaming experience with the universe unpublished. His work, “Sequenced”, evokes an imaginary world with people of cartoons or comics.

As for the French designer Aurélien Jeanney he presents “The typo-graphics travel Jules Verne”. A project that aims to search around the literary world of the author of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” through posters and interactive digital content. It shows including works colorful, composed of multiple small geometric shapes.

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