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New technologies: the Corsican Icarus project launches web series – francetv info

Two young newly qualified Corsicans have recently launched their project “Icarus”, inventing an object that would replace many of our everyday items (keys, credit card …): a ring. Winners of several technology innovation awards, now they are launching their web series on Youtube.

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  • Published 02/22/2016 | 12:42, updated the 02/22/2016 | 12:42
Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola at the award-PEPITE springboard for student entrepreneurship © DR

© DR Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola at the award-PEPITE springboard for student entrepreneurship

This ring could be more valuable than Tolkien. And because it can replace your car keys and your credit card. It is a nugget technology invented by two young Corsicans, Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola.

The Icarus Project is a ring that replaces car keys and payment with a system combining RFID and NFC technologies. It works by magnetic induction.

In their first video, Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola tell their epic self-entrepreneurs with humor …

the idea came to the beach, a friend had lost his keys in the sand

> the web series will consist of fifteen videos and that will be published every 2 weeks. “Several components are covered in these videos, they contain didactics, story-telling, the feedback, then obviously comment on the progress of the project. This is part of communicative innovation because when we contractor, we constantly moving in the dark. the advice and feedback from people having been there are very meager … “explains Jeremy Neyrou , co-founder of the project.

We want to pass all this experience that has stored during the last 4 years


They had already come on board our March 26, 2015 at Prima Inseme

Jeremy Neyrou is 23 and is studying engineering at the Polytechnic of Nice. It is also to master the lifeboat lifeguard. Fabien Raiola, he is 24 years old and graduated from the Unviersity of Glasgow Logistics and Suply Chain. They recently received the PEPITE-Springboard award for student entrepreneurship.

Find the link to their YouTube channel.


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