Illustration of a woman using a smartphone. 26/03/12 Toulouse – FRED Scheiber / 20 MINUTES
* Celine Boff

What role do new technologies in the life of French? The 2015 edition of the Digital Barometer *, commissioned by the General Council of the economy (CGE) and the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP) has just provide answers. 20 Minutes has identified five significant digits and five surprising information.

84% of the French Internet users

What propels France to rank sixth most surfer countries in Europe, just after the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Note that all Internet users are 12-17 years old and 68% of the population consults Internet every day.

The surprising information: Before purchasing a good or service, 49% of French use the notes, assessments and comments published on the internet to get an idea . Yet, only 41% say they trust these appreciations and only 3% were “very confident”.

52% of French are on social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … Social networks seduce more than one in two French, whereas they were only 23% to participate in 2009. In just three years, social networks have mostly won 25-39 years (17 points), now more present on this ground that the 12-17 years

The surprising information. 27 member countries EU, France is the one that participates least to social networks. The Portuguese are the most keen (76%), followed by Denmark (74%) and Latvians (73%).

92% of French people have a mobile phone

They were “only” 70% own one 10 years ago. But the growth is not linear: if the device in mobile gained three points this year, it stagnated in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Not surprisingly, the 18-39 years are the most equipped (98%) and 70 years and older are less buyers, even though they are still 71% have a laptop

The surprising information. In 2015, and c ‘ is a first, the French are more likely to have a mobile phone (92%) than a fixed telephone (89%).

58% of French people own a smartphone

They were barely 17% have one four years ago. For now, smartphones are mostly bought by people under 40 years and most graduates. The largest increase relates to 12-17 whose rate increased from 59% in 2014 to 87% in 2015 (+28 points). In 2015, access to the smartphone, however, increased for almost all social groups, including an increase of 8 points for age 70+ and 5 points for non-graduates.

The surprising information: If 58% of French people have a smartphone, they are only 52% to browse the internet and even less (44%) to download applications … In other words, at least 6% of citizens use their smartphone as a lambda cell phone.

8% of the French read ebooks

The number of digital book readers has doubled in four years . Above all, hostility back: if 72% of French provide never want to read books in digital format, they were 80% to the state in 2011. 25-39 are the largest digital book readers (13% )

The surprising information. If 6% of people over 60 years report read e-books, they are 21% want to do it soon. Other news that may debunk the conventional wisdom: the young are still interested in reading. Thus, 30% of 12-24 year olds who do not say they will soon read e-books.

* The survey was conducted by the CREDOC, a center specializing in the observation of living conditions in June 2015 face-to-face with a sample of 2209 people representative of the French population aged 12 and over.