Thursday, November 26, 2015

Futurapolis: an appointment to learn new … – Side Toulouse

Published: 11/26/2015 at 19:46
Futurapolis the opportunity to handle tomorrow’s inventions in Toulouse. (Photo: DR)

For its fourth edition in Toulouse, Futurapolis moved to the Quai des Knowledge, the new dedicated website scientific culture in Toulouse. Futurapolis is an opportunity to learn new technology this year with more than 700 m 2 devoted to the handling of recent innovations.

3D Printers drones and workshops code

Fifty exhibitors will gather in effect for you to understand the latest developments in 3D printers, code workshops, drones … These two days will be also rich in testimonies, debates, lectures at Pier of Knowledge, the Museum of Toulouse and Sorano Theatre.

Please note on your calendar, almost philosophical debate “Is there a dictatorship of progress? “Friday, November 27th, from 12 am to 13 pm. Listening to the testimony of Philippe Gaudon, project manager Rosetta and Philae on a moment of exchange around “Mars, Moon, Pluto: immediate takeoff”. Saturday, November 28, from 12 am to 13 pm, HRD Airbus Thierry Barril will talk of new jobs induced by technical progress.

Photo of David Saint-Sernin

David Saint-Sernin


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