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Innovation / New Technologies: six countries including France … –

November 23, 2015

USA and Japan are at the head of a small group of countries which play a leading role innovation in the field of 3D printing , nano and robotic , three pioneering technologies could stimulate future economic growth.

In its latest report on intellectual property in the world, published November 11, 2015, entitled “Innovation and economic growth,” the World Intellectual Property Organization Intellectual (WIPO) and looks in the Chapter III report modern innovations “potentially revolutionary”. Published every two years, WIPO’s report analyzes trends in specific areas of intellectual property. Previous reports focused on the role of brands in the global market and the new face of innovation

Recent Innovations:. Pipe channels through leaders

According to the 2015 study, the Germany , USA , France The Japan , South Korea and UK account for over 75% of all patent filings in the areas of the 3D printing of nano and robotic .

Japanese companies are the leaders leading innovation in the area of ​​ robotic . Among the ten largest depositors in this area, eight are Japanese, namely Toyota Honda , Nissan , Denso Hitachi , Panasonic , Yaskawa and Sony . The other two entities are Bosch (Germany) and Samsung (South Korea).

In the area of ​​ nano The South Korean Samsung remains the main applicant and among the top ten global depositors, six Japanese, namely Nippon Steel , Toshiba Canon , Hitachi , Panasonic and TDK . Four are from the United States IBM , University of California and Hewlett Packard .

In the field 3D printing US companies are responsible for most patent applications with two leaders in the major depositors ie 3D Systems and Stratasys . Of the world’s top 10 depositors are also American General Electric (GE) and United Technologies . Three German companies – Siemens , MTU Aero Engines and EOS – and three Japanese – Mitsubishi , Hitachi and Toshiba – complete list of top 10 global depositors in the field of 3D printing

Patent applications. : China, a major player in the 3D printing and robotics

Chinese is the only emerging country to middle-income s approaching this group of industrialized and developed countries. Since 2005, WIPO noted indeed that Chinese depositors represent more than a quarter of patent applications filed worldwide in the fields of 3D printing and robotic , which is the highest percentage among all countries.
As for the nano , Chinese depositors represent nearly 15% of applications filed worldwide, either third largest origin for patent applications.

In addition to new technologies (3D printing, nanotechnology …), WIPO is also interested in the Chapter II of its report, “the innovations that have marked the history” and that transformed global economies. The report and recalls that some major technological advances as the plane, antibiotics and semiconductors made over the last 30 years have led to new business activities and contributed to sustained and sustainable increase in economic output .

Finally, the Chapter I report, WIPO analyzes the main drivers of economic growth throughout history and examines how innovation boosts economic growth

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