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SALON BLEND WEB MIX: a social vision of the New … – The Connecté

second clue: Humor generates a nearby customer / company … and undoubtedly creates value


Become weave spider man … link and change the world!

Reference Conferences
– Dr. Creative & amp; Mr Entrepreneur, how to reconcile with oneself! – Marie Brown and hosted by Regis Provignon – 10/29/2015
– The epic BlaBlaCar – hosted by Laure Wagner – 10/29/2015
– Change of Business Model: When and How? – hosted by Stéphanie Pelaprat – 10/28/2015
– Realization, lean startup and design thinking: new paradigms or fads for entrepreneurs? – hosted by Philippe Silberzahn – 10/28/2015

“Dr. Creative & amp; Mr Entrepreneur, how to reconcile with oneself! “Here is a title conference” schizophrenic “, which sheds new light on the role and behavior of man in the matrix.

Presented by Marie Brown and Regis Provignon , co-founders of the Lyon Mute communications agency, this “creative entrepreneur” and the “creative entrepreneur” speak of the problem to be actually a two-headed super hero. If the designer has to reconcile with the business aspect, the Contractor shall, in turn, become the first creative society.

But their words go further in appearance behavioral. It reminds us that the first action to take when creating a company that is to be sincere. “ You have to tell her story … we must deliver for that people want to work together.” Says Marie.

 speak more

Campaign conducted by the MUTE agency for start-ups Speak Plus

Regis adds that “today we must know to undertake surround , federate of people around you, develop partnerships and trust experts

3rd clue:. Surround yourself a professional network induces adaptability and responsiveness to the market and … undoubtedly creates value.

The emotion … we are all adventurers in search of experiences

Reference Conferences:
– UX Design: what if key to success was in theories about UX? – hosted by Carine Lallemand – 10/28/2015
– The user experience through creating emotions – hosted by Jean-Frédéric Passot – 10/29/2015
– Mobile Coping Strategies: usability, UX and perilous environment performance – hosted by Stéphanie Walter Jean-Pierre Vincent – 10/28/2015

Carine Lallemand, as it presents itself, is a researcher at the University of Strasbourg, co-author of the book design method UX practitioner balloon competition and we especially raises the question: “why design experiments? “

Good news! It seems that our world is changing and that “the material to experiential, we are the advent of a post-materialistic culture .”

Who does not smiled, thinking back to an experience rather than his last hifi purchase.

But do not deceive us, things and experiences are not contradictory.

As such UX designer or user experience designer , it seems interesting to introduce this notion in a project / product by becoming experiments authors

But why? Just because “experience makes us happy! “

And we get into the thick of it … it is the felt human emotions that create the experience and the fact that positive vision in the interaction human-product.

A good user experience (UX) requires the satisfaction of a need but “hedonic qualities are at the heart of the concept.”

A reflection to meditate Thinking back AND …


4th index: Working on positive emotions and put the individual at the heart of his project impel the deed of purchase and use of a product … and undoubtedly create value.

Conclusion of this survey

If I summarize in this ecosystem “webmastique” it appears that Men

  • actually communicate
  • share and laugh together,
  • have experiences and feel emotions

<. p> The success of Web Blend Mix lounge, with the presence of 1,800 participants, is the concrete example that men need to meet, to reflect, share and do business.

In short, Man actually lives in this virtual world and makes the heart beat of the matrix.

So do not base our fear of technology on a priori. This tool created by man and for man continues to evolve and grow without always replace human relationships. Instead, the future of the Web is undoubtedly in everything that defines the human being: emotions, humor and experiences



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