Sunday, November 15, 2015

Access to new technologies: vocational training … – LeMagIT

The prevailing discourse today when a young person wants (the famous Generation Y) enters a business, it is useless to familiarize with technological tools he masters usually much better than his elders and in any If its hierarchy.

But if young employees are surfing, zap, resautent and tweet in any ease, this does not necessarily mean that their use of technology really meet the company’s needs. This is the conclusion that has been able to make David Castera that handles digital innovation at Credit Agricole de Gascogne “digital culture, not only to know Facebook or touch screen. In the bank, it is also about how digital will shake our business and how we have to adapt. “

issues, David Castera, are not at all perceived by young people Contributors: “many do not know what the crowfunding while it shakes savings and credit. Likewise, we must be aware of the impact of FinTech which upsets our sector. ” To educate newcomers, David Castera has therefore developed a test on digital culture that employees spend after being hired, “this is a 90 question multiple choice which allows to have an idea about the person’s knowledge and actions to establish “


Avoid the digital divide

The digital training, it is also discussed at the Maty jeweler. Franche-Comté company owned by Gemafi group employs around 500 people and will have to manage between 2013 and 2017, 180 retirements. Among the major issues of the company, the dematerialisation of business processes and the digital influx in various business activities (including logistics). “But we have big differences between our employees. Some are 100% on social networks while others still refuse dematerialized payroll. We must go slowly, do not create a digital divide and pay attention to the culture of the company, “says Caroline Guillotin, the Group HR Director.

Changes that spend much by identifying requirements, internal training and transformation process, “the retirements are an opportunity to change positions.”


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