Friday, November 6, 2015

New technologies. Holograms come into our lives – Ouest-France

This is a quiet revolution nascent. The entertainment takes hold. Psy, the South Korean star who moves to the beat of the planet’s Gangnam style wriggles on stage in the middle of a series of holographic clones. ! It does not distinguish the true character of the false

Holograms -a process for the expensive time (1) – are kind of bright pictures in three or four dimensions. A technology “with unlimited applications, Quentin Tumbarello marvels. We sell the dream! “ This young Breton Quimper markets in France holograms created by Paris-based 4D Motion (2). “Every human being, every animal can be transformed into hologram” describes it.

Holograms to develop the economy

Companies see this technology in a way to promote their products: cars, perfumes, lingerie presented by holographic mannequins in shop windows … customers are also imagines a consultant holographies jewelry catalog in the shop window designers … The values ​​would remain safe. Jewelers find an answer to their security problems.

This is not science fiction

In the trendiest meetings and conferences, holograms already ringardisent traditional Power point. Speakers will revolve around with graphics and animations, and new results of their society.

More amazing, it can request information from holograms that meet us in a station or a supermarket. This virtual reality can also solve problems of presidential agenda. Imagine Hollande discussing diplomacy with foreign dignitaries, through its hologram! This is not science fiction. “It is already feasible. “

Holograms enter our homes. Ornamental elements, they reproduce all types of decorative, surrounded animations moving. Some use it to wow guests at their wedding. There is also less expected applications. “It revives, virtually, a loved one, human or animal. “ Eternal life in a salon. Everyone will be his opinion.

(1) Between € 2,500 and over € 100,000.

(2) 4D Motion, specializing in entertainment, is affiliated with the French group Santa Maria entertainment, owns theme parks, which sells, among other things, to Las Vegas slot machines.


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