Wednesday, November 11, 2015

El Khalfi promotes new technologies to … – New Tribune

The Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, Mustapha El Khalfi, called Tuesday in Casablanca, Arab distributors to use new technologies to support the global digital revolution.

a context where the number of Internet subscribers is estimated at over 10 million with an evolution very high speed page “facebook”, Arab distributors are required to improve their working methods with supporting a recurring use new technologies to support the global digital revolution, said Mr. El Khalfi at the opening of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab Distributors Union (UDA).

Minister welcomed the organization, for the 3rd time, this congress in the Kingdom despite the difficult circumstances faced by some member countries of the Union.

M. El Khalfi stressed that the congress held in Morocco for its political stability and its open model, aims to be a platform to discuss the challenges that knows the distribution “lung” sector of the publishing industry.

Meanwhile, the president of the UDA, Mohamed Ben Ali Qahtani expressed the ambition of Arab players in distribution to promote this industry and double their effort to deal with this digital revolution.

It highlighted in this context stiff competition from electronic media, calling on Arab publishers to join efforts in order to overcome the current situation.

For his part, the President of the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers, Noureddine Miftah, said that the difficulties can be overcome only through a close complementarity between the two media, digital and paper.

The news paper “does not die “and remains the most noble form of media and one of the most popular products, he assured, while advocating the search for appropriate solutions to promote the world of the press, distribution and editing.

This edition of Congress knows the participation of professionals from the world of media, publishing and distribution of members from Arab countries.

This conference, which runs until 12 current, meets the Arab publishers to exchange their expertise and generalize their knowledge of this area or allow more exchange of ideas between speakers.

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