Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Addicted to new technologies, Gregory Ensel test objects … – France Bleu

From this Wednesday, Dijon hosts a symposium on the objects connected in the health field. Meet Gregory Ensel, hooked Chalonnais smartphone. He volunteers tests the connected objects of tomorrow to criticize on his blog. And this is not the pub, he said.

Following its weight, hydration or heart rate in real time on a smartphone, it is already possible through the logged bracelet. After recreation, connected objects investing the field of health, which raises many questions, including the protection of these highly personal data. These questions will be at the heart of a conference that opens Wednesday in Dijon.

Gregory Ensel Chalon is a bit of connected objects, he tested volunteers to write tickets on his blog, hosted on siecledigital.fr site. Of all the objects he tested the connected thermostat remains his favorite, so much so that he bought a. Bought, because objects that tests are not gifts from manufacturers. He must return at the end of the test, and it is not paid to write his notes. Anyway, he has every reason to remain objective. “Behind, it can generate purchases, and on the Internet, communities are very reactive. If you publish a positive opinion that is not sincere, comments that come behind them, will be very sincere, and they will not miss you. So you better be sincere and to play the game and the use of the test. “

With the thermostat connect & # xe9 ;, G. Ensel r & # XE8; rule its boilers & # XE8; re from their smartphone - Radio France.
With the connected thermostat, G. Ensel adjusts its boiler from their smartphone © Radio France -. Marion bastit

It ensures that there is no pressure from the manufacturers. Yet he admits that some self-censorship. “When this is very negative, I do not write an article, I prefer to spend it in silence. When it’s through, I say. But in general, the sums involved are so important for businesses that projects that mature are good projects. “ But in fact, what is a good object connected? “The three conditions, respond to a problem of everyday life, be nice and have a good value. “ Prices that remain rather high at the moment. It takes 150 euros for the connected thermostat. To discuss the objects connected in the field of health, visit this Wednesday evening at 18 h 30 for a round table open to the public in the premises of Grand Dijon, located in Dijon Avenue Flag.


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