Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bombings in Paris: how new technologies facilitate … – North Coast

The speed is a key to success for investigators to tracking down terrorists attacks in Paris. The Milipol internal security presents some solutions to help law enforcement in their work of prevention, investigation and neutralization of the threat.

In such a context, where ” must move quickly to feed an investigation that can not hang “technologies can help” quickly process information “to investigators, explains Thierry Delville, inspector general of the national police and ministerial delegate, on the occasion the show held in Villepinte, north of Paris.

The police operation Wednesday morning at Saint-Denis, for example, was triggered on the phone database, video surveillance, searches and testimony gathered by investigators, as explained François Molins, the public prosecutor in Paris.

“The work of judicial investigation will be based on new tools for technical policy and scientific, and processing is accelerating, “says Thierry Delville. The goal: “to analyze the data very quickly, either DNA, a fingerprint, a given a cell phone that we will find there.”

In terms of video surveillance by example, it is imperative to “go faster in the exploitation of information. The camera provides a stream of data that we will have to analyze very, very quickly to give concrete answers, “he says.

” The first enemy of the investigator is time “, agrees Prancing Samuel, director of the security division of Morpho, Safran subsidiary of biometrics and detection systems. “Nothing can replace the investigator, the technology remains at the service of man, but it multiplies its means to process the most information quickly.”

Smart Watches

Morpho, which generates 1.5 billion euros of activity in the sector, offers various solutions ranging from fingerprinting from a handheld device or a mobile phone , an application to reconstruct the face of a person and thus identify from images taken in profile. His portrait can thus compile and compare it to a database, including old, with features points, thus ignoring the human aging.

The group, which has the FBI among its customers, also offers a system of recognition of fingerprint characteristics superimposed points, again, identify a person.

“As part of a criminal investigation, the ability to process the information more and more numerous as quickly is critical, “says Samuel Prancing

In the video, Morpho -. as its Thales competitor – offers a tool to quickly locate a wanted person through facial recognition, and know when and where it went. It is “for the operator to handle during the event or after the event while the flow of information it receives security cameras or even smartphone special,” said Samuel Fringant.

Thales, which generates just over a billion euros in security, about half in cyber security, it offers solutions for identifying weak signals on the Internet or social networks to predict an event, not necessarily a threat, such as hooligans who just give the word to end up before a stage.

Thales also unveiled during the fair a smart watch, not yet deployed, allowing law enforcement to to be in permanent contact with each other and their command center, but also to call for help and to film and transmit live what they see.

“The contribution of technologies done at all levels, resumes Thierry Delville. The relevant services in the foreground, RAID, GIGN, are services of very high technological value, very involved in everything that is researched and innovation. For them it is very important to constantly monitor the evolution of the threat. One has the feeling that it increases and diversifies, we need to adjust the response to the threat. “


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