Monday, November 16, 2015

Meudon: new technologies to the aid of the elections – Le Parisien

Jérôme Bernatas | 16 Nov. 2015, 14:44 | Update: 16 Nov. 2015, 2:44 p.m.

The big beige stuffed envelopes policies faith professions, small cardboard cards to voters the antiquated typography will they come piling in the cabinet memories? Hervé Marseille wishes.

Senator-Mayor (IDU) Meudon proposes to experience the dematerialization of electoral propaganda for the presidential election of 2017. The elected introduced in the Senate on October 28 the conclusions of its budgetary control covering the cost of preparing the elections. Reduce this expenditure is part of the tracks savings initiated by Michel Sapin, Minister of Finance, to build the budget 2016. “The elections represent a substantial cost to the State, said Hervé Marseille. In 2012 the organization of presidential and legislative has cost 437 million euros according to the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA). “The use of new technologies seems obvious to replace the enveloping leaflets, newsletters vote, but the voting card. With some reluctance, however. “Everyone does not practice the digital tool warns Brigitte Gonthier-Maurin, Senator (PCF). On the grounds of reducing costs, worthy goal, it is not to reduce access to democracy. “Thierry Solère, MP (RS), dismisses the argument. “People will have access to information on the Internet, he said. As for those who are not connected, they can get them printed in City Hall. “The abandonment of the paper voter card André challenges Gattolin, very attached to the symbolism of this document. “Some suburban youth have with their identity card and show because it symbolizes their participation in civic life,” he says. Most of the ten recommendations of Herve Marseille have featured in a report by the IGA and the general economic and financial control in 2006. The elected reached on the need to create a national database. “The electoral rolls generating more and more mistakes,” he notes. The drafters had further suggested the generalization of electronic voting. A device decried by environmentalists of Hauts-de-Seine.

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