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“A whole segment of our young people, born with the news … – FranceTV info

Interview . It is with anger and emotion that Taoufik Hasnoui responded this Monday, November 16, on the set of France 3 Alpes, on behalf of the Tunisian community in Grenoble.

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  • Published 11/16/2015 | 6:07 p.m., updated 11.16.2015 | 8:30 p.m.
As after the attack against Charlie Hebdo in January, Taoufik Hasnoui expressed concern amalgams and stigmatization of the Muslim community. He wished to speak to condemn “these barbaric acts”, say his sentence, but his anger: “France is affected like Tunisia has been there six months (…) It was a big problem today, a whole segment of our young, born in the 90s with new technologies, are convinced by the speech of those crazy, these barbarians. We absolutely must find a way to counter them. If do nothing they will come back “

And the representative of Tunisians Grenoble continues.” The police, the army, the controls is good, but it’s not enough It’s on the ground with. civil society, we must act. We have volunteers willing to do long-term work and at depth. We asked to be received at the prefecture and the Metro Grenoble for us to think and work together, but we have had no response. Yet it is urgent that we find a speech for (the ) counter. “

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Interview. Taoufik Hasnaoui

Interview. Taoufik Hasnaoui. Representative of the Tunisian community in Grenoble

On Monday, the government confirmed its commitment to close the “radical mosques”. The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, explained, on Sunday, having “taken steps” to the “dissolution of the mosques in which the actors utter hatred” and “closed places where associations in take the values ​​of the Republic “.

Taoufik Hasnoui,” is on the field of prevention and education must be a priority act. “


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