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Cygnus space freighter has finally met its rendezvous with the ISS - Gizmodo

Cygnus cargo, which had flown on 18 September, has finally managed to dock with the International Space Station with more than a week late. So on September 29 that the astronauts aboard the ISS have managed to catch it with the big robotic arm our Canadian cousins. The cargo of the private company Orbital Sciences Corp. carrying 700 kg of equipment and supplies.

Cygnus was supposed to dock with the ISS on September 22, but NASA and Orbital Sciences have decided to postpone the attempt because of a formatting problem data. Then on Wednesday, he had also done it the rest of the crew aboard a Soyuz module would also dock with the ISS. NASA has preferred men to chow taking the decision to leave the victuals aboard Cygnus wander a few more days in space. (Whether this decision was challenged by the crew)

Fortunately, once the docking attempt was launched, all went well. Here’s what Charles Bolden said NASA:

Today, with the success of securing the Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo module to the ISS, we have expanded the capabilities of America to carry a cargo reliably in low orbit …. And while trading partners show us new systems to reach the station, we at NASA continue to focus on technology to reach an asteroid and Mars.

SpaceX was the first private company to secure a cargo ship to the ISS in May 2012 company. Now Orbital is reached, the competition will certainly evolve in the coming years. It’s almost science fiction. There are now more private space companies and the market is expected to grow rapidly. It is clear that NASA is an important partner in this development. For example, Orbital and NASA have an agreement of $ 1.9 billion for Orbital sends 8 Cygnus cargo to the ISS. And it should also be noted that Orbital has received $ 288 million from NASA to fund the Cygnus project.

Cygnus is a metal cylinder 5 meters long can carry up to 2000 kg of material. Cygnus pressurized module was built by the Italian Thales Alenia Space. Cygnus will remain docked until 22 October. Then it will be detached and will burn on re-entering the atmosphere.

To learn more about Cygnus and more international than American design, go take a look at the excellent EnjoySpace.


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The iPhone, the machine stronger than Coca-Cola, McDonald's cash ... - The

This product is on the market for six years. But already worth more than all the activities of some of the largest companies in the world. This is demonstrated by Bloomberg Businessweek by simply comparing the annual turnover of the 30 companies in the Dow Jones with that generated by one of smartphone Apple . (V ee chart below ) src=””

( Image Source: Bloomberg )

result: $ 88.4 billion (65.7 billion euros) in turnover achieved by the sale of iPhones, reported in the last four quarterly reports go far beyond Apple’s total revenue some of the largest companies in the world. For comparison, this level exceeds the GDP of Ecuador.

Nearly twice the sales of Coca-Cola …

These recipes are almost double those reported by example Coca-Cola during the same period ($ 47.6 billion). It is also higher than the total annual revenue of Boeing, Microsoft (73.7 billion in sales between June 2012 and June 2013) as well as Procter & Gamble and McDonalds ….

More broadly, sales of all models in the range of smartphones created by Apple even exceed those of 474 the top 500 U.S. companies joined together to form the Standard & Poor’s!

Apple has become the world’s most powerful brand … to Coca-Cola

not surprising in these conditions that Apple becomes the most powerful brand in the world ranked by global brands produced by Interbrand and published on September 30. The consulting firm attributes to the Apple brand worth $ 98 billion.

9 million iPhones sold in 3 days?

successful product launched in 2007 does not seem ready to dry. The last-born smartphone from the Cupertino team would be sold 9 million iPhones 5S and 5C in just 3 days … A figure somewhat exaggerated, according to the Wall Street Journal. With these new features, the iPhone does it fight new multinationals? Response during the next Apple publications on its income.

Climate: "an alarm signal to the world" ... -

Climate: an alarm signal to the world ...

Photo credit © Reuters

( – The expert report on global warming sounds like a new warning … In the first part of this report to Stockholm, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), believes that the global temperature is expected to grow between 1 degree and 4 degrees by the end of the century , which will cause major economic and ecological changes for humanity.

temperature rise accelerated by human activity

Between 1901 and 2012, the mercury is already mounted on average 0.9 degrees, the researchers said. According to the daily newspaper, which published excerpts of the draft report, experts are now 95% certain that the temperature rise is accelerated by human activities, which are responsible for more than half of the rise in temperatures. A glimmer of hope, however: from 10 to 15 years, there has been a slowdown of rising temperatures, but it still does not call into question the long-term trend …

As the oceans, the most optimistic forecasts indicate an increase in the level of 40 centimeters (26 to 45) during this century. The darkest scenario shows an increase of 62 centimeters (45 to 81). From 1901 to 2012, the sea level was already high by 19 cm.

action plan against global warming

new IPCC report should serve as a basis for world governments, who have planned to develop a comprehensive action plan against global warming by 2015. Yesterday in New York, the official UN climate Christiana Figueres believed that the IPCC report would be a “wake up call for the world.” She added that the commitments made so far to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (responsible for global warming) are insufficient to achieve the goal of two degrees higher than at the beginning of the industrial era. ..

V.A. – © 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Cygnus capsule successfully docked with the ISS, with a week ... -

unmanned Cygnus capsule American company Orbital Sciences arrived Sunday morning at 13h French time, the International Space Station (ISS) with a week late and docking was carried out smoothly, said Nasa.

crew of the ISS are “able to successfully capture the Orbital Sciences Cygnus capsule with the station’s robotic arm,” said the U.S. space agency said in a statement. The device will be operated by the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano the European Space Agency and the American Karen Nyberg of NASA, the agency said.

First flight demonstration Orbital

Cygnus must deliver 590 kilos of goods and equipment, including food and clothing, for the six crew members of the ISS-37 Shipping – consisting of three Russians, two Americans and an Italian. The capsule should remain pegged to the station for a month. She was launched on 18 September by the Orbital Sciences Antares rocket from the Wallops Flight Center of NASA, located on an island near the coast of Virginia, the eastern United States.

This is the first demonstration flight to the ISS Orbital, one of two used by NASA, with the Californian company SpaceX private companies to deliver cargo to the ISS. In May 2012, SpaceX was the first private company to dock his ship, Dragon, the company station. She then made two more flights of cargo delivery to the ISS.

Unlike SpaceX Dragon capsule, Cygnus can not return to Earth will be destroyed by falling into the atmosphere over the Pacific after his mission. Due to a computer problem, securing the supply capsule had initially been shifted from Sunday to Tuesday, before being moved to the weekend again.

>> Watch the launch of Cygnus:


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What will the Sagrada Familia if it is completed? - The Point

The – Published on 27/09/2013 at 12:44 pm

“If we continue at this pace, the work should be completed in 2026.” There are some days, Jordi Fauli, chief architect of the Sagrada Familia, announced (finally) the end of the work. The famous basilica erected in 1882 by the architect Antoni Gaudí, true symbol of Catalan modernism, was unfinished at his death in 1926. Since then, the project is moving slowly, the construction is funded entirely by donations and entrance fees for visitors. Inaugurated in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, the building is now not only 65% ??of its construction.

144 years after the laying of the first stone, we can admire its 18 towers and parabolic profile famous spiral staircases, representing the 12 apostles, the four evangelists, Christ and the Holy Virgin. The highest, that of Jesus, is expected to peak at 172 meters high. For daily El País , “the apotheosis of the building will be the main façade, the Glory of the largest and most monumental of the three that make up the Sagrada Familia, a kind of giant organ which, once completed, will become the entrance to the building. ” “My client is in no hurry,” Gaudí was used to joke referring to God. We, yes! Meanwhile in 2026, here are some pictures of the completion of the basilica.

LOOK Sagrada Familia finally completed in 2026:

Hit the piñata for 15 years Google - Update - Generation NT

Update doodle piñata left the home page of Google but it is to be found on this page for those who want to continue fun (without the possibility of sharing the score on Google+.)


today celebrates its 15th anniversary Google. After the Easter Egg for a return to the search engine, it’s like a tradition the Google logo that marks this event. An animated version of doodle to play hit the piñata.

codes Google logo that dropped the exclamation mark in 1999 – it was then imitate Yahoo! – are included. Armed with a multicolored stick, the second g Google gets away on a Mexican piñata to a maximum of candy to fall.

the user, the tool will hit the space bar on the keyboard or mouse click bar. The best score is to be completed in ten shots and share if on Google+. Good romping

questioning gallery doodles, note that this is the first time a special birthday Google doodle is animated. In past years, there was a little more sober. Doodle of the day will soon join this gallery.

celebration doodle was in September 2002 for the fourth anniversary of Google. However, the first doodle appeared well before the summer of 1998 for the annual Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. With it, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had tried to report their presence at the festival that ends with a giant pile of wood. The special Burning Man doodle was supposed to represent the stake.

date of the celebration of the anniversary of Google changed over the years. Since 2006, it is September 27 which is retained.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin began working on a search engine BackRub in January 1996. The domain was registered on 15 September 1997. The word Google is derived from googol English that mathematics is a number with the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. Initially based in a garage, Google got its statutes California September 4, 1998.

In the past, Google’s birthday was celebrated on September 4 or September 7. “Google opened its doors in September 1998. Exact date when we celebrate our birthday has continued to change from one year to another, depending on our mood .”

Of course, Google today is far from being limited to a search engine. The search nevertheless remains the heart of its business.

The CNIL will punish Google - Digital Zone

September 28, 2013

A decision will be taken by the European CNIL early October on the various possibilities and a formal and official decision will be made public at the end of a round of G29 to be conducted on 3 and 4 October in Brussels on the privacy policies are not respected by Google. The French CNIL decided to launch a “formal sanction” proceedings against the American giant. The CNIL announced the decision in a statement September 27, 2013. The Committee noted six offenses that are major inaccuracies in the explanations given to users, unfair collection of information, collection and data linkage without warning the user. Google is said to be in accordance and compliance with European law. The G29 will decide soon.

On 20 June, the G29, which includes protection authorities of the privacy of individual European states had set Google remains, giving him three months to change its privacy policy. The period therefore expires and the chances of Google respond favorably are low. The G29 aware that European regulations do not allow it to impose heavy financial penalties would be preparing a penalty for infringement fines which would multiply by the number of affected users, who are the users of Google. In France, it is not less than 40 million people who use the search engine. Either Google will comply with a due date or fines will be enforced. The French CNIL was granted an extension until September 26 to Google to change its privacy policy. The time is exceeded, the French CNIL undertakes a formal sanction dated 27 September 2013. Google responded yesterday to the deadline given in a statement challenging the reasoning of the CNIL, including the implementation of the Data Protection Act to services used by residents of France. Google has not fulfilled its commitments.

Google did not comply face the CNIL - MacNN

 - JPEG - 20.1 kb

period of three months have now passed. Google did not respond in time to requests from the French CNIL applications were yet absolutely clear:


objectives and clear for new privacy rules
Inform users on these
Keep user data within defined objectives in advance (and of course clear the hole after this period )
prevent the merger of private information without a clear legal framework
Conduct a collection and a fair processing liabilities
importantly point very sensitive for Google users aware of any mandatory users in the use of cookies hang navigation.

On none of these issues Google has not even bothered to find solutions, preferring merely to justify its business model (above laws and respect privacy so if we follow the group).

Accordingly, the CNIL will probably implement measures that will hardly exceed 150,000 euros in penalties provided by law. But the body keep a card up its sleeve: to pay the fine for each individual infringement. It would then multiply this sum by the number of users affected by the breach of Google, the total amount, Pharaonic, could then be much more of a deterrent. In addition, various European CNIL trying to pool their efforts to weigh more heavily against the U.S. giant that seems deaf to any request.

If sanctions were to touch the very heart of the business model of Google (and some European countries will demand to do so), the silence of the American giant could end up costing him dearly.

Source – Content English

Privacy: Google will be sanctioned by the CNIL - Digital Zone

September 28, 2013

A decision will be taken by the European CNIL early October on the various possibilities and a formal and official decision will be made public at the end of a round of G29 to be conducted on 3 and 4 October in Brussels on the privacy policies are not respected by Google. The French CNIL decided to launch a “formal sanction” proceedings against the American giant. The CNIL announced the decision in a statement September 27, 2013. The Committee noted six offenses that are major inaccuracies in the explanations given to users, unfair collection of information, collection and data linkage without warning the user. Google is said to be in accordance and compliance with European law. The G29 will decide soon.

On 20 June, the G29, which includes protection authorities of the privacy of individual European states had set Google remains, giving him three months to change its privacy policy. The period therefore expires and the chances of Google respond favorably are low. The G29 aware that European regulations do not allow it to impose heavy financial penalties would be preparing a penalty for infringement fines which would multiply by the number of affected users, who are the users of Google. In France, it is not less than 40 million people who use the search engine. Either Google will comply with a due date or fines will be enforced. The French CNIL was granted an extension until September 26 to Google to change its privacy policy. The time is exceeded, the French CNIL undertakes a formal sanction dated 27 September 2013. Google responded yesterday to the deadline given in a statement challenging the reasoning of the CNIL, including the implementation of the Data Protection Act to services used by residents of France. Google has not fulfilled its commitments.

Friday, September 27, 2013

VIDEO. Climate: an expert says disaster scenario ... - TF1

The IPCC global experts presented their report on Friday global warming. The most optimistic scenario shows an increase in temperature of 0.3 degrees and a rise in sea level of 26 cm by the end of the century. But if carbon dioxide does not fall quickly, the temperature could rise by 4.8 degrees and sea rise of 82 cm. Invited on the set of LCI, Robert Kandel, astrophysicist, emeritus research director at CNRS, explains why increasing the surface temperature of the Earth would be a disaster.
wells will dry up. “The rise in temperature means an increase in the arrival of energy, and therefore heat that enters the ocean . And this changes the evaporation of water, “said Robert Kandel. The same phenomenon occurs for fresh water, which means a dry well, he said. “For life, fresh water available is one aspect of the climate at least as important as the temperature itself.”

sea level will rise. At the same time, heat contributes to the rise of sea level with “glacier retreat on the various mountain ranges the disappearance of ice in the Arctic, Greenland and possibly Antarctic, “worries the scientist.
increasing carbon dioxide present in the air. While human activity is blamed, the specialist said that it is above all the CO2 it emits into the atmosphere which jeopardizes climate. “It is clear that humans modify the composition of the air. By burning coal, oil, natural gas, carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere. Atmosphere and returns a portion of this CO2 in vegetation and in the ocean, but cautioned about half, “he says. So the rate is increasing year by year.
temperature can make a leap by 2100. “If we do not radically change our energy production technologies and the way we live, if we continue increasing CO2 emissions, we are heading towards disaster scenario where the temperature will increase by the end of the century as it increased at the end of the Ice Age, “worries Robert Kandel.

Many speeches, little action. The climate scientist is concerned especially that “there is a lot of talk, but we know they will not really followed the facts. ” This is why he believes that “there need for further research to better understand where we are going. According to him, to improve people’s lives,” we must both think and act. “

Read also: Climate, it does not get better: the conclusions of the IPCC

The IPCC report alarming figures. Latest ads IPCC

March: robot Curiosity has found water in the soil - BFMTV.COM

Curiosity probe continues its findings to the surface of Mars. An analysis of rock samples collected by the robot, the Martian soil contains about 2% water. This represents about 33 liters of water per cubic meter of rock, reports the journal Science .

Curiosity had already revealed the presence of water currents ancient Mars , but they were dried. This recent discovery proves that the ground water would be existing and exploitable.

Need to heat the rocks to 835 degrees

The presence of water would facilitate the work of future human missions to Mars. Nothing to drink long sips of Martian water provided. To remove water from the rock, the sample has in fact had to be first heated to 835 degrees, in order to extract the different elements in gaseous form.

Exploit water ice caps of Mars would be easier. In 2003, Mars Express has discovered large reserves of ice at the poles of the planet.

But the presence of water across the surface of Mars would “extraction from anywhere”, which would facilitate the exploration, says Laurie Leshin, co-author of the work on the Curiosity BBC .

traces of past life forms

Besides water, the Martian soil contains carbon dioxide, oxygen, and sulfur. These products may come from perchlorate. However, these salts interfere with thyroid function, and ingestion of Martian dust could be a problem for humans, also reveals the researcher.

Curiosity had allowed scientists to establish the existence of past life on Mars in the form of microbes. But little chance of finding these microbes present, experts warn.

For now, Curiosity continues towards Mount Sharp, eight kilometers away. But the speed of the robot, the journey should take several months, Curiosity should also stop for further sampling.

IPCC report: "Climate change will be transmitted by ... - The Point

On the same topic

This is a huge new job more than five years just to complete the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Under the auspices of the United Nations, he revealed on Friday in Stockholm, the first conclusions of the fifth report, a crucial step on the state of scientific knowledge. It points more than ever the role of human activity in increasing both average temperatures than in extreme weather events. Valérie Masson-Delmotte is one of 800 scientists mobilized on the subject. This climatologist at the Laboratory of Climate and Environment * oversaw the chapter on climate change in the past. She explains the challenges of meeting between science and policy as well as the latest findings on climate.

are meeting between scientists and representatives of 110 countries since Monday in Stockholm. How is your work there consisted recent days

The challenge was to get around the table to approve, word by word, “the summary for policy makers” (link in English) by the assembly of delegates from different countries. This summary of some thirty pages is sleek figures (note: graphs, maps, etc..), But still technical. It is essential to go to. Each word having an impact, they must be chosen with precision. The document will then serve as a common scientific basis between countries (to help policy decision, Ed.)

not there he was not a temptation for politicians to influence the outcome of scientific research

This phase does give rise to some interesting discussions, as the political agenda of each country is not the same. This is not censorship, this is primarily a work of decoding: what they say is well understood by politicians, and vice versa? The consensus on this summary does not therefore our results, but how to say things. While it is true that some would mitigate the finding highlight the uncertainty, while others would put well under the carpet aspects reminiscent of the complexity of the climate system.

on site, I was struck by an express very multipolar world. We scientists working on the climate of the planet, but they represent the human world. The fact that the document is approved by such diverse countries as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and China is a real asset to the discussions between States.

What are the main lines, which is confirmed, which is new compared to previous reports

The 2007 report already affirmed the role of human activities on climate and rising temperatures. Today, this situation is much thinner, clear and precise. Across decades, whether on rising sea levels, melting ice and glaciers, warming oceans deep or extreme events, the man is the main cause of all these changes unequivocal.

On the evolution of trajectories temperatures, several scenarios are still possible by 2100, depending on the atmospheric composition. Two important numbers to remember are: from + 2 ° C in the case of large declines in our greenhouse gas at 4 ° C in case of continuation of current releases. As for the rise in sea level, it is currently 3 mm per year, after growing 20 cm in the twentieth century. In the highest scenarios, the total rise could reach the end of the century a meter compared to the preindustrial era.

In the previous report, errors were committed, including the melting of Himalayan glaciers. The method has she been strengthened to prevent this?

On a final report of 1000 pages, of course, we are never immune to error. The review process has been revised, publishers must verify proper consideration of comments by validating or rejecting. It is also easier to make adjustments.

Have you identified more clearly the origin of the so-called “climate pause”

There has slowing of global warming over the past fifteen years. Several volcanic eruptions and a decrease in solar activity played a role in the slowdown of rising temperatures, but at the margin. The main cause is to be found in the oceans, where the heat builds up in depth.

Specifically, we disrupt the climate by increasing the greenhouse effect, by trapping rather than the energy back to space. You should know that 93% of this energy is stored and trapped by warming sea water, 3% warms the soil, 3% is consumed in the melting of ice and 1% only, is stored through the atmospheric warming. So you see a very small variation of the energy exchange between ocean and atmosphere can play an important role in a decade to the next. We have no control over the mechanism of internal climate variability. But when we look at the next thirty years, all the scenarios show an atmospheric warming.

If our development patterns do not change, the worst is still to be feared, but rather the day after tomorrow

disturbances related to greenhouse gas emissions have a long life, around the millennium, as goes the climate response. This is an issue that we will bequeath, from one generation to another. The climate issue is universal, because it relates to all the inhabitants of the planet.

* Joint Research Unit involving the CNRS, CEA and Versailles Saint-Quentin University.

IPCC: Earth could warm by 4.8 ° C by 2100 - Update

The – Published on 27/09/2013 at 10:49 – Edited on 27/09/2013 10:56

Under the new scientific appraisal of climate change, rising sea level was revised upward.

responsibility of man in global warming is more certain than ever, and the average temperature of the Earth is expected to climb from 0.3 to 4.8 ° C by 2100, according to a new report from the IPCC climate experts agreed Friday in Stockholm. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) also revised upward the increase in sea level, which should be 26 to 82 cm by 2100, according to new scientific appraisal of climate change.

to the IPCC, it is now “very likely” that human influence is the main cause of the warming observed since the mid-20th century, equivalent to 95% confidence in the precise terminology of the report. In its last report in 2007, this certainty was 90%. About the possible magnitude of warming by the end of the century, the IPCC has identified four possible scenarios without commenting on the likelihood of each.

The IPCC and considers it likely that the Earth is warming between 0.3 ° C, in the most optimistic scenario, and 4.8 ° C by the end of the century the average temperature of the period 1986-2005. The high uncertainty obviously dependent primarily on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that will be emitted into the atmosphere in the coming decades. The Earth has warmed by about 0.8 ° C since pre-industrial times. “Limiting climate change will require substantial and enduring emission greenhouse gas emission reductions,” he said in a statement Thomas Stocker, vice-chairman of the IPCC group.

projections revised upward

IPCC experts also expect that global warming causes more intense extreme weather events, although some aspects are not yet entirely clear. “Heat waves are likely to occur more frequently and last longer. With global warming, we expect to see the currently wet regions receive more rainfall, and dry regions receive less, although it will be exceptions, “according to Thomas Stocker.

Regarding the rising sea level, one of the major consequences of global warming, the IPCC has revised upwards its projections: Scientists now believe that it can rise by an average of 26-82 cm by 2100 against 18 to 59 cm in the 2007 report. Climatologists now take better account of a phenomenon that is still insufficiently studied there 6 years. Flow into the oceans coastal glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica

The IPCC, created 25 years ago under the aegis of the UN’s mission is to establish an inventory of global warming to inform political and economic leaders, but does not provide recommendations.

The IPCC points to the role of man in global warming - Le Nouvel Observateur

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) adopted Friday a report indicating more clearly the man as the main cause of global warming


“It was adopted,” said Jonathan Lynn, spokesman for the IPCC.

Gathered since Monday in Stockholm, members of the IPCC agreed that human activities are so “highly probable” that is to say, with a probability of at least 95%, the main cause of global the world since the mid-twentieth century.

This probability was 90% in the last IPCC report in 2007 and 66% in the 2001.

Their report also predicted that the slowdown in the global warming observed since the beginning of the twenty-first century will not last.

This document is intended to inform governments worldwide on the causes and risks of global warming.

discussions between scientists and government officials have extended into the night from Thursday to Friday.

Alister Doyle; Bertrand Boucey for French service

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Martian soil contains 2% water - The Point

The – Published on 26/09/2013 at 22:46

This discovery, made from a sample made by the robot Curiosity opens new perspectives for the human exploration of the Red planet.

This discovery opens new perspectives for the human exploration of the Red planet. “One of the most exciting results of the study of the first sample analyzed by Curiosity is the high percentage of water in the Martian soil, which is about 2%”, welcomed Laurie Leshin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in the State of New York, co-author of a study published online Thursday in the journal Science . The sample was heated to 835 degrees Celsius, has also reached significant proportions of carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen and sulfur compounds, but the water was the most abundant gaseous element , she says. According to the scientist, you could take about a liter of 0.03 cubic meters (one cubic foot) of the Martian sand, “which is a lot.”

“Until March was seen – outside the polar regions – as a very dry desert, and although it is a much smaller proportion of water as that found in a sample of ground floor is a substantial and important resource “for future explorers of Mars, she told AFP. “This water is almost everywhere on the planet in the surface soil under your feet and be an astronaut if you simply heat a little of the soil for water,” she notes.

“Mars is covered with a layer of sand so that is mixed and travels throughout the world due to frequent dust storms, so a sample of the soil is like having a microscopic collection of all Martian rocks …. and a good idea of ??the entire surface of Mars, “she advanced. Water is abundant on Mars in the form of ice in the polar regions. In 2003, the European Mars Express spacecraft in orbit around the planet, had confirmed the presence of water ice in the south polar cap. Shortly after she discovered the presence of permafrost around the north pole extending over hundreds of square kilometers.

March conducive to microbial life

addition to the work on the analysis of gases in the Martian soil, four other research with other instruments onboard Curiosity also published Thursday in Science . They have helped to advance the understanding of the nature and structure of the Martian soil and the role of water. Arrived in the Gale Crater on the Martian equator Aug. 6, 2012, Curiosity rover to the six most sophisticated wheels ever sent to another planet, has already established that the Red planet was favorable for microbial life in the distant past, which was the main objective of his two-year mission.

A study published last week, however, had dampened the hopes of finding traces of present life on Mars, indicating that Curiosity n ‘had found no trace of methane in the atmosphere. In recent weeks, the robot has picked his way to Mount Sharp, five miles distant and main exploration target of the mission. His journey will take several months, especially as Curiosity will stop on the way to analyze considered interesting geological formations. The foot of Mount Sharp of great interest because of different sedimentary layers that could help date the periods when Mars was suitable for life.

Bouygues Telecom to test 4G gratis -

convince the undecided, the operator provides 4G SIM card to use for free for a month. Official launch of commercial 4G offensive: October 1


Bouygues Telecom sharpens his blade in 4G . The official inauguration of its mobile broadband network will occur on October 1.

But we already know the outlines of commercial offers to open, unveiled last night.

operator launches’ offers larger packages. ” In particular, the proposed 3, 8 and 16 GB for less than 30, 40 and 60 euros, without obligation and without mobile.

rates “for life” for any subscription before January 5, 2014, said In addition, customers who subscribe will have to pay 10 euros extra per month.

first 4G plans were announced at the end of August.

Bouygues Telecom launches a call to move to 4G. It offers to try mobile broadband for a month with a SIM card compatible … Free. Whether prospects or customers.

“When we tasted the 4G, it does not return back” , boastful Roussat Olivier, CEO of Bouygues Telecom.

also how to respond to a Deloitte study released in parallel, that mobile customers are struggling to see the benefits of mobile broadband.

million customers holding an iPhone 5 supports 4G on 1800 MHz but not on the 2600 and 800 MHz (the refarming thank you) will be the main target.

as 200,000 customers Bouygues with antique model of Apple smartphone. And without relying on those who adhere to fresh iPhone 5s.

Bouygues Telecom plans to cover 63% of the population in 4G from 1 October (well above 40% so far announced).

A tour de force that should divert its competitors Orange and SFR betting on up to 40% coverage population by the end of the year.

alone in Paris, Bouygues Telecom 450 websites turn on 1 October (or as Orange) and 1250 in the Ile-de-France.


Quiz: Do you really know the 4G




A mysterious island emerges after the earthquake in Pakistan - Metronews

This is one of the unintended consequences of the tragic earthquake that struck Tuesday Balochistan province (southwest) in Pakistan. About 400 kilometers from the epicenter, opposite the port of Gwadar, on the Arabian Sea, an island appeared under the astonished gaze of the inhabitants. The violence of the quake, with a magnitude of 7.7, has given rise to a cluster of rocks, mud and sand than twenty meters high explored by curious local fishermen.

imposing island, about 100 meters long and 40 meters wide has also hosted a team of scientists from the Pakistan Institute of Oceanography that detected on the surface of methane gas. An index that provides an explanation of this strange phenomenon. It would be indeed a “mud volcano” mound of sediment pushed to the surface under the pressure of methane gas in the quake, told AFP Gary Gibson, a seismologist at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

“an unusual event”

“This has already happened in the past in this region, but it is an extraordinary event, very rare, I’ve never heard of anything of the sort,” at such a distance from the epicenter, the expert continues.

Indeed, several years ago, a powerful earthquake of 8.1 magnitude that struck the Makran area, in the same province of Baluchistan, gave birth to a similar phenomenon that the people were baptized ” Zalzala Koh “(” The Mountain of the earthquake “). Like this unstable ephemeral island, new mound appeared off Gwadar should disappear within a few weeks.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pakistan: an island emerges in the Arabian Sea after the earthquake - Le Parisien

Do not call Atlantis, the legendary lost continent, but “Zalzala Koh,” as has been dubbed the Pakistanis. The powerful earthquake in Pakistan occurred on Tuesday gave birth to.


Your friends can now see this activity Delete X


  • VIDEO. Hundreds dead in Pakistan earthquake VIDEOS. Hundreds dead in Pakistan earthquake
  • IN PICTURES Pakistan. an island emerges after a deadly earthquake IN PICTURES. Pakistan: an island emerges after a deadly earthquake

.. an “island” out suddenly to the surface of the Arabian Sea, hundreds of miles from the epicenter.

“This is not a small thing, but a great thing that came out from under the water “still rubs his eyes Muhammad Rustam, a resident of Gwadar, Pakistan strategic port located some 400 kilometers south of the epicenter of the 7.7-magnitude earthquake Tuesday that shook the province of Balochistan and claimed hundreds of lives.

VIDEO. The island out of the waters in Pakistan

Wednesday, thousands of people watched a curious eye this huge mound of about twenty feet high, with a forty meters in length and a hundred wide, planted in the Arabian Sea near the coast of Gwadar. Intrigued fishermen had approached Tuesday of this maritime protuberance loving amateur photographers flashes

This is not the first time an earthquake has surprising consequences. Magnitude quake 9.0 causing the devastating tsunami in Japan in 2011 was a power that it had moved about 17 centimeters axis of the Earth. Result, according to NASA: This day was shortened by 1.8 microseconds. Same after an earthquake in Chile in February 2010: the day had lost 1.26 millionth of a second after shocks of 8.8 on the Richter scale

The scientific explanation

Behind the fascination of “New Gwadar Island” also hides a scientific explanation related to the movement of tectonic plates and “mud volcanoes”.

A team of the Pakistan Institute of Oceanography visited this island and found high levels of methane. “Our team discovered the bubbles rising to the surface of the island that caught fire near a match,” said Mohammad Danish researcher in this public institution.

For Gary Gibson, a seismologist at the University of Melbourne, Australia, the appearance of this island hundreds of miles from the epicenter of the earthquake was “very strange.” “This has already happened in the past in this region, but it is a very rare event unusual, I’ve never heard of anything like this,” at such a distance from the epicenter, he said.

This “island” is actually a “mud volcano” mound of sediment pushed to the surface under the pressure of methane gas in the quake, says scientist . The island is therefore not a fixed structure but a pile of mud and rocks that will disintegrate over time, unlike the growth of permanent rocky mounds tectonic plates meet.

The old Gwadar still remember the earthquake of magnitude 8.1 in the area of ??Makran Balochistan. But this powerful earthquake had also given birth to a similar “island,” says Gary Gibson.

The fate of the island

people of Gwadar have already dubbed “Koh Zalzala” – “The mountains quake” in French – this strange pile destined to disappear 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

“This will disperse the island. Over the next weeks or months, “said Shamim Ahmed Shaikh, director of the department of geology at the University of Karachi, Pakistan’s southern metropolis. To eventually be reborn one day, in case of future devastating earthquakes.

Microsoft would include a 7.5-inch tablet space - ZDNet

Technology: According to IHS iSuppli, Microsoft has its boxes tablet surface less than 10 inches since with a 7.5 inch display (1400×1050 pixels), and running Windows RT .

takes the same and start again. This is basically the philosophy adopted by Microsoft for its second generation space. But the manufacturer could bring to market a model surface with a smaller screen.

According to Rhoda Alexander, director of research at IHS iSuppli, Microsoft plancherait on a model with a screen of 7.5 inches, therefore smaller than 10 inches are equipped with far shelves area.

Asked by, the analyst says it would be an ARM area, that is to say Windows RT, with a screen (ratio 4: 3) with a resolution of 1400×1050 . A little weak compared to recent announcements of the competition?

7.5 Surface could also be 3G/4G compatible, that does not however confirm DisplaySearch and IHS – which in May was already reported an area of ??less than 10 inches. As a start, NDP evoked mass production in the first quarter 2014.

A law to erase your mistakes of youth on the Internet - Rue89

California teens will soon be able to request the deletion of photos or lackluster comments posted after a drunken evening too.

“rubber law” was enacted at the beginning of the week in California. It requires sites or applications used by miners to leave the possibility for them to remove “posts” downloaded on a whim. The goal? Avoid a potential employer falls on embarrassing photos.

Opponents of the law point out the ambiguity and challenges it raises. Facebook and Twitter already offer the ability to remove content. But the essence of social networking is sharing photos, messages … What will happen if the “post” to remove has spread across the canvas? Response in 2015 with the entry into force of the text.

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BlackBerry soon sold and removed from the Exchange - Le Parisien

The Fairfax Canadian investment fund will buy BlackBerry, former leader of smartphones which is a shadow of what it was since the arrival of the iPhone, the term a transaction valuing the $ 4.7 billion.
Fairfax, which already owns 10% of the old technology icon, has teamed up with a consortium of investors – the identity unspecified – to buy the entire stake in the group at $ 9 per share , which is an appreciation of 3% at the opening on Monday.


Your friends can now see this activity Delete X

In July 2007, just after the arrival of the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry as worth $ 230.
In carrying out this rescue, the consortium of buyers decided to withdraw BlackBerry Exchange, which could occur on November 4, due to the bid.
The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the former founder and CEO Mike Lazaridis BlackBerry was associated with investment funds to buy the company he founded in 1984. Such an operation would be to restructure the Group against the depravity of the market, as Steve Jobs had put Apple on track. And as Mr. Jobs, Mr. Lazaridis got evicted from his company in January 2012.
“This is probably the best solution for BlackBerry,” said analyst Jack Gold, noting that it was too early “to judge whether (the decision) comes too late”.
With a period of six to twelve months “to do what he wants” free from all the group “may at least become more attractive for acquisition,” he noted, while the names of several potential buyers have been circulating for several months, including the Chinese computer company Lenovo.
The agreement between the Board of Directors of BlackBerry and Fairfax follows the announcement on Friday the dismissal of 4,500 employees of the Group of Waterloo (south of Toronto), 40% of the staff of the Canadian society. BlackBerry has also revealed an operating loss of nearly one billion dollars for the second quarter of its fiscal year and a net loss of 250 to 265,000,000.
Plummeting despite the launch in early to a new operating system year and a new generation of devices, the BlackBerry was formed in August a special committee to make recommendations on the future of society .
Fairfax CEO Prem Watsa, had also resigned from the Board of Directors of BlackBerry mid-August to avoid “conflicts of interest” when the governing body of the Canadian group had formed the special committee.
“This transaction will open an exciting new chapter for BlackBerry customers, operators and employees,” also assured Mr. Watsa Monday, saying follow “a long-term strategy” which aims to “provide solutions for companies which are superior and safe. “
The Board of Directors of BlackBerry “has approved the terms of the letter of agreement under which the consortium” that seeks funding from two banks, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and BMO Capital Markets, “will acquire BlackBerry and stop its listing, “said a statement released Monday by BlackBerry.
This development highlights the failure of the strategy deployed by the successor of Lazaridis, Thorsten Heins, a former Siemens had taken over the struggling BlackBerry innovation, including delaying the release of new phones.
In the early 2000s, the BlackBerry smartphone was the first on the market for so-called smart phones and had become an indispensable tool for all business leaders and politicians in North America and Europe. The BlackBerry had never managed to break into the Asian market.
Globally, BlackBerry weighs only 3% of the smartphone market when the Android system phones Team 8 of 10 in the world and Apple 13%.
Microsoft group even ironed before BlackBerry since the beginning of the year with its Windows Phone operating with the Finnish Nokia software, he just bought the phones.

Microsoft unveils its second generation Surface - Le Figaro


Second attempt for Microsoft. The global leader in software does not admit defeat. On 22 October, four days after the launch of the second version of its Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft will offer two new families of tablets, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Prices range from 439 euros to 1779 euros, depending on storage capacity embedded in each machine. The new tablets have the same external dimensions as the previous ones, with a large screen (10.6 inches or 27 inches diagonal). But the battery life has been improved by 60%. The tablets may be used as well for more than ten hours without recharging. Microsoft will sell online, through its website, and will also feature in France from Boulanger, Carrefour, Darty, Fnac, then later in the Leclerc hypermarkets. By extending our distribution network and adapting our offering to the market price, we have given a major boost to space,” said Marc Jalabert, director of the consumer branch of Microsoft France.

In addition, to purchasers of these new tablets, Microsoft will offer a year of free calls using Skype software. The Redmond giant also offer a range of accessories such as a docking station in order to make these new more attractive to the general public and businesses.

bet is not won. But the software giant renewed the offensive. The announcement comes less than a year, barely, after Microsoft failed miserably with its first tablet surface, the price has been reduced from 15% to 30% this summer, depending on the model.

previous version, launched in October 2012 in the United States, and earlier this year in France, was not as successful as hoped. Microsoft has, with this activity, generated revenues of $ 853 million, lower than the 900 million provisioned by the software giant to poor sales and lower prices for tablets on its last fiscal year ended in late June The number of tablets already sold area has not been made public. In total, the various research firms estimate that less than 2 million units total sales of the first generation of space in the world, with a slightly stronger for the “Pro” application, which has a keyboard and wants to be both a tablet and a laptop.

Microsoft is still far from being imposed on this market. However, in the second quarter of 2013, the global tablet market grew by 43% to 34.2 million units, dominated by Apple (42.7% of total), Samsung (21.6%) and Amazon (4 , 5%), according to research firm Canalys.

iPhone 5S and 5C: The different rates offered by operators - Digital Zone

Apple’s new product, the iPhone 5S and 5C are for sale. We offer a comparison of the various offers available

Since Friday, the new iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C of the Apple brand is marketed. The Apple Store in the capital were attacked. We offer a comparison of the proposed Internet offers. 5C The iPhone is sold naked from € 599 and € 699 iPhone 5S naked in the App Store. The most interesting seems to be currently offering Sosh, which offers iPhone 5C to 539 € in 16GB and € 639 for 32GB with no minimum fee and no binding commitment.

Apple iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C

Apple iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C

Orange offers Origami Jet or Jet Open Multi-line package over one year to 60 € / month for the white iPhone 5C 16GB version at € 99.90. It is sold € 199.90 but a coupon of € 100 is applicable. Therefore rise from € 199 to € 99 and the difference will be refunded on your invoice. The offer is valid until October 9, 2013. Mobile only cost you € 559.90. In 32 GB iPhone 5C is € 199.90 like the iPhone 5S € 299.90 instead of always with the same discount.

At SFR, it must commit to two years with a Square 6GB package (80 € / month) or Square Voyageur (/ month 140 €) plan to receive a € 200 discount valid until September 23. The iPhone 5C 16GB version and pass € 259.99 to € 59.99. As for Orange, the refund will be on your bill, so deferred from the third month package. 5C The iPhone is sold only € 599, as in the brand Apple. The 16GB iPhone 5S is available from 99.99 euros with a package.

Bouygues Telecom announced an offer from 249.90 euros for iphone 5S (100 euros refund) and 129.90 euros per month for the 16GB iPhone 5C with a 24-month commitment for a package which will add € 49.99 € 8 per month.

Free Mobile offers iPhone 5S at a price of 665 euros and iPhone 5C from 565 euros.

B & You offers new iPhone at a higher price. The iPhone 5S is proposed, for example € 669 16GB version

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Privacy policy: the French pessimistic - PCWorld France

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8 out of 10 French do not believe in the privacy of their data on the Internet.

What do the French

users of their privacy? This is the question that is posed Syntec Numérique and BVA in a survey which showed that the French are very few illusions about the subject, they are 80% did not believe (rather or not at all) to the confidentiality of their data on the Web. Pessimism (some do not hesitate to call realism) ambient very pronounced, while at the same time, only 28% of respondents are willing to change the way they use the Web and social networks.

More surprising, perhaps, 77% of French respondents consider it normal that the government can access their data by monitoring communications for example, and to prevent possible terrorist attacks. Finally, note that one of the most common French Internet requests on this topic, the right to be forgotten is the city, 52% of respondents believing that progress is to be done at this level, and that simpler systems for erasing the presence of certain personal data on the Internet should be implemented. 38% of respondents would like the data encryption is more prominent, and 7% as geolocation data can not be stored by third parties.

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Life on Mars, when the end of the series? - Science and Life


It is extremely rare that NASA advertises “negative” , those who do not go in the direction of the dream. When the Hubble telescope detects the shadow of a planet in a distant star, the only question worth asking is “this exoplanet is habitable? “. When Cassini observed a magnificent geyser on Enceladus, inevitably, the press questioned the presence of possible life forms in the deep waters of the satellite of Saturn.
And Mars? Ah, Mars For fifteen years, Mars Pathfinder and Phoenix and Spirit and Opportunity , and finally Curiosity , all sought, or are seeking, by zooming in on this rock, pebble gratouillant such, evidence of past or present life on Mars. And from job to job, the probability that we find that life, in a living state, dare I write, or in a fossil state, seems to increase over the news. Each probe from Mars Pathfinder in 1997, brings grist Martian. “Discoveries” of river beds (actually known since 1976 …) “discovery” of water ice (known since 1947 …), the discovery of liquid water (it’s not safe, it is perhaps be brine or dry cast, we do not know yet), discovered clay, discovered methane, etc.. In short, a set of assumptions which ultimately results in 2013, this sensational announcement, the fruit of the labor of Curiosity for a year, “Mars was habitable in the past.” Space, so as exoplanets we discover each week throughout the galaxy, but inhabited?
That we do not know. The answer must come from Curiosity exploring the red planet for a year, feasting geologists, meteorologists, fans of alien landscapes. For the moment, therefore, measures Curiosity have shown that Mars was habitable.

But almost surprise (the same discovery was published last year), last week, Curiosity revealed … that there was not ultimately methane on Mars! It’s annoying, because researchers had to follow the trail of methane – assumed issued as on Earth, by living beings – to finally find the Martians, even when they track since almost 400 years … But the discovery of Curiosity arises another question: why if there is no methane on Mars, the Mars Express satellite has detected there in 2004? It is not yet known, or the data of the two robots are false, or the amount of methane has changed since ten years. This last hypothesis is unlikely, according to planetary scientists, who note that the sensitivity of Curiosity methane is much higher than that of probes in orbit, but rather to a failure of Mars Express we would go today. Still, the presence of methane obviously does not prove the existence of a form of life on Mars, methane is present everywhere in the universe, generated, for example, by volcanism. But do not smile , the absence of methane on Mars does not prove that life exists there … At the end of his statement, NASA was quick to point out that some micro terrestrial organisms do not emit methane … Still Martians, it must be admitted, are devious and irritating beings who are striving for four hundred years mystify Earth scientists who are desperate to get in touch with them …

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Martians dug canals on the surface of the Red Planet … You could see from afar. Missing channels after the astronomer Eugene Antoniadi has sounded the end of recess, in the early twentieth century, the red planet is covered with forests, grazing or strange animals. Then forests and large animals disappeared when the Mariner probes , alas, have shown for the first time Martian desert near … Never mind, chick lichens have replaced up ‘in 1976 and the Viking probes that have arisen on Mars and decreed that it was uninhabitable and uninhabited … The shock was so violent in the minds of men – basically science disenchanted the world – that they it shunned the red planet for more than a decade … Prior to 1976, twenty-three probes were gone tease Martians. Then no more! Then, in the late twentieth century, exobiologistes that needed work, have decreed that Viking had done wrong his own, and a new Martian armada was launched. The rest is history … habitability growing, residents more discreet … First of bacteria on the surface and in the subsurface ice. Today, without methane, new “habitats” must be devised in an emergency. Now the Martians are buried deep underground, where it can not identify, or they do not emit detectable signals, or both, which promises us a few centuries further research. Researchers concluded: Martians look with new ways

. In fact, this is what will make Americans together, Europeans and Russians in the coming years . Do not caricaturons. If this is the quest Martians causing some scientists, citizens and politicians – remember President Bill Clinton announced that they had perhaps found Martian life in a meteorite … – there is so much to discover the little cousin of the Earth, rightly emphasized the planetary. Atmosphere, for example. Probably dense, moist and thick during the formation of the planet, here 4.5 billion years, it is now dry and rarefied. Why? This is, among other things, the question that will attempt to answer the American probe Maven , which must take off in November. Insight , another American mission, with the participation of French laboratories, will look at the planet itself: complex, as evidenced by his spectacular geological formations, such as the giant canyon system of Valles Marineris, or the giant volcanoes of the Tharsis plateau, it has not yet delivered to the secrets of planetary evolution. Insight must leave Earth in March 2016 and ask the same year near the Curiosity probe in the Elysium region. New beautiful panoramas of the Martian desert
perspective … That said, the series of the search for life on Mars is not yet the beginnings of the early beginning of the end. Indeed, Europeans will continue to look for life on Mars with their program Exomars . In orbit, in 2016, a satellite attempt to detect the famous methane emissions of organisms living in the basement. Do not worry, it will not make it … Then, on the surface, in 2019, a mobile robot will dig a few tens of centimeters to find these very discreet and hypothetical organisms that exobiologistes now put in deep … As for astronauts they are in the starting block: arguing they would be far more effective than robots to find life on Mars – with good reason, since it would import billions of terrestrial bacteria and viruses – they are preparing to land on the red planet … one day …
Meanwhile, the rover Curiosity continues its journey in the area of ??scientific Aeolis Mons, looking for fossils or small animals hidden under rocks, you never know. Perhaps a little optimistic about its chances of success, NASA plans to send 2023 on March 1 “ Bi Curiosity “, equipped with more sensitive instruments. Comic repetition? Response – perhaps – in ten years …

March: unlikely to find traces of life, according to the robot ... - Metronews

methane as proof of life. On Earth, the biogas is produced in 95% of the fermentation of animal or vegetable organic matter (including bacteria). If microorganisms were present on Mars, Curiosity would have found the presence of methane concentration. However, the NASA rover, exploring the planet for a little over a year, is indeed a state of almost complete absence of methane.

According to measurements made by Curiosity, this gas can not be more than 1.3 parts per billion by volume in March, barely a sixth of previously thought, researchers reported in a study published Thursday, September 19 by the journal Science.

The laser spectrometer Curiosity is not detected

This comes

refute observations made from Earth in a decade. Scientists reported having identified plumes of methane in the Martian atmosphere which, in 2003, a cloud of methane estimated at 19 000 tonnes. Discoveries that had raised hopes of finding life on Mars.

Alas, since August 6, 2012, Curiosity roams the planet in all directions without its laser spectrometer can detect traces of methane. “This important result will help to redirect our efforts to examine the possibility of present life on Mars,” said Michael Meyer, chief scientist for Mars exploration at NASA. However, there is still hope: “We know that on Earth there are many micro-organisms that do not produce methane.”

Directorate Mount Sharp Curiosity

Currently, Curiosity heads to Mount Sharp, five miles distant and main exploration target of the mission is expected to last two years. Scientists believe indeed that the different sedimentary layers visible at the foot of the mountain could help date the periods when Mars was suitable for life, says Nasa.

However, the robot will have several months to achieve, especially since it will stop on the way to analyze interesting geological formations. As Charlie Chapin said, “obstinacy is the way to success” …