Sunday, September 22, 2013

Privacy policy: the French pessimistic - PCWorld France

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8 out of 10 French do not believe in the privacy of their data on the Internet.

What do the French

users of their privacy? This is the question that is posed Syntec Numérique and BVA in a survey which showed that the French are very few illusions about the subject, they are 80% did not believe (rather or not at all) to the confidentiality of their data on the Web. Pessimism (some do not hesitate to call realism) ambient very pronounced, while at the same time, only 28% of respondents are willing to change the way they use the Web and social networks.

More surprising, perhaps, 77% of French respondents consider it normal that the government can access their data by monitoring communications for example, and to prevent possible terrorist attacks. Finally, note that one of the most common French Internet requests on this topic, the right to be forgotten is the city, 52% of respondents believing that progress is to be done at this level, and that simpler systems for erasing the presence of certain personal data on the Internet should be implemented. 38% of respondents would like the data encryption is more prominent, and 7% as geolocation data can not be stored by third parties.

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