Monday, September 16, 2013

NSA spying as interbank networks -

U.S. intelligence had set up a working group dedicated to espionage and banking databases card issuers.


Beyond electronic communications, data centers and mobile devices, the powerful U.S. National Security Agency (NSA ) as spying, under the PRISM program, our banking .

Having mounted internally, a group of dedicated work, she exploit several vulnerabilities and backdoors providing access to print stream banks tens and databases major card issuers.

the origin of these revelations, the German weekly Der Spiegel states that he obtained a copy of a confidential report is consistent with other information disclosed a week ago by the Brazilian TV .

He was, in this case, a matter of large-scale monitoring of the interbank network Swift (‘Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), controlled by the world’s major banks and responsible – among other things – recording BIC identifiers.

NSA intercepts particularly the information contained in the SMS sent automatically to customers to confirm their transactions.

federal agency would also restricted access to information systems Visa and Mastercard. She would have done the same with Western Union, not without experiencing difficulties to break the encryption.

exchanges with the decentralized electronic currency BitCoin – which management operates on the principle of distributed peer-to-peer – would also be scrutinized and all information compiled in a database called data ‘TRACFIN’ *.

It had, in 2011, more than 180 million items (including 84% from credit cards), all preserved for a period of at least five years from the date of collection.

anyway what attest another report classified secret and exfiltration by Edward Snowden, the technician responsible for the PRISM case.

A third paper reported an operating since 2006 and connected to the print stream more than 70 banks, mostly domiciled in so-called ‘crisis’ regions, with the main targets of Europe (Italy flaw , Greece), Africa and the Middle East.

Visa for his part said “ not have record of unauthorized access to the network ” access.

* TRACFIN also in France, the name of an agency of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, established in 1990 to fight against money laundering.

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