Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The French Criteo part in the assault on the Nasdaq - Echoes

French company sent its paper F-1 to U.S. authorities. This reveals that she made last year a turnover of EUR 271.8 million.

French Criteo will IPO in New York. –

The French Criteo will IPO in New York -.

announcement was expected, it is today that Criteo published with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) document its IPO. The French company specializing in targeted advertising has chosen to enter the U.S. market. The first day of trading could take place in less than a month because, like Twitter, Criteo had chosen to go public on the “secret” mode: firms with less than a billion dollars in sales are not obliged to publish their information immediately, but within 21 days before the road show to investors, or no later than 21 days before the pricing of introduction. Criteo could rise to the occasion of 142 million euros.

F-1 The document sent to the SEC now explicit Criteo model and provides the key indicators of the company. Criteo has made last year a turnover of EUR 271.8 million, up 89%. Growing almost maintained in the first six months of the year (72%), Criteo has generated € 194.3 million in revenue in the first half.

Heavy investments

profitability of the company, however, was hit early this year by strong investment by the French. While Criteo was profitable since 2010, a net loss of EUR 4.9 million in the first six months of the year. A result due in part to the acquisition of British governed AdX Tracking, specializing in mobile marketing.

Criteo, established in 2005, has developed a technology for targeted advertising. Based on cookies, following the behavior of users and provides advertisers with user profiles may be interested in their advertisements. The company claims as a click through rate significantly higher than traditional banner advertising. Very soon, the start-up began marketing its solutions worldwide. Today, it is widely established in the United States.

Written by Nicolas Rauline

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