Monday, September 23, 2013

BlackBerry soon sold and removed from the Exchange - Le Parisien

The Fairfax Canadian investment fund will buy BlackBerry, former leader of smartphones which is a shadow of what it was since the arrival of the iPhone, the term a transaction valuing the $ 4.7 billion.
Fairfax, which already owns 10% of the old technology icon, has teamed up with a consortium of investors – the identity unspecified – to buy the entire stake in the group at $ 9 per share , which is an appreciation of 3% at the opening on Monday.


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In July 2007, just after the arrival of the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry as worth $ 230.
In carrying out this rescue, the consortium of buyers decided to withdraw BlackBerry Exchange, which could occur on November 4, due to the bid.
The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the former founder and CEO Mike Lazaridis BlackBerry was associated with investment funds to buy the company he founded in 1984. Such an operation would be to restructure the Group against the depravity of the market, as Steve Jobs had put Apple on track. And as Mr. Jobs, Mr. Lazaridis got evicted from his company in January 2012.
“This is probably the best solution for BlackBerry,” said analyst Jack Gold, noting that it was too early “to judge whether (the decision) comes too late”.
With a period of six to twelve months “to do what he wants” free from all the group “may at least become more attractive for acquisition,” he noted, while the names of several potential buyers have been circulating for several months, including the Chinese computer company Lenovo.
The agreement between the Board of Directors of BlackBerry and Fairfax follows the announcement on Friday the dismissal of 4,500 employees of the Group of Waterloo (south of Toronto), 40% of the staff of the Canadian society. BlackBerry has also revealed an operating loss of nearly one billion dollars for the second quarter of its fiscal year and a net loss of 250 to 265,000,000.
Plummeting despite the launch in early to a new operating system year and a new generation of devices, the BlackBerry was formed in August a special committee to make recommendations on the future of society .
Fairfax CEO Prem Watsa, had also resigned from the Board of Directors of BlackBerry mid-August to avoid “conflicts of interest” when the governing body of the Canadian group had formed the special committee.
“This transaction will open an exciting new chapter for BlackBerry customers, operators and employees,” also assured Mr. Watsa Monday, saying follow “a long-term strategy” which aims to “provide solutions for companies which are superior and safe. “
The Board of Directors of BlackBerry “has approved the terms of the letter of agreement under which the consortium” that seeks funding from two banks, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and BMO Capital Markets, “will acquire BlackBerry and stop its listing, “said a statement released Monday by BlackBerry.
This development highlights the failure of the strategy deployed by the successor of Lazaridis, Thorsten Heins, a former Siemens had taken over the struggling BlackBerry innovation, including delaying the release of new phones.
In the early 2000s, the BlackBerry smartphone was the first on the market for so-called smart phones and had become an indispensable tool for all business leaders and politicians in North America and Europe. The BlackBerry had never managed to break into the Asian market.
Globally, BlackBerry weighs only 3% of the smartphone market when the Android system phones Team 8 of 10 in the world and Apple 13%.
Microsoft group even ironed before BlackBerry since the beginning of the year with its Windows Phone operating with the Finnish Nokia software, he just bought the phones.

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