Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Test: Nokia Lumia 1020, a powerful camera phone. But pro? - ZDNet

Test: Who said you could not make a smartphone a priori dedicated to digital entertainment and targeting professionals? The Lumia 1020, huge cameraphone sensor to 41 MP, has tried. Successful

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A Nokia 100% photo

At first glance, the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 in 1020 has all the “leisure” high-end smartphone: colorful – this is the hallmark of Windows Phone – and available in black, white and yellow, clearly oriented photo with his big sensor back.

But we know Windows Phone, and we know from the mobile OS Microsoft has launched it can be an advantage for business travelers. With Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Outlook and OneNote, it has arguments for those seeking extra help to productivity. On the side only because the Lumia is a smartphone with the inherent disadvantages, such as the relatively small size of the screen.

regulars developed by Nokia Windows Phone will not be lost: buttons for volume, power and camera on the side, and audio connector slot for micro-SD on top and micro-USB on the bottom.

overall look is elegant for this device, which is expected to arrive in stores on October 2 for a bare price of 699 euros. For fanatics photo function, already used as it is, it is possible to add a “grip” making it look like a compact camera, for 69 euros.

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