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Fukushima: Japan and asked if the foreign aid? - France Info


Protesters outside Tepco headquarters in Tokyo on August 28. The Japanese do not trust the Japanese operator after the succession of alerts in Fukushima. © Reuters – Issei Kato

new record measurements of radioactivity at the site of Fukushima Japan worried, especially as the country was hit by an earthquake Wednesday, apparently without consequence for the plant. The site operator, Tepco, seems overwhelmed by the situation. There are voices for the Japanese government to use foreign expertise.

shook eastern Japan on Wednesday. An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in the Pacfique ocean, near the main island of Honshu on which is the center of Fukushima.

shock which immediately recalled that on 11 March 2011, when the trouble began at the nuclear plant. Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), the operator of the site, wanted to be reassuring after the earthquake: “ We confirmed that there was nothing abnormal ” on the spot, said a spokesman for Tepco, adding that teams patrolling the vast nuclear site to see any damage.

New record


news is, however, not all reassuring as record levels of radioactivity were recorded near tanks containing contaminated water. According to the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA), the counters have measured radiation milliSieverts 2200 (mSv), 20% more than the previous measurements up to Saturday.

At these levels, the radiation is lethal to a person exposed thereto few hours without protection. The NRA wants to be reassuring by saying that the sources of high radioactivity are very localized and easy to hold.

abroad called

the rescueSome

Japan however are tired of these repeated warnings, and voices to call on foreign expertise to the problems of radioactive water leaks.

first such request came from Takuya Hattori, former director of the nuclear site and current President of the Forum of Japanese manufacturers of atomic energy. “D ince the accident, the company Tepco had so much to do, especially to restore reactor cooling, the treatment of the problem of water has been constantly postponed , he says . result, it is currently undergoing radiation leaks with the most serious crisis since the accident . “

It is necessary to cooperate with organizations and international experts , he added. The problem of groundwater contamination in the vicinity of a plant is not clean Fukushima Daiichi, there are many examples elsewhere, and therefore knowledge and experience in the field . “

shared by the Nikkei business daily Review , who wrote in an editorial on Wednesday that “The State shall strengthen the feasibility and effectiveness of measures against leakage using the most of new foreign technologies . “

The Japanese government on Tuesday announced an emergency plan to stop the bleeding, but the expensive proposed work will take years. On autaut the site continues to produce daily 400 tons of contaminated water to cool the reactors, 300 spin every day in the Pacific.

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