Saturday, September 28, 2013

Google did not comply face the CNIL - MacNN

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period of three months have now passed. Google did not respond in time to requests from the French CNIL applications were yet absolutely clear:


objectives and clear for new privacy rules
Inform users on these
Keep user data within defined objectives in advance (and of course clear the hole after this period )
prevent the merger of private information without a clear legal framework
Conduct a collection and a fair processing liabilities
importantly point very sensitive for Google users aware of any mandatory users in the use of cookies hang navigation.

On none of these issues Google has not even bothered to find solutions, preferring merely to justify its business model (above laws and respect privacy so if we follow the group).

Accordingly, the CNIL will probably implement measures that will hardly exceed 150,000 euros in penalties provided by law. But the body keep a card up its sleeve: to pay the fine for each individual infringement. It would then multiply this sum by the number of users affected by the breach of Google, the total amount, Pharaonic, could then be much more of a deterrent. In addition, various European CNIL trying to pool their efforts to weigh more heavily against the U.S. giant that seems deaf to any request.

If sanctions were to touch the very heart of the business model of Google (and some European countries will demand to do so), the silence of the American giant could end up costing him dearly.

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