Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c: Apple refuses to enter into a price war - BBC

The group presented a high-end iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c cheaper without being low-cost.

This is not one but two new iPhone that Apple has chosen to reveal to the press yesterday: iPhone 5s and 5c, which will be available Sept. 20


iPhone 5s will come to replace the 5 – launched a year ago. Firmly positioned on the high end, with prices spread from 699 to 899 euros depending on the model, the iPhone 5s are seen particularly with a better camera invoice, the same performance as PCs, 4G and especially a fingerprint reader. This last point is to reassure customers increasingly anxious to protect their personal data and to conquer the enterprise market. The iPhone 5s will be available in black, white and gold.

Paradoxically, iPhone 5c, which comes in five colors, was the most awaited because of its price positioning. The iPhone will be cheaper than 5c 5s (not low-cost) with an input 599 euros without subscription dollars and 99 “only” two years subscription to the U.S. price. French operators have not yet unveiled their offer. With such a rate, it is not intended to enter into a price war with Asian manufacturers but to help Apple consolidate its position in the smartphone market. The terminal has been designed especially for China where U.S. is behind by local rivals. Samsung has provided 17% of this lucrative market in the last quarter, followed by five local builders including Lenovo and Xiaomi. Apple does not point at the seventh position. But with the iPhone 5c and the recent signing of a distribution agreement with its phones market leader operator, China Mobile, the U.S. could repeat part of the delay.

Until now, fans of the brand have a choice: buy the latest iPhone over 700 euros or afford an older model for $ 500. 5c with the iPhone, Apple offers a new choice: a new access model for the price of the former. This is ultimately what all its competitors, such as Samsung with its Galaxy, Huawei Ascend or with Sony and Xperia.

The iPhone 5c will be available in five colors. 5c The iPhone will be available in five colors Photo credits:.

This is the first time since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 Apple unveiled two smartphones at one of his lectures – then he quickly made for the iPod – the sign of a new portfolio strategy? Apple can not afford to see its market share continue to decline on a growing market. Last quarter, the U.S. has weighed only 14% of worldwide smartphone sales, against 31% for Samsung, according to Gartner. The counterpart of this evolution is that its iOS operating system is also largely outpaced by that of Google Android. The latter is used by Samsung and most other manufacturers now represent 80% of sales. However, to be sustainable, an ecosystem must have a large base of users.

“Apple takes the risk that the iPhone 5c cannibalize sales of its 5s. This further decline of average selling price of an iPhone, rose from $ 608 to $ 581 a year, “said Jan Dawson, an analyst at Ovum. Its operating margins may decline. It has already passed under the 40% threshold. “The combination of high growth and high margins is now over,” says Dawson January. Apple has seen an annual increase in sales of smartphones from 80% to 24%. “

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